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This is the old village of gorilla.
We have here more than 800 houses in the process of modernization.
30 years ago, many Saudis abandoned their traditional Modric owns.
They have concrete houses now which the trend for almost all of the country.
It really is a proper ghost town, isn't it?
Still washing?
It's not been touched in probably 40 50 years.
There's even gold.
Good listening, asshole.
That is amazing, isn't it?
People to quite happy to just abandoned the old ways searching for modernity, People living in a way that privilege unchanged in centuries.
No, this is a grind ground.
Yeah, apart from a grind that suddenly along comes this discovery of oil.
Obviously that's brought incredible new wealth to this country.
Brings a new technology luxury goods And then I see everybody wants it.
That's the thing that I've come to realize on this journey is there is no one sense of Arabia, you know, in my romantic visions of as a bit of a history, this is the Arabia of old.
But then it goes 100 hand with these megacities like Jenna that are just springing up in the middle of the desert.
It's all part of the same culture.
But I think that really sums up this region.
It's that stark contrast between the very old, very new.
That is the direction I'm going next away toward Shorter.
Since arriving in Saudi Arabia, I've wanted to speak to some women about the much trumpeted reforms I've read about suggests we go to the town of Double to meet a tour guide.
He's happy for me to speak to the women in this family.
Everything you need.
I have my wife were with me at my daughter Hannah.
Yeah, they both have tour guide license S o the qualified guides I've seen on the news recently.
Some of the big changes that are happening here in Saudi Arabia, like ladies being allowed to drive.
Are you gonna start driving?
What do you think of the biggest changes that are happening right now?
Good shape.
What do you What do you think about that?
Is that a good thing?
I, um, one of the person who's open minded, so I don't mind for my daughter to drive a car for my wife on that would be good thing.
They can help me if we are going a long journey from the trip, you know, on they drive some part of the way, you know?
So I don't mind.
You know, I look forward.
This is as close as I'm going to get in this much monitored world.
Well, thank you so much for your time.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Women are about to finally start cruising on four wheels because I'm going to meet some young men who have mastered the art of driving to you.
Never done it yourself.
No, Come on.
This way of driving is crazy.
It's become an Internet sensation.
I feel like with sort of meeting some Gangsters.
Uh, these are yes.
How about some down?
Since it's not legal, they would have traveled with police traffic booties.
In a country where dating and alcohol a band, these young men search for other ways to enjoy themselves way.
Who's the driver?
Never had any accidents.
Wants to skill behind.
How does it work?
So what you need?
We're doing excellent, right?
Let's, uh, see this in action.
Wait, so they need another guy right with him.
All right, let me watch it.
The kids that come out.
They don't want to be watching Catalina Star Children sport.
What would happen if the police came?
Now you'll get arrested.
Yes, Spectators.
Is one even guilty.
All right.
Things could be the worst idea I've ever had.
Wish me luck.
Probably saying I think it's crazy.
I thought I was gonna die three times And potential that home kids.
Yeah, Never again.
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Saudi Arabians Who Drive On Two Wheels For Fun Become Viral Sensation | Arabia With Levison Wood

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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