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I have decided on declared this week to be mine Crop week.
Yes, I know that it's Tuesday, but I had a thing yesterday.
The man I couldn't start on Monday and I kind of only just decided this anyway.
But Tuesday box Minecraft Week one Minecraft video from me every single day until either monday or Tuesday.
I haven't decided yet, but you get in Minecraft videos every day.
That's a Mycroft week is over.
Okay, if you're excited, people like and make sure you subscribe to your little punks so that you are updated with when a new Minecraft video comes out.
Okay, I maybe leave a comment as well.
Let me know what kind of videos you would like to see.
But today I know you're gonna be excited recovering some odds.
I know I am not in the lab.
Don't be upset.
But I built the old version in one of the lads place and I I can't finds the new one, So just deal with this today, okay?
And do you know what?
The first body that I'm going to show you is pretty epic.
Are you ready?
Are you ready for this?
Look at my hands.
Look, Minecraft fans, not these ones of Minecraft hands.
Oh yeah?
What is this?
I hear you ask the thick torch.
Bad's not T h I C k Uh, this is T H I C C Torch.
Look at it.
It's huge.
Now, trying to find these mods has been pretty hard.
The reason I stopped doing much showcases in the first place is because finding mods is actually pretty difficult.
Don't go telling me I don't show you the best monster cakes.
I've got a good bunch to show You kind of started off with the thick torch.
Look at his boy.
Look at it, bun.
It's absolutely huge.
It's got particles is really useful in the in the dark is actually really useful.
My goodness, it lights up, dude, we're going to darkness.
Hold on a second.
Chickens looking my thick torch.
Ha ha ha!
What do you think?
All hail, thick torch.
Look how much light this gives.
This thing is awesome.
And when you're holding it, it looks ridiculous.
Let everyone looks at you, like, go over there in the background.
That chicken He wants to be my friends, all because of thick torch.
And you You wanna be my friend.
Also here have many thick torches.
Enjoy them.
Look at him.
Conkey desires off it thing is crazy.
It's actually as tall as me.
What is it?
It's actually taller.
It's taller than me by like a couple pixels and is definitely wider than me.
This boy is a thick out Attend.
My goodness, I don't know what you're thinking.
We have started off incredibly strong with the thick Torchmark.
But I can go one better.
Someone has created a zombie.
YouTube is mud.
Now, this Mort only came out literally like 10 hours ago.
As of recording this video, I think you have.
I haven't made for someone else, but I've plucked it and used it for myself because I'm in it.
I'm borrowed it for no reason.
So apparently if I pop this monster's boarding down, it will.
It was born.
Pigs didn't know this was gonna happen.
But if you right click with a spawn egg here changes Yes.
Look at me in there.
So this is zombie done.
Zombie, Dante, DEA.
And apparently you can get his.
My head's from it.
You gonna spawn?
Are you actually going to sport?
You just going thio spin around for ages.
I could just use the sport actress born the men, But this would be a lot cooler if you could work with me Here.
I saw the pig spawn.
So why new Sporting?
Maybe I'm gonna make a few more.
Let's make a few more.
Here we go.
It's too you're gonna do for, you know, three.
I could go for 34 Are you really gonna make me just put this egg and spoon in?
That's no fun.
Oh, Avon's ho.
Oh, you're Loki.
Kind of scary.
I just change it tonight and they will popped in.
Look at my ribs.
How can you see You have no eyes.
You look like Brock from Pokemon.
Your old gang, greenie.
It's pretty Gross is attracted to me.
Obviously he recognizes me.
Look, he's got his spine hanging out.
Oh, this is actually kind of cool.
Big torch.
Show them the light way.
These guys hold on a second.
These guys won't how much taller they are than me.
He's trying to grab my head when actually, I'm gonna be the one that grabs yours.
Take torch.
Beat them to death.
Beat them to death.
I don't know how much damage is Torch is gonna do.
Your heads Give me your brains while think torch.
You are a beast.
I just want to beat this guy's death of the torch.
How much health do you have?
You have way too much health.
There we go.
Didn't even drop his head.
Nice, right?
I need you guys to burn.
I'm one of you to drop the head.
Come on, drop your head just for me for the showcase.
If you're really TDM zombies you would do it did.
It's dry was a different one.
Okay, that was a different one.
That was a scale.
And I think these guys are gonna take a while to die because they couldn't even be taken down with a couple of fouls.
Swoops from take torch.
So let me wake these guys today and see if they drop their stuff that I'd dying one by one.
We got flesh, flesh, flesh.
Uh, just got a call off.
Flesh isn't good.
This is no good.
How about I just Ah, Team one.
Here we go.
Zombie Dan heads.
Look at this thing.
It's a thing of beauty.
I didn't realize my eyes.
We're gonna be closed.
You literally see my skull.
This is kind of cool.
And then I can put on a competent on my head.
Either I could display it, though.
That's kind of cool.
Moving on next month, we kind of need a flat surface.
So let me go to this mountain over here.
This will do nicely.
I have got the magic.
Don't know Marge again.
Don't say that.
I don't go on DS sprawl the Internet to find the coolest mods for you.
Because I do.
I put my heart and soul into this one.
Now, apparently, though this is called.
If you put the door knob on a block, it will create a door, which again doesn't sound exciting.
But then there'll be something behind us.
Let me try this.
This is the wooden magic door knob that is Loki.
Cool back to Cisco.
Okay, so that's two on.
Apparently the more you upgrades, the further it goes back.
I'm not quite sure why you would need this.
Seems like a pretty pointless model of the Ironman goes pretty far.
Let me compare these.
That's break this up.
Let's do golds and the diamond.
I guess it's like a quick has no money.
Thick torch, thick torch coming up with a thick torture.
The end of this one.
I can't even figure down here.
It's too thick.
There we go.
That's better.
Think tortured the end.
Big George at the end of this one.
I don't know what happened.
Do you think?
Told you.
Okay, I think this one's broken.
And in effect or to the end of this one's Let's compare.
So this was, like five blocks, maybe 10.
Wait a seconds.
The golden ones even further.
The golden ones.
Golden ones.
Way better.
With this, the golden one is better than the diamond one.
How is that a thing?
Don't bother with your diamond door knobs.
No, no.
You need the golden ones again.
I'm not quite sure why you would want this.
Apart from a quick escape, they're really, really easy to make.
Especially the golden one.
This one's really good.
I just want to test one more thing.
Actually, if I make it too high here.
We've broken in sweet.
Good job.
Now you won't be able to go through walls with this I believe if we build it up here, for example, it will stop at the ors.
I'm kind of hoping so anyway, gold daughter.
Wait, Hold on.
Never mind it deletes wars.
So definitely be kept with this.
There you go.
Magic daughter lives in my graft By craft week next morning I have moved into another version of Minecraft.
So we're skipping mods Minecraft versions all over the place here.
So I need to put down a crafting table on this is just a tiny more.
I just thought it was really cool.
You need to take yourself four blocks of iron and put in a recipe as you would build an eye Angolan in the overboard.
But instead, Poppins were crafting table.
Add four diamonds, one in each corner and you get this.
It's called Cooper's stone.
So I'm guessing this little guy it's called Cooper.
Look, it's not what?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Will you calm down?
So this is your thing?
Is your very own tiny iron golden?
I'm not quite sure how much healthy as I'm not actually quite sure what he does, so I'm gonna try him out here.
I don't know if this is gonna be the end of me or not, but apparently, who will fight for you?
He's already doing much right now, is he?
Hey, buddy.
Can you come and fight this creep before me?
Fight the creeper?
Find the creep would do it.
What are you doing?
Absolutely nothing.
This thing's going to kill me.
Okay, hold on a second.
Gonna need some more of you.
Plenty more of you.
Yes, yes, my little minions.
Right now, you fight for me, Okay?
You have no excuse.
You must fight.
Fight the great fight.
Apparently I need to feed him ironing goods for him to fight.
So let's get a big stack.
A new boy's gonna be eating tonight.
That's what I'm talking about.
There we go.
So the spark was mean.
You've tamed him.
I guess you're gonna need three blocks off iron to be able to create this guy.
Four diamonds.
So you better have a lot of health.
You hear me?
I'm not about to feed all of the iron ingots.
I'm sorry.
It's gonna take way too long, Right?
Fights like that.
Fight the creeper, get him.
None of them are doing anything.
Why did?
Why did fights it or you're all going to die.
Hey, no one's helping me.
Well, you guys useless.
You do nothing.
Maybe you don't fight Creepers, huh?
Do you fight skeletons?
Pick your poison!
Would you wanna fight?
We're gonna fight him.
Kill him!
You guys are useless, Actually.
Okay, let me try sport.
Anyone now?
Feed him being good.
Now you fight!
Fight, bite, bite!
Oh, my God, No!
That's true of them.
Okay, this is bad.
All of you.
Suck all of you away.
Hold on, hold on.
Never mind, I take it back.
Did you see that?
They went after him.
They aren't you.
And after him, there kind of fast.
Holy cow.
You guys are my loyal servants.
You are the best of the best.
Okay, you're gonna have to go, buddy.
I forgot I was born into more.
This is getting really our fire that I've got more months to get to.
So we hurry this up.
Police skeletons.
I think they attack skeletons.
Maybe Only if they get attacked, though.
Look, there they go.
Then I go look at him all their perfects camps.
Morning, Maurin.
I might die, though I definitely might die.
Come on, columns!
Come on!
Gotham's take him out!
I think they're just killing each other.
To be honest, look at these cuts were just having a party with them.
This isn't happening.
And now I'm gonna die.
Great bye.
Grabbed week.
So I may be guilty of saving the best until last.
But I want to show you goblins.
We've got vain goblins, and we've also got gobbling traders.
Now, apparently, these are like the wandering traders, but better We all know the wondering traders suck just a little bit.
So these guys are going to improve that.
Look how cute they are.
Look at the little backpacks as well.
Oh, man, they're cute.
Let me grab some emeralds.
I need them quick.
Give me these.
I think they like these, were gonna trade me for her.
Oh, man.
Oh, man!
24 emeralds for a diamond pick axe.
And they do Enchanted books as well for gold and emeralds combined this fire aspect, this is punch bottles of enchanting.
What do you trade for?
Commit you?
He's got a diamond helmet.
Cookies sweeping edge and I'm breaking for diamond pick eggs for a stack of emeralds and a stack of gold ingots.
You can get yourself a diamond pick ax that has sweeping edge.
I Loki wanna just trade for that just to see if it works.
Hey, buddy, come here.
I know you've got the rarest of the rare.
I told you, these have rare items.
This is sweeping edge on it.
What shot, everyone?
My pickaxe gonna sweep your I don't know if there's any difference from these guys.
Oh, these guys are awesome.
Look at their backpacks like golden.
So you trade for ran?
Never stop.
One m word for a puffer fish is really cool.
Regeneration potion.
Glowing potion.
Hey, that's quite a good deal.
I'm gonna grab one of those.
Watch me blow my fellas.
Look at him.
Yeah, I don't think you can get a potion like that, can you?
That's literally uncrackable potion.
It says it above the thing.
Read What other trades can we get from this guy?
Bricks, blistering melons, Fire resistance, water breathing, Instant health strength.
Four toe shells.
Ghost earned us.
These guys are great.
Now, apparently, these sport underground more specifically.
And look at that.
That the falling five sharpness.
Four on breaking four.
Frost Walker.
These guys are legit and very expensive, but they're about as rare as a wondering trader, but normally sporting under the ground.
So if everyone could just, uh, get in here, that'd be great.
I need thio.
Get out of here.
I'm where I'm headed next is in here.
I kid, You know, I'm gonna taken end of Paul.
I'm gonna throw at this beehive on we get Sela Boyd to the B dimension.
I've just realised I don't actually know how to get out of here.
But look at this porous honey comb.
Normal honey comb, honey blocks All my goodness.
Honeycomb blocks filled, porous honey blocks and bees.
More importantly, we have bees.
And I think if you start stealing stuff from this dimension and ah, the bcu, they get pretty mad.
So be careful in this one.
Otherwise, all of the bees will be extremely mad with you.
I'm gonna try it.
I'm just gonna do it.
I think I'm ready to be stung by bees.
Hey, guys.
Just taking you taking your things.
Be friends.
How are you.
I'm taking your things.
Oh, maybe it's just the honey that they don't like me steal in mind my own business.
Just chilling.
Is Endymion here too?
Yeah, I don't actually, I get out of here.
I'm guessing I just throwing in the pole back in the beehive, I hope.
Anyway, all wait, I've just read it.
So apparently, if I steal Ah, honey block, then that's when the bees get angry.
But they don't just get angry.
They get speed, strength and regeneration on.
Then they come for you, or I need to find a honey block.
Maybe there's some over here.
This looks like a little bit of a hive.
His water.
This is cool.
Here it is.
There's honey.
And apparently, if you like steel honey with a with a glass bottle or whatever, they get angry as well.
Slice this up real fast.
Take all this, honey.
They're gonna get mad.
Wrath of the hive!
Hold on!
Wrath of the hive!
We're gonna die!
We're gonna die to be stings or hate them.
I hate them that match.
When you hear the buzz in, where are they?
Are Oh!
Oh, There they are.
Look, Think of the potion effects and everything but these guys.
Oh, no.
Those guys are feeling kind of fact because they're full of honey.
I didn't Still nothing.
Guys, you have to believe me out looking trust.
Their butts are out there so strong.
These bees are Opie, and they're kind of cool at the same time.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, Hey, guys.
How's it going?
I don't have anything on me.
I'm sorry.
What the Did you to see me?
Did you deceive me?
Wait a second.
If you trade with them, they hit you.
Yeah, that's unreal.
That's so rude.
Get in the hole with I say, get in the hole.
I just want to see if how you get out of the bee world is by throwing an end upon another business.
Soju needs take a bee's nest with you.
I don't know how you get out of here.
You might be stuck here forever, to be honest.
How tall is this place?
It's like the nether but golden go crazy.
This is Well, I can see Is like honey missed.
I don't know how you get out of here.
Regardless, I think this is a pretty cool Mark, This is definitely the best one we've had so far.
Mind you, this is Ah this is no thick torch But I wish Iwas is with us in spirit On that wraps up the first video of Minecraft week.
If you enjoyed it, leave a like that Be greatly appreciated Finding these modern getting the moves work and stuff was pretty stressful But I think I found some good ones.
Hopefully you agree with me If you do leave a like subscribe If you brand new as well If for nothing else then just keep up with Minecraft weak and im Yeah I hope you're excited guys.
Thank you so much watching.
I don't see your next time I'm stuck here.
I have no idea where to go.
Good bye.
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A Minecraft MOD SHOWCASE! (Minecraft Week)

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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