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Part of your outfit for tonight?
The shoulder bag.
Well it's perhaps a little old for you.
I'm sorry if I was short with you in front of them, I-
You lost control.
No, I wouldn't say I lost control.
You were angry, I could see it.
I wasn't angry.
And you still are.
It looks absurd to be carrying a shoulder bag in your own home.
It's the only thing I really like wearing.
Stop that, you're hurting us!
If you behave in this vulgar and coarse way, then we will have a confrontation.
Which I will win.
This isn't who you are. Those men just upset you.
Whenever any guests arrive in the future, they are going to find
you perfectly sweet, charming, innocent, delightful.
Just as children should be.
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Brutal dæmon battle between Lyra's Pan and Mrs Coulter's dæmon | His Dark Materials - BBC

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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