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Now, one of the things I think that attracted you
to this film, Robert, is your home life.
Is it a farm you have?
Yeah, we wound up inheriting what was an old dog and horse rescue.
Oh, I see. Up there, Malibu way, and there were all these empty stables,
and I can't stand negative space.
Plus I'm a softie at heart and there's a lot of rescue pets...
So were these all rescues? Largely, yes.
So we've got some llamas. Yes.
There's Madre, and that is Fuzzy on the left.
Were they rescued from a hairdresser's?
They were rescued from I needed sweaters!
I think she's gone too short, myself.
She's the alpha - don't mess with her.
And then you've got these lovely cows. We do.
Those are Oreo cows.
I saw some in Richmond and then they said they had them
up in Santa Barbara, so I said, "Give us a couple."
Belted Galloways, I believe they're called.
Thank you. Oh! You're welcome.
There you go.
Hugh Laurie, ladies and gentlemen! How excellent? Cow expert.
I sit corrected. Belted Galloways.
Oreo cows is cute. It's better.
It's probably better.
Yeah, if you're six that's how you learn it.
Yeah, that's an Oreo cow. But then you've got some
very ordinary things. You've got some chickens knocking around.
Yes, that's Bert up front.
Oh, you don't know the names of the chickens!
No, I'm kidding.
Now, goats I feel are hard to keep.
That's Trigger and Memo.
They are pygmy goats, and they are also brother-lovers.
How very modern. It's perfect. Yeah.
Do these come in the house?
Not when they're active. OK.
Is this Trigger or Memo, this one?
Oh, my God.
That is our newest one and his sweet name is Flash,
and he's a real rescue...
Because he looks like he is possessed by the devil.
And then you have one of the most relaxed cats I've ever seen.
That's Montgomery, named after your great general.
That's amazing. He's sort of more of an ointment, really.
He has melted - the cat has melted.
Yes, he's heavily sedated there.
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Robert Downey Jr: the Avenger that owns LLAMAS?!? | The Graham Norton Show - BBC

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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