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they all didn't run over there.
Tyler, I had did.
It was really, really good idea.
I was trying to tunnel.
It was the most was one solo.
That was heroic thing I've ever seen him seated.
I just threw Tyler into the circle, and and I just bumped this.
Honestly, I kind of deserved to die after I threw that guy off a cliff basically asking for it.
Uh Oh.
Like you.
Nothing today, but for nine in quarter food.
I'm really not leaving my desk.
I gotta go in, like, our loser way.
You're gonna watch the puppy.
I mean, put it behind you.
Puppy is pretty adorable.
Oh, yeah.
He's a brand new puppy.
You can't just a like a brand new public Republican.
Be like 67 months alone without a mom again.
He's, like, nine weeks.
Oh, this is it makes you redeployed here.
Oh, it's like like the older like the island.
Yeah, well, for the old power clean, fresh, So loud.
Think about why.
What you don't think, Noah?
Guys, how bad?
Oh, there's people all around me.
What happens if you don't guys like Batman?
I got him.
Put me down do you throw one?
The ocean.
I know you won't be able to get his lead.
Then you tell me this guy is about 100% pick axe.
Charlie's going on about, man off.
Go back.
Let's go, Tonto.
Kill the body over that body.
Yeah, that would those were literally bots.
Did you talk in a doorway and spun around in circles?
I'm Carrie's.
How long they've been working on this?
Probably since, like season six or seven.
I almost died.
It was one thing I know is that epic like they're They're so ahead of everything.
Like like one season.
I remember that from when we went to the creative.
Yeah, he's, like, $7 already working on weapons and items and supper Season 10.
Yeah, because I remember when I was, like right about there, adding clean and I was like, That's why you guys added the turret.
He was like, see deterrence with account of the plane.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Still figuring stuff out back then, right?
You're here about time getting flank on this kid.
I can't get out of spelling out how coming in high.
Oh, yeah.
I can fly Yeah.
I'm gonna I'm dead.
You were right here.
No, you're not.
I'm coming right here.
Back on hot, hard, 50 50 feet.
Thank you for metal.
So the guy's name was called me.
Too stupid kids afraid to lead us to 50.
Players don't know.
No, Just kind of weird players like that.
I kind of think Here's my theory.
I think that they didn't release the pah.
Chose because they want everyone to figure it out.
If you want people to just, like, find out what's vaulted, what's not both is very serious right now.
I mean, I think it's brilliant.
Yeah, What would have happened is, if it wasn't if they released it right away, like this is what both everyone would have been like.
I'm not even gonna play.
They've all been launched.
That's our shot like no, Chuck splashes.
I guess I'll have to play in packs.
By the way, this is exactly what I predicted.
A lot of players left on the road for the roof on the roof of the roof, on the roof, on the roof of the rock group.
There's okay, Miss.
My scientist Truth one of five on one of those guys.
One of five on the red tracksuit.
I have Top is hard.
We got a sniper.
You really think you could just exist?
Not one.
Get him off completely.
Take your allow.
You're coming with me.
You You're chucking folks.
I love it!
I love it!
Wait, Shots out!
Yeah, Southeast Friday.
Let's draw their attention.
You actually think phone?
Ross went all the way over.
0 280 What?
I got to get out of your butt.
I'm finished.
Try, Try.
Thio covered.
Got home to 80 by your steroids.
Slayers to 80 in the face.
Oh, good.
That brings me back.
They're wise.
That exploding game is so much more fun when the bull is the only cyber Screw the heavy.
What is this guy doing?
There's a whole other squad right here or there.
Bad too 100 100 100.
Come on, Riverside sided.
Hey, fiver!
Metal upgraded.
Coming, coming, coming.
Never mind if it's needed.
I'm ed Kidding.
Well, let's go back.
Let's go back to that.
Hey, Bill, you're Spider getting shot.
Oh, no team.
At least two Southwest hopping a med kit.
Well, you coming down history to your left.
This is the ultimate flank.
You know, I think I got a soccer skin.
I got you a ramp.
Familiar, Ram, We'll be right here.
Don't don't kill that guy.
Killed Reverse.
God damn it.
I'm sorry, mouth.
Looking how to be a contact The A, Shane, I am a problem.
All right.
We'll teach you how to be a contact.
Hears only what you guys think.
I didn't know.
I think knows I got on you.
Got it?
We got onto, you know, a guy gonna drop.
He actually wrote when I asked him to play his exact words and I'm quoting him, of course, was not interested in fortnight.
That's because he played with us earlier.
And marksman kicked him out.
Dude, that would have been God was gonna take that stock scams.
Oh, my God.
I'm so mad at you right now.
If you look, go back to the Hey, boys, let's go.
All right.
Hey, man, I got a little lunch.
Matt, come with me.
You do not have a launch pad line again with reverse UK confirmed a soccer skin sympathizer.
Absolutely, absolutely.
You know, I just got a purple rocket launch.
This thing looks crazy.
Yeah, there's no heavy 100 bucks.
And someone's already in these things.
You could shoot like them inside.
Can even you can break it.
It's like 120 help.
So, wait, Could we be in here right now, hiding with another team and not know it?
Yeah, exactly.
That would be the most incredible thing ever.
How many like 80 people in here?
Because here it who's rustling?
I think someone's in here.
If you look around at Russell's, okay.
I got a spooky Know what night it is?
Getting a little dude.
Look at the frog in the in the farm.
Well, what fog you think?
Love Survivor Metal Max down.
Is that a guy little Timmy is gonna love hiding in handles for survival.
Adel's dude left?
Yeah, yeah.
2 55 west.
See him?
Oh, my God.
Leave him!
Come this way.
I think I think he's like he's probably right here for the long hang.
Okay, it Get on.
Could you imagine if they're moving?
It's a boat.
Oh, my God.
Look, fought an inch boat.
Dude, I literally thought someone else was in a hay bale on moving it.
But that was because I saw the boat on land.
I was so used.
Yep, yep.
2 85 to 85 year old rotate.
Rotate right to left.
I see you, buddy.
There's a mosquito.
Draw attention.
Well, I don't think we want to draw too much attention.
I think that worked.
They're gonna come over here literally.
All I've done for the past two years make videos doing this kind of stuff.
You're pro killer.
Instincts are showing.
Okay, relax.
Leave it or not, Malcolm, this is content.
I get these stupid medals.
Why is the media why are they valuable screen space?
We can move to another hay bale doing way.
This one.
We're here.
Southwest, Guys on me.
We're gonna rotate here.
We're gonna rotate here.
Yeah, I was just trying to go to the one in zone where you get spread out.
Spread out.
Spread out.
Spread out.
He saw me.
He saw me get in here.
Like I He's beamed.
Just shoot him.
This guy's horrible.
He's a body.
Got shot out from the minute I got my gold argo.
Already kids were going to do with the 100 of those guys will have that one will go over into this one.
You can hide in this bush over here and that he was looking at.
It's too late.
It's happening.
What we do, Aiken snipe one.
But it's the last three kids they're not gonna get on both sides.
Yeah, they're shooting at you anyway.
When you find blue on the guy on the jury.
Seven whites and white.
I'm not good at Rocket Ride.
Oh, you're all right.
Keep me in there.
Give me in there.
Give me a nice later, dude.
Hank Marks.
Why you jumped in?
I don't know.
321 No, he had five.
I got a clown.
Build me up.
Build up, Malcolm, build the ramp!
Bill me, Ram, You better truck that clown boy.
All right, Marcel, Don't kill him.
Don't kill him, Okay?
How many our lives to left?
You looking at myself for content, wrote that he didn't storm, But I mean, that's a lost kid.
Bailey's only 55 is only good if you give you give you good.
Wait, I'm a rocket.
Let's do something.
Anybody have a sniper?
Rocker Rights night.
I have a thing for you.
Yeah, go back.
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5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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