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morning, ladies.
My name is except again.
And welcome back to so No, she said Maeda, I literally did not notice that while I set up for recording, she's gone.
Did I kill her?
I I swear I didn't touch her.
I didn't do anything.
Later, Marguerite.
Well, just another day in sub Nautica.
Early access, Whatever.
All right.
So I have a mission ahead of me.
Every tricky, difficult mission, but one that I am willing to undertake, which would be getting out of this place.
A life.
Now I could just go straight up and hope for the best, and that's all I'm going to do.
I have 135 oxygen.
I have a C glide.
I'm not gonna use any of my boost because it doesn't work for this.
I just hope for the best.
Now, if I can't get out because my C truck is is over there.
It's out of power.
Even if I had the resources on me right this second to make a power so I can't you know why?
No power.
I need power zone to make a power cell.
You got it.
Okay, you dig.
So even if I had.
So for that, I wouldn't be able to do it.
So going back to that is fucking pointless.
The only thing that is now is a dead storage module to me Until I can get more power cells.
Now, to get those, I'm gonna have to go out and build some more.
So if I can't actually get out of this, I could be stuck indefinitely permanently, forever.
So I might have to cheat oxygen.
But I'm going to give it the old college try before then, right?
How did I get into this place?
Is this something I'm gonna have to suss out first?
I came in over here.
All right, That's the way in.
This is already a problem.
The fact that I can't find a frickin exit.
All right.
It should be over.
Yeah, I think it's over that way because there's a reason I missed this when I came into What?
I missed this area completely.
All right.
Do I have items on me?
I might lose those.
That's fine.
Hey, wait.
Where the fuck my girl?
Okay, I need to make sure that I have every ounce of oxygen possible for this run Okay.
Operation Rescue Jack is underway.
We're going to do it.
I'm coming back for you, Terry.
I'm so fucking dead.
I'm 400 meters down.
Oh, those are sounds.
Those are sounds for sure.
Is this a way out?
Uh, no hope.
Because the problem with this is that if I die on my way out of this, it's just going to spawn me at the sea truck again.
And it will keep doing that indefinitely until I can get out.
This is promising, though.
Fucking did it.
Okay, Can you not?
I'm having a bit of a fucking moment here, all right?
I still need to go up 200 meters.
Don't bite my little dick.
I mean, why take massive?
It's you.
It's too much for my was full for you.
All right.
We should be able to do this.
My God, you don't have to go back.
Makes the power cells.
They come all the way back again and hope for the fucking best shite.
Don't you dare.
Don't you dare eat me.
I need to get off this godforsaken dump.
I know I know Is not the time.
And now we can boost all you want.
You're my little feet.
I have to dangle them because I feel like something's gonna fucking eat them.
All right?
I should be able to find my way back there again.
My seat truck is down there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Go on.
Keep fucking soaks for all of the right reasons.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I know.
I know you're very angry at the world and for some reason, I'm your scapegoat, okay?
They would rather well, considering how bullshit that could have been right.
I need to make a power cell for that.
Any batteries and silicone rubber coordinating for silicone?
Easy chat.
Oh, base sweet baby base are I'm asleep.
Just we could pass the day and forget the torment that was before.
Never going to get still like that ever again.
It's never happening.
I should have been more prepares, but have I ever been prepared in this game?
No, on I still fucking soldier on.
I still get my shit.
Need ribbon blends and copper.
I think I have any of those.
Well, copper yet But ribbon plants, I mean silicone rubber already?
No, too shabby.
If I do say so.
I have to make two fucking batteries.
Well, I would have to make the silicone anyway.
No, I don't.
That's for the power.
So what am I, a tiddly talking about?
All right, let's get ribbon plants.
Those Babbage is yet There was a ton of them back where death became me back in that hellhole with all the shadow device ISMs.
They're pretty cool, though, right?
As much as they wanted to eat every ounce of me and I was terrified on died a lot.
That shit was pretty tight.
Ah, Peaceful mayhem.
These full hell on earth.
Just the worst.
Okay, the weather heard me.
All you have to do is complain about guys that goes away.
We go to new power cells.
Now I can head back and be happy with myself.
Um, e some of these.
I need these like benzene and belly al.
Oh, lean and all of this stuff.
Paul Eonni.
Did I actually eat me?
I don't think so.
Okay, so salt Fuck.
So I need ribbon plan for that.
Get some or those with one of them down there bought.
I need the flower pods.
They were.
I didn't have any of them on me.
Ion power cells.
Oh, God.
Oh, man.
To ion batteries on a wiring kit to make an ion power self that does not feel worth it.
Never mind rate.
So is my plan.
Now, really?
Just to go back to my seat truck.
Where is my C truck?
Oh, God, Lord.
Okay, well, off on another adventure is gonna suck.
Think it's below me?
Uh, no, it's further over with shipwrecks there.
I went through these, and I go straight down from where I am.
No, I think brought no food or water with me.
I am the best at sub Nautica.
Please don't die for Dino.
And of all the way back at the base now have the opposite problem.
We should be able to make it.
I think it's just fuck fuck!
Do not beat me.
These other dudes are fine because they're just kind of like Chump, chump, chump bite, Bite your ass.
It's over here.
But these fuckers will just devour me in one shot.
Oh, I hope I make it okay.
Down through these gaps.
This is the most daring mission.
Anyone has undergone unsub knotting it.
It's not really.
I think I've had crazier ones before, but for today I mean it.
This is the craziest thing you've seen in some Nautica today.
Can I have that?
At least, uh, which gap was it through?
Let's just do this one, okay?
I don't know where I am.
Oh, bollocks.
No, I do.
This is good.
Is it?
I don't know.
I might be lost already.
No, it is good.
Then we just hug.
Come out.
And then her base is right there.
I'm commentary.
So I don't even care anymore.
I was gonna fucking do this.
Are you made of?
Well, she have respond.
No, she gone forever.
Does that mean even if I do the thing that she wants Wait, what did you want me to do?
But I ever find out.
Even if I do that, I can't come back and find her.
Yeah, I can't even get out of this fucking door right now.
All right.
Onwards to Terry.
Where is Terry?
Over there.
Goody goody.
Got it.
Now I have plenty of oxygen.
Last time I tried to do this, but I also have the problem of shadow via since trying to come and eat my ass, which could prove fatal.
Listen, spawning made his base cool.
Okay, Terry, you're close.
170 meters.
Oh, God.
So Ted's It's just like camping.
It's intense.
Mind about the sounds.
The sounds are just your thoughts trying to kill you.
It's really all a mental game.
Fuck me.
Oh, fuck.
May, um, I okay.
Did I alive?
I think I'm okay.
Oh, he's so mad.
Well, he sure is somewhere taking picture through it.
Oh, God.
I just need to get out on change.
The things do you need healing?
I need healing.
You gave him.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
What now?
Now what?
Why did I not think this fire?
What the fuck do we do now?
Oh, my stuff is gone.
Did I take that up before I left?
So I think I might have fucked it.
What should I do?
Should I just leave?
How many of these things that I need?
Hydrofluoric acid.
How many of them do we need for the architect thing?
Ah, Okay.
I just need one of each.
I I I I might have enough stuff for that, mainly because I don't want to be here anymore.
I really want to do what?
I can leave.
I just want to get away from those guys.
Oh, fuck.
Did you show up in there like, Hey, would you like to die?
I'm my character's, like, thought.
Guess so, Um, I think I can just I think all the stuff that I can get is all back out in the other area anyway.
Then I can come back in here later, okay?
What is the fucking point, guv?
Me, you fucking cock.
What is the point off having a speedy boost?
E upgrade in this thing?
If it doesn't do anything, it doesn't allow me to escape from them better.
My head note is this good.
Where am I?
I don't know.
I didn't find made his base.
I don't know where I am.
You know what I should do?
Is not that hell this I'm not against the toughest game ever created.
I think this might be good.
This is good.
I mean, you could still be a whole load of boxes.
Well, but I think it's good.
You too, Donte.
Monetized, please.
You have a really weird system.
With what?
Swears air.
And what are not politics?
It's just a lot more to say.
Feeling would have a heart attack.
This is the thing I scanned before.
I know where I am.
I'm around world.
So CASS is there.
I have a perimeter defense module for my thinking out.
You hurt me, aren't you?
You're gonna hurt me and shit.
Oh, you all want to hurt me?
Don't have a perimeter defense of grade for my C truck.
I should have put that hit.
I could've been fight.
Oh, it feels good to be home.
I also got to build a one pool.
Now we'll extend on my giant base here and a glass ceiling one because he tripped on the moon.
I don't know, but I want to find out.
All right.
Ribbon plants on salt, sole disease, Salt of the earth, Their assault?
No salt.
Anybody who solves weighs a ton of it over here.
I don't even need you.
I can see it with my own blinkers, like some hydrochloric acid and then.
Ah, I don't need to make Polyana lean.
What am I making?
I should click on these fucking things.
I do need that to blast dealing gets on to Polly.
Anna leans on two things.
Okay, make another hydrochloric acid noise.
And I have two gold perfection.
Here we go.
All right, that's that side of things sorted.
Now, I just need some ribbon plants for the benzene wish Put the thing in here two things.
You know, it was really scary there for a while, but I think it's finally starting to come up.
Milhouse and I should put the perimeter defense module into you.
Before I forget.
I should make a teleportation module for it as well.
That would really help that time if I had it down below on.
Now make two Ben zines E four hours, fours talk.
Go back into the bad place.
What a stink.
Go back there.
All right.
What we need from moon pool teeming gets lead and lubricant.
Hey, hey, hey!
What's happening?
I got frozen.
Good one.
Can I get out of this now?
Little shit.
Heads that the noses on Rizzi.
Revenge needs to be mine.
Got him.
Oh, no power.
That's whatever I am.
The winner.
A big, strong man.
Okay, so I could make one of these.
Wait, What?
I make them.
You have to go back to the really big area with all the shuttle leviathans at that base.
It's annoying, cause I didn't get there.
I didn't even in that area, I couldn't find it.
But I have the perimeter defense upgrade now, so it might be better.
Okay, Wait.
Where was gonna build for the teleportation module?
Ah, that's wearing kid into a row, Joe.
Uh, buh this game, boo.
So those going there now, that's good.
I need those gone from me.
I don't need plastic ingots direct anymore.
Unless I want to make well when I come on pool right now.
But at the back of this, I would say I needed lubricant lead on two titanium ingots.
You can even build it anywhere.
I think I can build it connected to this.
No, my dreams.
My hopes That was gonna be awesome.
My heart is broken.
There's stuff everywhere in the way.
It was a building somewhere.
And then I connect to it like connect some pipes out.
Either way, I can't do it right now.
The Meteors air happening again.
But night time this time that's so cool.
Whatever they can hit you.
I'm assuming a log in a dunk.
The top of my head Domi, It was just a visual effect.
So cool.
Though the world is on fire, everybody scream to feel a lot safer coming back to this area in my sea truck.
I think, though this giant jellyfish is here, so I can actually find my way through.
It was really confused.
Careful, Careful, Careful.
Is he gonna bite me?
You got or not?
I got this tiny little cave.
Is Wiant also and much more able to fit through things?
Now I say it's a smack everything.
Now that I have just one module on the back of it.
We should be better off now.
I have ah, fully powered repair to have a fully have to full power cells in the back of this.
And we have a lot off, uh, guts and gusto.
Even Mr Bass, the first time right here.
Such a dildo!
All right, that these flower spores.
But then I could make the benzene also why I brought the fabricator modules.
So now we can build stuff on the go.
Ah, they bring the river.
Thank God.
I got worried there for a sec.
Well, there's gonna be a tone of them around here anyway.
Nice wasn't here, Cedric?
Perimeter defense upgrade already have that, But thank you.
Um, so this should all be well, a perfectly So this should all be this.
This, this, this business are all the things I need to make the architect pieces that I have there might be more than I don't have right now.
This is good.
Also, I'm going to save the game just just because I can't right now, we have to go further in.
Fuck him all Confused.
What pieces be these?
Pray tell.
It doesn't say new technology created.
Ah, Planter module.
My God, this whole thing is turning into a cyclops.
If I had every module on, it would be massive at modules of the sides of each other.
Let me weigh more handy.
All right.
Planter module.
Got it.
You could have, like, grow beds in there.
Defeat myself.
Okay, Is this the right way?
Researching death and horrible things, then?
So the area we were in before, with all the red crystals is apparently called the fabricator Caves.
And it brings you to the fabricator base, which is where we build the architect.
I don't know if I'm actually gonna get there, because I did not see it in all.
You ate shit.
Fuck, yeah.
Oh, no, no, no.
That was the most say, like, really?
Just come, Bobby let you and have you out of commission for a while.
You should not be able to come after me again so quick.
That's kind of scary.
How much power that that use this thing just devours power.
Should have invested in some eye on ones, but whatever here we are, all right.
The problem is that there's so many of them around that it made it really hurt Thio Explorer.
I mean, the right here.
This is all very confusing.
Maybe they were, like, react to light or something.
So if I just go along nicely, they won't kill me.
You train rock, punch me.
I ain't no rock.
Look at all of this.
This isn't anything that just looks awesome.
They look so weird from the bottom.
Then again, so would I.
This is good, Terry.
You see the red crystals.
You know, you're going in the right direction.
Now, if only you could guide me a little more.
Surely you could put down coordinates.
Alan, are you in there?
Let's just be a little sneak.
I'm very nervous.
You know, a game is good when you get nervous playing.
Okay, So still pushing forward at least hyper intense focus gamer moment.
Okay, so I'm heading northeast, east, northeast.
These things grab you.
It's easy to get discombobulated.
Everything is fine.
Everything is.
Everything's fine.
I forgot that.
I forgot that.
How the fuck do we go any further?
You have to go on my own.
Give me the willies.
Uh, no.
Prepared this.
All right, well, let's just get out and see Alan.
I'm very uncomfortable.
Where the fuck is a base around here?
Also really confusing, cause I don't know if I'm like circling back on myself or not.
Hello, But oh, baby.
Oh, baby.
What is this place?
A fabrication facility.
Once we have the necessary data.
We can return here to construct an alternative storage medium.
The machines don't have the dates already.
It has been 1000 years since they were lost.
Jesus, I would not trust who is.
It was just working around, and then suddenly I was right above it.
Jesus, the guy, the fucking things.
They're chased me.
So I just bolted who was really looking.
Okay, Erica, take tissues.
Okay, so I need to go fucking to go and get the items, okay?
Don't die.
This is fine, man.
That's so sly as well to make you go that little extra bit on your own.
Thankfully, I have the boost he boosts.
Oh, God.
All right, so I need to take all of this with me.
Well, not all of it.
Exit here.
Look, I'm backed up against that, all right?
Please tell me scary.
I hope that I have I mean, I have the bits for this, but do we need, like, a lot more stuff?
Seems like it's only these two.
Yes, that's cool.
It just looks like armor.
Dude, that's cool.
Looks like one of the precursors.
Like that statue that we saw architect component fabricated.
Wait, can I not do all these things yet?
A man?
Is it not like fully in the game yet?
No, that would suck.
I think I need one more thing, but it's not telling me what I need.
Component Fabricator.
What do we get that?
No, I want to build this.
I want to do it so badly.
Scan this.
Scan it to find out.
It's a shame that God fine.
It's a shame that these bases air so empty looking because there anything else in here besides just this room.
Now there's fish because the other in regular said Monica, like the bases had so much more to them than just one thing.
Okay, there's a cash, apparently in the crystal caves.
The's like bluish purplish crystals that I went by already, which means I have to go back out of this area.
But at least it's close by so should be able to make it.
They're relatively easy.
Oh, please don't fucking explode or anything.
Do you need healing a little bit?
I need not forgot.
My gun's stuck.
Oh, just stay here.
Stay here.
Shut off.
I might, um I still, goddamn it.
Just let the sea truck or 29 50 guy.
Um, Okay.
Fluid intake.
I thought I had vital.
Nyhan's stabilizing.
Very good.
We gotta find this area.
Can I get past these guys without getting attacked?
That's still to be determined.
He's gonna come right for me.
I know.
I'm trying my best to get away from here.
I feel like there's more stuff trying to kill you in this game than there was in regular somewhat ago.
This one feels way more stressful.
Even the really deep down areas in regular sub Novica didn't feel distressful.
Are these the regular crystals yet?
We're still a red crystals.
Okay, cool.
Where the fuck is that location?
The whole place is a maid sing.
It's really confusing to navigate through.
Each time I'm like I might go in the right direction.
Then it just end up.
I feel like it should be like in here, right?
Wasn't actually in here, and I messed up Look too big.
Come on, just get through.
My fucking stock!
I'm stuck!
Oh, no.
Oh, back.
Okay, so we're not at a total loss just yet.
I should have just explored a tiny bit further in this one.
Stuff is really hidden in this game.
Pipe up their island.
These are my favorite areas in the game.
Is getting to these like alien places.
What the fuck piece is this?
What did I just organs?
I'm curious for its own sake.
How did life look for you before all this?
What's left for you to discover Physics involves cutting complex things up more.
Whatever you find boredom out disagreements more loves.
It is not necessary to work.
Possible to stop.
And there is a free flowers.
Information disagrees.
So there's no conflict, no pressure.
Is it?
As peaceful as it sounds?
Anxiety stems from unpredictable.
Where were you?
Great control way have acquired sufficient to construct a story can only be done at the facility design.
You sound as relieved Desire.
My survival strategy is unfolding as expected would imply I was expecting something different.
What happens once we get there and you don't need me anymore?
You continue to act.
Let any cost.
That's not reassuring.
What is this business?
That might be the kind of thing you've ever said to me.
Okay, Uh, I think I'll go back this direction.
This episode on the last episode I've gone slightly past the areas that I needed to be at right then and there.
The glass I might just pass made his base and it fucked me up.
And now I just passed the place I needed to be to get the last thing.
I mean, that didn't mess me off, but I could have Okay, Red is good.
This is promising.
Now I just need to remember how to get back to that place.
I need speed.
I need something some other type of weapon that I can use against these shadow of Eisen's.
Maybe if it came through in a prawn suit, I could fire torpedoes at them.
But if that would help God, I'm lost again.
I really need some bigger indicators for where this fucking thing is.
Oh, wait.
I got the fucking thing.
But I don't have the components for it.
Oh, fuck me.
Have to go all the way back to my base That's so upsetting titanium ingots and then plus steal ng git.
And then eye on cue on ha!
Hallelujah, baby, The items are mine.
So fucking lucky you don't have to see all this shit.
I think it's here.
Get lost every time.
Coming back.
Wait over here.
Yeah, it's hidden so annoying.
All right.
Okay, timeto actually make some progress.
I really wish now that I had made the teleporter module.
But you know what?
Assessed lovey, eh?
Make that bad boy make a baby.
Why did you need an eye on Cube for your organs?
I'll never know.
The fiber is Rick.
Okay, You're not gonna turn around and say like you need 10,000 die on cues.
What terminal?
No, it doesn't Not work.
Are you kidding me?
Oh, don't tell me it's not in the game yet.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Oh, it worked.
Fuck, yeah.
I restarted the game.
I thought I could play it in the other version of it.
And then I just restarted it.
Either downloaded something new or change something.
Point restart.
Re downloading the game really seemed to help.
Okay, commence storage.
Medium fabrication.
All of these things went down, and then this did a little light thing.
Also, this whole room is lit up now.
It wasn't like that before.
I could barely see anything before baby come to life.
Alan, there are the organs and the skeleton.
Oh, my God!
Fuck off!
Now, that's so cool.
Oh, shit.
Oh, he's not gonna be my head anymore.
Oh, my God.
It has been some donor last stretched out like dude.
Oh, the fuck.
Hi, Alan.
You know my head anymore.
There are some remnants.
Would you like your memories of me removed as well?
Very well.
I think this is it.
You're free to betray me.
Disintegrate me.
I want to do those things because we've become friends formally sheds facility where I was.
Why whatsoever?
Our freedom, our freedom.
But you're not an enemy of your people now.
I prefer we think of it as selective disloyalty.
They will not seek to capture, you know, at least Not if Sam has anything to do with it.
Well, terror isn't known for its moral mules.
Okay, To access the facility, we require a white tablet.
We've been looking for the same thing.
I might be able to help.
Very well.
I will remain and do what I can from here.
Keep me informed of your progress.
Allen, We'll do Jeez, so fucking awesome looking.
Holy hell.
So is this what they precursors looked like then?
I guess they're called architect Snow.
They changed the name.
Well, it's no precursor technology whenever you scan it.
Um, because I think this he kind of looks like the statue that we found.
So maybe they're mud like he's modeled after them like extra arms.
Right, Doc Ock.
God, that's awesome.
So he wants me to go find a white tablet.
From what I've heard about the game, the white tablet is not in the game yet unless it's changed since this very recording.
I don't know.
The last time I heard anything got to do with this that this was kind of the end of what the update had.
And I think the white tablet is what made a gives to like her dog thing.
Thio Chew on that.
We go back and get made, has gone for my game now, so that might be a problem either way.
But I don't think you could trigger that yet.
I could be wrong.
There could be more to it, but I think this might be the end of what below zero has to offer for right now, Um, which I'm very happy about.
This is awesome to see, like, an actual character like this standing around doing shit that's about us.
I mean, he's not doing a whole lot, but I still appreciate the efforts.
I want one.
Give me a body like that.
Oh, yeah, there's this much easier to see the rest of the facility, you know?
So something just didn't trigger the first time when I went through.
Maybe some other stuff is different.
I have no idea.
But I'm gonna leave this episode here.
This might be the end of the series.
For now, if there's nothing else to do if I do another episode, clearly there's more to do.
But you guys are gonna have to let me know in the comments, but I think I've kind of explored.
I mean, I'm not gonna do like Oh, Jack, you missed this immediately.
Sure, I'm not going to do stuff for it's like LoJack.
You missed this one tiny creature here or I didn't scan this or that or the other.
I'm talking about plot.
I'm talking about main events in the game to keep pushing us forward, which I don't know if there's much left, but either way I was going to end the episode here.
Alan, you are one of the coolest things that I have seen in Sub Nautica yet.
This is so badass.
I'm so impressed.
I love this.
This game is so far feels it feels really like a sequel to Sub Nautica.
More so than like an expansion or a DLC.
Because I'm like, 14 hours into the game now there's a lot of content on.
It's still not finished.
It's still early access to stuff.
It still kind of broken and all over the place, but it has to be finished later on.
But for now, I'm going to meet this episode here.
Thank you guys for watching.
Don't forget to, like comment.
Subscribe Hit bells or that stuff, you know right now.
And I'll see you guys in the next room I'm dying of first.
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Building A GIANT ALIEN ROBOT | Subnautica Below Zero - Part 16

19 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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  1. UrbanDictionary 俚語字典整合查詢。一般字典查詢不到你滿意的解譯,不妨使用「俚語字典」,或許會讓你有滿意的答案喔