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ladies, My name is except Guy.
And welcome back to sob.
We heard a rip roaring time last time, But I have to do some stuff.
What I actually am I doing?
I need two priorities.
We are.
I am.
I need to get a moon pool.
Thank you.
And don't forget that I'm your captain.
People told me that the moon pool is in Marguerite Maeda or something.
That lady who showed up in a prostitute, she jumped out.
She's like a partner.
Don't you fall of May.
She is the ladies whose base we found in regular sub Nautica.
Her name was Maeda or Marguerite or both.
I can't remember.
It's been a while since the place of Nautica on Remember the lower.
But she was in original significantly funder base, so apparently she's still alive on the planet.
We didn't know what happened to her last time.
And now we can go off and try and find her.
Uh, she said not to follow her, and I'm directly going to contradict that.
I think we're fine and what we have.
Um but I was told that it's over where the lily pods are, so it could have been in that area already, but I didn't have a way of going deep.
Also, I only have 34 energy.
Is that gonna cause a problem?
It's been a while since I've recorded.
I was away for a week.
I mean, I wasn't You guys didn't notice a thing.
I wasn't gone at all.
Video is kept coming as normal because I'm a professional.
I also don't have any food.
Well, I have a heated blade.
There's something chasing me.
So that's where they island is.
I need to go kind of where that is.
But also through the pocket out the other side kind of go to the left of her.
The shipwreck is I think that's where we start seeing the lily pads.
Basically where the glow whales are.
But this might be a pain in the ass to get through.
If we get caught by one of these, suck ass is That's right.
Just just be quiet.
Just silently go through those air floating and made it.
They're not Florida.
Get been there because it's underwater.
Oh, I hear you.
Oh, God.
I'm no good at Georgia numbers.
Bright sayings About 17 million of the motor.
Okay, I need to boost.
I need to boost.
I need to get over here.
Oh, God.
The world is loading in and freaking me out.
Eat my ass.
Also heavily have to avoid these guys as well.
Down into I heard it.
All right, so there's a drop over here.
I've gotten it.
I got what was incited.
I picked up what it was putting down, but it's getting to the boy.
I think it's kind of in that area.
Chlo wails.
These air dead lily pads, these guys suck.
They're very strong, very powerful.
And they like to eat ass and swim fast.
I'm staying very far away from them.
I don't know what I'm looking for down here, though.
I'm looking for like a gap in the rocks, which I'm seeing money.
Oh, God.
Oh, this is Oh, there's a bunch of There's a bunch of see titties down here.
I'm not gonna be able to go this fire.
I need another death module.
Oh, yeah.
There's three of them.
Okay, we're fine for now.
What the hell are these?
Undulating penises?
Oh, God, They're creepy.
This whole game is creepy.
Everything's creepy and it sucks.
What are you, Kay Flowers?
Don't get close with fucking great.
I'm so glad I got so much more information out of that.
Just get so far down into the ocean that it sounds like it's crying.
Yeah, I did.
This is a whole new area, though.
This wasn't in the game when I played it before.
Precursor Tech.
That's what we need.
They can actually just get out.
Scan these ones Can't get out of the flappy.
Okay, cool.
You know, I'm not going to do it.
It's gonna make the same joke that I always make you just seek the inside of my ass.
No, I'm not gonna D'oh!
It did it anyway.
But silence is needed right now.
Fuck goes even deeper.
Oh, I have prayed enough sub not a get to know that shit is going to get wet and wild down here.
All right, Let's just take a little look see with my hot bod.
What is down here?
More precursor tech.
Oh, God, This sucks.
Oh, hi.
I was checking out.
So why tell me?
I'm curious.
I need to make some stuff to get another depth upgrade.
Maybe this is actually helpful.
You ran a night crystals.
I think those are very helpful.
What do they need to make benzene and coding morphine?
I don't know.
I'll get back into my my little sea truck here.
Okay, Blueprints.
What we need for the depth module three headlamp.
I don't need that.
It would be kind of cool, though.
Um, okay.
Nickel or okay.
What did I need?
The benzene in the Cody in the so for, folks find nickel or no, I'm asking you, but you're not going to know.
I think it was the architect skeleton that I needed that for.
Uh, okay, let's take out you power and wait before we go anywhere.
Let's prepare the one I prepared earlier.
No, you have.
Oh, you do?
Has nickel ore on it now.
Okay, well, let's get out in search for that bitch.
Just let me know whenever you get close.
I know I'm probably gonna die.
Actually, I shouldn't die.
I shouldn't allow my characters that I because that would be stupid.
Let's get into the sea.
Truck gets a mayor.
Let's just head straight to the surface.
Oh, can I even do that?
00 I'm very far down.
Never mind.
Never mind you.
You're coming with me.
For the fuck am I all right?
I just need to get out of here.
Get to the surface on, then swim, swim, swim all the way back to my base and get some weight.
What are these?
I thought they were just broken things floating in the air.
Wow, That's fucking awesome.
Lily pads, man.
The glow whales floating around.
It was amazing.
It's so pretty.
And if anybody says other ways, you tell him to go fuck themselves.
How can I not?
I went to surface.
All right, I'm gonna leave my little Citro here.
I'm gonna take your brains.
Give me these committees.
I'm going all right?
Don't know, right?
Wait, I'll be back.
Where is my base?
Over here!
Wait, don't tell Harry, but I'm much faster without This is just obnoxious.
Pete, It's hot.
You can't even hit me with lightning right now except to fast and faster than lightning.
This is fucking bad ass looking though.
The red sky in the jail.
Don't you die on me Don't you die on me?
Don't you fucking die on may.
I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna do it.
Oh, yes.
Oh, I just put a bed down here.
The end?
Yeah, What a beautiful bait.
Now go to see eep.
I need to get my health back.
Get your health back.
Have I forgotten?
House of Nauseous works remained about stretching.
That didn't give me any health back.
Hooray for me.
I'm not really upset about it.
I'm just very, very upset about it.
They're okay now.
We have lots of water, so I need to find nickel.
I don't know how I'm gonna find nickel, so I'm gonna have to look it up because, Okay, so it is in that area that I was searching.
That's why I wanted to do that.
I didn't even don't welcome me aboard this time.
I'm a stink.
My big fight stinker.
You don't have anything in your cool.
Uh, it's replaced.
All these all the time that I was dicking around, I could have been doing this.
A boy.
No, I'd be a fucking moral.
Okay, So how was your day?
No one is looking up because I figured it was in Diane area where the giant booby anuses are.
But I just wasn't seeing any of it right then and there on dhe.
I wanted to look it up just to make sure that when I go back, I am in the right area that I'm not dicking around in the wrong place.
You know?
You feel me?
Could this go faster?
Received about it.
Oh, well, that just happen randomly.
Okay, Well, I am the fastest man alive, so I'm going to get there before it even hits the water.
Come on.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
What are you doing?
Oh, you're trained to fly.
I see a better idea.
I've the way for those fuckers to charge.
So this is great for me.
This is good.
Keeps me busy.
Keep my mind occupied.
Stops me from called crazy.
I've never gotten crazy today yet.
It's already in the water, Buck.
It's okay.
I am Speed that under the icebergs.
Why didn't the Titanic just do that?
Go under the iceberg, Stupid.
What's gonna be in this, though?
A new bike?
That'd be pretty cool.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Everything wants to eat several parts of me.
Tether to the heck is a tether to I'll see in a minute when I'm away from things that want to eat the very fabric of my tolls and runs a sonic is the fastest or the flash.
What about a main character protagonists in Subotica below zero?
I'm faster than anything this world has ever seen in water out of water.
Does that matter?
Also, people were pointing out that when I was away from the ice worms and I was trying to run away from them, that that's what was actually triggering them on set.
I should have just left him alone and walked everywhere.
That means a lot of sense.
You guys, right?
You're right about that.
Bought too little, too late at this point.
Teleport back to a teleportation.
See Truck module.
Excuse me.
Hey, what?
So if I get a teleportation module on my C truck, I can just teleport to it.
What is this technology?
Not in everything in this gay.
You clearly don't know how to build it.
My throat's right.
Clearing people up in the fucking space station know how to build this stuff for me.
Why don't they just put one on the space station and give me the thing that teleports me?
Um, I'm looking to fire for the logic in a game about space aliens.
Maybe, but my point still stands.
All right, take all these out.
Jessica, wait.
Don't worry.
You're next.
Blue balls.
I'm on my way back.
Whoa, it's me.
You're showering again.
You see?
One in the distance over there.
You know, there was a thing that could happen again.
Do it again.
Do something.
So damn cool.
I'm easily impressed.
Oh, this is weird looking, but they're just transition to nighttime.
Wait, what is happening?
Oh, was there an eclipse?
Oh, probably.
I forgot that they could happen.
Remember the first time that happened in some?
Not again before in regular Said Nautica.
I fucking lost.
My mind is so fucking cool.
Well, you guys haven't been attacking Terry, have you?
You all right?
He's finding everybody.
You go.
Oh, God.
I can't stand any tearing Nerio back in bidness and down we go down into Ze Blimey!
I need a drink of water is I'm a fucking die.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I have a fabricator on Terry.
I was starving and thirsting, and there's fish on around here.
Why don't I just get the fish here and eat them?
You know what?
Just don't stone Sometimes I am or upset with myself than any of you could ever be on hearing it from you just hurts even more.
Well, I needed to go back for the power cell and shit anyway.
But I've got to get a drink.
All right, let's do a little scan room of this area.
It's very quiet.
Oh, I don't like that.
Court's loops.
So is Nicole just lying around like a crystal or Yep.
Are you pointing me to Lassie?
You need three of them.
Don't get everything, bro.
This part is is that I could just make the module here to just take out the one that's in it already.
You guys are just belching assholes.
Look at you.
Have you no shame?
What are these?
Flower spores.
That's why make benzene.
I needed the benzene for Oh, the architect.
All right.
Let's truck around a little bit more.
I couldn't find any more there.
But this place I know it's full of it.
They could feel it.
What are you guys doing freaking out down here?
Her textures all weird.
I know what you are.
You like a bone hoop Fish.
That's probably exactly what they are.
Actually, Niko, is it?
God, that's hard to see.
I'm also down for Terry.
Can't go, and that scares me a little.
But all I need is one more than Terry.
Yeah, Terry could join me on the trip of a lifetime.
Boom, baby.
Wanna eat everything?
What are you?
A loop plant is just gonna say new plant.
Wow, you.
But I'm learning so much.
All right, I need to get this out of you.
Maximum depth reached.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
No, Get back in.
Just build it fucking quickly.
Come on, Come on, Come on, come on, Come on.
I've got there.
When I fucking take it out, you're going to get crushed.
Uh, there.
It's fine.
It was fucking scary.
Okay, now you go to 900 meters, so I should probably It's pretty Healy up a small bit there before we go any further?
You've no battery in you.
I love that.
Now you do it.
So shut up and go really deep.
Who was the deepest?
We could go and regular.
Some nautical was, like 1200 meters or 1700 or something.
I remember going very, very far down in that game.
Oh, I'm getting caught and everything.
All right?
Well, nothing that way.
That's cool.
How so?
Getting caught everything.
Terry, you got a fat ass.
Oh, this seems promising.
There seems very promising.
Look at that gate.
You know, I'm just going to get out and take a quick scan.
Let me scan.
It's cool.
Oh, God.
Terry, can you even come in here?
You can and you shall.
What the hell is this?
Don't breathe this in architect components.
27 million species.
You've traveled far.
Did you ever meet other spacefarers?
We did not.
So our meeting was a big moment for you to go on.
You're curious why?
We're the only ones.
It is statistically improbable to survive the threats of technological advancement.
Evolution favors those which do not advance.
So you think it's luck?
You worked hard Robin.
He shouldn't all over you in our species.
Okay, So, blueprint, Tom, is it really?
I still get to the base.
Made his base their exact issue.
Says a leather like tissue sample off.
Alien origin.
So the poly Anna Lena, I think I make with the you're an innate crystals the Benzino I could make with hydrochloric acid.
I can actually plastic and gets as well I need to collect a lot more of these samples that are around.
Let me dump these in case I do a big heck and die.
Um, dead sites.
I don't like that.
Uh, let's get a bunch more of these spore things.
Flower spores.
Then we can make all the benzene in the world basically just make drugs in the back of your car.
Oh, wait, no.
So to make Polyana lean, I need hydrochloride gas and golden to make hydrochloric acid.
I need deep lily pad mushrooms on salt, and I'd make benzene.
I need flour spores and ribbon plants.
Okay, well, I see these mushroom boys down here.
Let's get a bunch of these that works, like 20 of them.
Three, um, in salt.
Okay, well, I'll just deposit some stuff here.
Uh, keep the basic stuff.
How much more day to do we need before we can build this medium?
You're just like my questions.
No, I just value independence for both of us.
Inquired about my status recently.
I'm sorry.
How you doing?
I am normal.
Well, so you do it.
Good to know.
Thanks, Alan.
Uh, should be like picking up golden stuff here.
I can't get it elsewhere, but there's nothing really attacking me down here like it doesn't the surface surface.
All right.
Where am I going next?
This is a vital parent of what?
We need it.
I didn't know we needed more architect stuff.
So now it does beg the question of Yeah, like, what else do we need?
Who is this?
What do you know?
Where is this information coming from?
What the hell?
That's like when Gray Fox talks to you in metal gear.
Just call me Deep Throat.
So all terrorist suspects me.
They don't want me doing any of this for some reason.
Dual terror.
Ever know what they want?
Where am I?
I want to get out.
I want to go back to the surface.
Completely fucking lost.
Oh, I found a thing.
Siri looks new.
I'm further out past the lily pads.
What is this ground sampler?
It's pretty cool Tech, dude.
A new fish you discovered.
I eat a newt.
New meat.
Also, there was a piece of this.
What is this, Cedric Aquarium module fragment.
I don't have that, Do I?
I had one.
Okay, This is a little ominous and a little scared, but that's fine.
Let's go further out into this area.
This is where some Nautica thrives is when you don't know what you're getting yourself in for.
You just kind of explorer, Derek.
Creepy areas.
And you don't know what's about to happen.
This could just be the edge of the map, too.
Like there might actually not be anything down here.
Yeah, I think this is just nothing Deep Roman is happening.
Well, it's either nothing or it's something.
And then I'm going to get surprised by something else and get very fucking frightened.
This doesn't feel right.
I, uh I have an office should be here, but I definitely don't want to be here?
This is the edge of the map.
You come across these, like hard edges.
Okay, Good.
There's no light down here anyway.
I hate that.
I'm literally clenching my ass right now.
Oh, God.
Give me something again.
I can't see.
God, that was creepy.
I am only 100 meters from the surface and everything is pitch black.
Probably because it's night time.
Yeah, it's dark outside.
Got water.
Effect through the light is the best I've ever seen.
All right.
I need to find a new place to go right now.
I'm kind of just wandering.
Haven't been down here yet.
This is underneath the giant jellyfish.
Okay, Okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Just keep going.
Just keep going.
Uh oh.
This I don't know about this.
I can't fit down there.
Kelly, should I?
It was bad.
A bad idea.
I'm a head back up here.
He was coming back out on me in a different area.
What the fuck?
I told you not to follow me on, Terra.
Now you've got a problem.
Where are you?
Why are you hiding?
You know how many lawsuits air out on me Name.
That name comes with a price.
You really want to know.
Come see me.
The code on the door is 20 to 47.
Tim, I found her, but fucking random accident.
But where are you?
Are you further down?
What are you doing down here, Marguerite?
Oh, there's a new ERM fragment arm.
Is this super punchy?
ERM torpedo.
I never got to use the torpedo arm all that much.
It's cool and all, but I can't id use torpedoes in the sea.
This is like a whole fucking zone down here.
She was really hidden.
Okay, I kind of need food.
This is cool.
What I like about these areas is that they're all completely under the ground.
Coming down here normally is one thing.
But then you find out one hole that you go down through and then it leads you to shit like this.
Holy fuck.
I think we're going the right way.
Just a hunch.
I don't know if I lose this arm fragment either.
I want a grappler.
The grapple in the drill are all you needed.
This place is so fucking cool.
A pair of these can't scandal.
It would probably just say something like cave crystals.
Go, boys.
A wreck.
Grub you.
No, I kind of want to eat.
You just see, I also have fish on me that I can turn into food right now, but I am not doing this one.
Had a fucking mouth on it.
Okay, further down into ze.
Blame me deep.
I assume I'm just gonna find her base somewhere.
What's down here, though?
What is that?
What is what is that?
Oh, what is that?
Oh, it's fucking myself.
Hey, hey, hey.
I don't wanna be here.
What the fuck are you Hey, guys.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Go, go, go, go, go!
I can't go.
I can't go faster.
I can't go faster.
Must go faster.
Jesus fucking Christ.
Seven You Reaper.
I hate this.
This fucking sucks is the worst.
Also am I safe?
Fuck me.
Who was that?
Okay, There you go.
I'm a heel.
You up because you need it.
That's your share.
Coast with the scan It though.
Definitely a new type of reaper bladder fish nice and get me some water.
Oh, man.
You see him?
He's flown in the distance.
Curl plant.
We've looped fence way have curl plants.
We have big giant boys.
The one I eat, my asshole, Because awesome.
I also need to be careful with this because I'm using up precious power from a C trick here.
I only have 25 power left.
Made it?
Where are you?
Fuck is your base.
Are there's another one?
No, no.
Something's making you owe to you.
I don't want this.
I don't want it.
Uh, did you get back?
I'm detecting a phone signal from one office.
Do you know, I think most of my knowledge was lost.
Perspective dies.
Place is really cool.
Reminds me that area and Axl's the Duke's archives.
You get to crystal areas in that?
I'm hoping we see something soon because I'd feel like I'm going in circles.
Alan, you want to confirm or deny these reports?
This looks important.
What you looking at?
Whoa, whoa.
What air this.
Hold it.
Giant Rubies.
He's got them.
Course not.
That would only be helpful.
I am really deeply, fairly down.
I am very worried about running out of power down here.
Deathly quiet.
Please tell me I'm going in the right direction.
I have to be all Everything is new every time I turn a corner.
All right, Major, where are you?
The way she was talking to me, I thought I was, like, right on top of her base that I go past it now that there's probably a high possibility that I've gone past.
Oh, God, Is that another one?
Oh, it's another one.
But what if I don't want I sense the presence of a substantial facility in the area unable to I like this, though.
This this is all.
Go where you're looking.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
He's gonna eat my ass.
Okay, Okay.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
I'm stuck.
I'm stuck.
I'm literally stuck.
No, no!
My stocking.
Oh, my God.
I just saved it.
Holy fucking shit.
I just don't know it.
Just don't disclose your ice.
Everything's fight.
Okay, Okay, okay.
What about maximum depth?
What the fuck do we do now?
I am so lost down here.
Stuck in shit.
Oh, God.
Always coming back.
Oh, he's coming back.
Oh, no.
Oh, Let's get him.
Right into the devil's ET nous.
Well, I'm right here.
So I found out that it's called a shadow of Iife.
Where am I and what do I do?
Have a suspicious feeling that I have missed the base that I was supposed to be at, so I'm heading back.
I'm also trying to make sure that I don't run out of power.
So I'm bringing Terry back closer to the entrance.
Please, please, please, No, Please, No, Please.
Please, No, Please.
No, No.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
It's happening.
I just Whatever.
Oh, God, I'm stuck again.
Fuck me.
That shit's socks, okay?
I only have three power left.
I know what I'm gonna do.
I'm out of power.
I'm out of power.
I'm out of power.
What do we do?
What do we do?
I hate this.
Um, I am I dead?
Is this death?
Is this what the death is?
I can't do anything.
I can't go anywhere.
Get out.
Let me out!
I won't escape that fucking stuck in here.
Okay, wait.
Just go.
Just go.
I don't know where I'm going because I'm gonna fucking die have no oxygen or anything.
This sucks.
I found her base.
Oh, shit.
What was the code?
I don't know What The code is 20 to 47.
Where's the fucking door?
I'm not gonna make it.
Fuck, that's good.
We just go back to this fucking see truck.
Oh, um, it's acting like I'm not in water.
Um, excuse me.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Almost There.
Almost there.
Is it going to do the same thing again?
Don't, Don't, don't, don't do it.
Don't do it.
Oh, thank God.
Okay, well, that's not the worst thing in the world.
God, he's right behind me, isn't it?
Oh, good.
Just keep your wits about you.
I didn't burn through as much oxygen this time, so I should be able to get to the base.
Oh, my God.
This game off all time.
That's the most stressful day of my entire life.
Let's go 20 to 47.
Still going in the right direction.
That's good.
No, I just need to find the door.
Thank God it was right here and everything.
I was right next to where I was supposed to be.
the entire time and I went way further into it.
Don't fucking look at it from the outside.
Just get in.
Where's the door for the 30 seconds Where the fuck he hatched to get in.
Am I gonna die again?
She's the moon pool.
That's how I get in.
There is no outside door, you fucking idiot!
Customize prawn suit.
Get rid of the moon pool thing.
I want to check out the rest.
Marguerite's prawn suit's standard issue all tear a prawn suit biased with a just Sickler.
Oh, she's so badass.
This this is so fucking stressful to get here.
This is where I used the code.
Jesus Christ.
All right.
Is he your dog names Marguerite Mehta.
Now you owe me.
You trained a stalker.
Come on.
Have you been here too long?
That alien tablet you heard I needed You mean this thing?
What do I care what you need?
What do you care about, lady?
I want off this jumped up puddle of a planet.
If I help you, will you give me the tablet?
If you help me, I won't kill you.
It's the stones.
You can stay here to catch your breath.
You're ready.
Get off my sea bass.
She's cool.
You gonna pay for night?
Where did your dog stop?
Margaret made a confidential.
Okay, See, Demeter defense upgrade.
You mind if I steal this?
Do you?
You have a problem, student.
I have.
Ah, see truck.
You know, we're just two different people.
Your basis.
So awesome.
Though it's so full of death.
The I think this dude's animation broke.
Can I have the fucking thing?
I don't know if this base is quite finished or if it's fully functional or anything, because nothing is really happening.
But this is cool, because even your bed My problem, though, is much larger than this.
Because I can't do anything now.
Nothing seems to be interactive.
All a shower.
Where was that?
What's up with scattered isn't There we go.
You could build a shower, wash the filth off me like the trash I am or not sink.
So this is the, uh, the deep dive update.
They That's so fucking spooky, though this is the latest update for the game.
Is all of this kind of stuff and it's cool that you have an NPC in the game.
Now that actually has, like, dialogue and stuff towards you.
It's got this whole room print acquired.
It adds so much more life to the game now that you actually have somebody else you can interact with and their story to the manak, Anything.
I love that.
Um, but yeah, I I don't know what I'm supposed to do now.
Can I take your fucking prawn suit for right?
Like, what am I supposed to do?
I'm stuck here now.
I'm 380 meters down.
I don't have a c truck.
I don't have enough oxygen to get out.
I don't think and I have no way of building new stuff.
Some kind of just stuck here.
And I could just keep restarting me at the fucking see truck.
Oh, I know I want to figure that out next time and leave this episode here, but I'm glad that I actually found this base now.
Should've found it a lot sooner.
But you know what?
Say lovey?
Figure out how to get out of here next time.
We might have to junk the game to do that, because I just don't know what else to do about it, but maybe, just maybe I'll be able to figure out a route to get right out of this area.
But every time I die, I just spawned back at the sea truck, which is gonna pose a problem.
Just give me the fucking thing, please.
Um, yeah, that's going to do it for this episode.
Next time we're going to go deeper.
Further down.
I think that Bayside Alan was talking about is not was not this one.
I think he's talking about the place.
We could go make the architect, skeleton or body that he needs to do whatever he needs to do.
But until then, we'll figure that out.
Next time.
I won't leave this episode here.
Thank you guys for watching it.
And I'll see you in the next one.
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Terrifying New SHADOW LEVIATHAN | Subnautica Below Zero - Part 15

19 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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