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I mean, you can tell by looking at the crystal was on this plant that is gonna be off smoke and 1/2 on the UK really grow up going to someone else's land read.
And if I think it's a good idea where it's legal or illegal, Good boy, I didn't but whatever.
It's a part of whatever was here before this little hidden dangers and stuff, you can train yourself for yourself.
Just be aware.
Best thing to do.
One hand here, Step on the bob are over right now.
It's not legal, so therefore, I have to do it in places that I'm not supposed to, and I'm not allowed to do it.
Welcome to Mr Gardner.
Going farm.
I invite a place.
My big goal is to find us many spots as I can off the radar, hidden in plain sight to grow as many different varieties of cannabis is I can.
It's what makes me happy.
These class we got here called also flowers.
No, about a 10 week life cycle.
Pull in ST lie absolutely right.
The key to go in this outside is not here.
It's in the ground.
It needs the nitrogen the phosphorus to potassium.
You've got to get the pot right.
People will be feeding them seaweed, every feeding, a feeling.
I feed these plants nothing but rain water.
I'm always looking for my next location and love it.
Yeah, I love the fact that people can come very close to something.
And it's there when you were trying to pick a side and I tend to look at places near roads because I love the fact that there's loads of people driving past, not realizing there's a cannabis bomb right next to him.
And even if they do sniff it when they're driving through in the middle of summer, we're not going to think that 60 mile now me, someone's growing weed over there.
They're gonna think someone smoked in that process.
I must make in this in this garden.
I've got two different types.
I've got mint crack and super skunk.
The mint crack is a lot greener, the superstar, because it is more purple you wanna get shot me squeezing that thing going as you can see, that th is strong sticky where you go to harvest it 20 days trying to lose the leaf because at least not gonna get Stein.
But the bodies, but we'll be looking to do is just take all the big green leaf off.
It's sort of it's more of a more of a shine to you.
Anything without the shine.
I'm looking to just get rid off.
What gives you the opportunity to go out and create something in nature on them.
That's why I did it.
I mean, so love it.
May I'm doing it because I don't like ground meat.
Meriel outdoors Person were animals At the end of the day, I work in office, you know, Monday to Friday 72 5 And when I come out of that, I don't want to be going to sit in summer wishing on Netflix.
If you were Thio, deal with me professionally.
It would be very shocked.
That's one of my passions.
I did get a rush from it.
When you're looking at two kilos of wheat, all of a sudden it becomes very real.
If the police caught me.
So what made snip?
What's it like?
They tried to prosecute me for it.
He's not not know on, and you could get into a lot of trouble for you.
Has anyone ever managed to find one of the sites?
That's obviously for the biggest.
Well, clearly the biggest problem of hot this year is the outside source.
Finding it somehow and taking it well.
This is my big gun.
Unfortunately, it's definitely been compromised.
No, I mean, when I first saw it, I thought the window done it because I was at a point where we get into a nice size and they were falling down on dicer who looked a bit more closely and for you, King wankers will be careful.
This bar boy again.
You step over that.
I don't know how they found this place.
As you can see, I had 50 plants in there.
Now I have a big fat zero.
I assumed it would be over.
I thought you haven't got the bullets to come back and do this 10 times that they did really?
The options.
I got a trail cams and setting bear traps, But just say some kids did come in and found this completely unrelated.
And but I don't think I could live with myself as a human.
If I can try and give you a scale of how big this daughter more.
This plant has just been kicked over, but even nice.
It's clearly being tough and it's mine.
You could see it being cut.
It's still biggest May.
This plant was probably well, for what if the mice that I should cut a hole in the head and they walked the plants out onto the main road and put him somewhere I must have put in outside 60 79 hours.
I've put in about £1500 of my own money.
I would like Thio, try and get to a point of expansion, where I can produce enough thio cover what I own professionally.
It would be very nice to nice to have some sort of comfort there where I could lose my job or for something negative that happen.
I would have a fallback position going into the outdoors and doing something something natural, peaceful and getting amongst nature you go out doing.
I'd much rather have a smoke at the end of the day, and I would have to have a bit of all the mistakes you make in life when you're pissed.
But he's dying.
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I Grow Cannabis On Other People’s Land | Behind The Mask

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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