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many have played, but only a select few can truly be called legends.
Welcome to watch Mojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Best Jeopardy players of all time For this list.
We're looking at the most talented, successful and accomplished people to ever answer in the form of a question for our ranking.
We're taking into account not only the total earnings of a given Jeopardy player but also records they may have broken and their performance in tournaments.
Please note we have tried to be as accurate as possible with the total number of winnings, but some sources may report slightly different earnings.
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Load some of the day when it felt like I've been here for hours coming.
That sound like I'm my blessing.
Something short like this story will probably go get my money like my name's time number 10.
Austin Rogers.
Just managing to crack the top 10 is this New York City bartender who earned $411,000 during regular season play and $461,000 when taking into account tournaments.
Rogers is something of a fan favorite because he doesn't fit the archetype of Jeopardy contestants.
Did you bet big?
Yeah, His mannerisms have drawn comparisons to Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld and given his propensity for striking a pose and various other eccentricities, I definitely see the similarities.
Not only is Roger's 10th in terms of total earnings, but his performance ranks among the top 10 longest consecutive winning streaks.
He also scored two of the 10 highest single day winnings in the show's history at the time of competing 16,300 now a 12 day total of 411 1000.
Number nine Jerome varied upon retiring undefeated from the regular season in 1992 Jerome Barrett had already earned himself a place in the Jeopardy record books.
His winnings as a five day champion $96,801 placed him second only to Frank Spangenberg and his $102,597 run by taking home $34,000.
In just one episode, however, he set a new record for single day winnings in tournaments, including 1/3 place finish in the 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions.
His total winnings have soared to $499,102 Jeopardy isn't the only trivia based game show on which Barrett has excelled.
He appeared on Win Ben Stein's Money, where he became the first person to win all of it.
The show's subsequently hired him as a researcher.
What is Tonga?
Tonga Right?
Number eight Roger Craig with $530,200 in winnings to his name, this computer scientist is not only a thon our list but the contestant with the eighth highest winnings in Jeopardy history.
I'll bet it all in 2010.
However, he further distinguished himself by earning more money in a single day than any contestant before him.
A whopping $77,000 record.
This is a record he would hold for nearly a decade until it was finally surpassed in 2019 so his name might not be is instantly recognizable of some of those that will be discussing later.
It's worth mentioning that in the 2014 Battle of the decades.
He finished third behind on Lee game show legends Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.
It's I think it's gonna be a great game and you know I'm playing to win number seven Matt Jackson.
Don't let his relatively young age for you.
Matt Jackson has got a head full of knowledge well beyond his years.
Born in 1992 Jackson honed his trivia skills at Yale as part of the quiz bowl team, taking home the top prize at a number of national level competitions nicknamed Sitting on You Come up with the correct response and you want to keep going.
I understand that, but we have.
It's on jeopardy, however, that he really made a name for himself is one of the top trivia contestants in the country.
The champion had a 13 game winning streak and went on to earn a total of $411,612 in the regular season alone, and he is over 811,000 2015 Tournament of Champions saw him finished second, helping him to reach a total winnings of $611,612.
Boom, You've got him.
Number six.
Julia Collins.
This supply chain professional is a bona fide jeopardy legend.
I tried to just keep slow and steady, and it worked out really well with a bachelor's degree double majoring in art history and history, plus a master's degree in logistics and engineering from M.
Collins comes armed with a very well rounded knowledge base, and she put it to good use.
A 20 day champion, she holds the third longest winning streak in the history of the show.
Second place.
Over the course of her epic 2014 run, she brought in a whopping $428,100 which is the fifth highest regular season winnings on record at the time.
That figure put her in third place, behind only David Madden and Ken Jennings.
That same year, she also came in third place in the Tournament of Champions Part.
You know what will come next, but there's always more interesting ground to cover number five Marissa Kelly.
Before Julia Collins came along, this academic and science fiction author held the title for the highest winnings by a female contestant in the regular season.
Are you trying to set yourself up as a rival down the road?
Here, you're gonna take away our audience.
I'm coming for you.
Other records that she's held include the longest streak of correct answers, longest winning streak by female player and, most impressively, the highest five game total in the show's history.
While these have all been surpassed in the years since because of her performance in the 2009 Tournament of Champions and the 2019 All Star Games, she remains the highest winning female contestant, including tournaments and fifth overall, with $660,930 in total winnings.
Fun fact.
Jeopardy is actually a family affair for Kelly.
Both her husband and her sister have also competed with her impressive winning slob.
Risa and her husband bought a house and became co owners of any Q T number four David Madden Jeopardy contestants come in a wide variety of backgrounds and professions, but there's no denying that art historian is a good position to be in when stepping up to the podium and in 2005.
Madden certainly put his knowledge of art, among other subjects, to good use when he won 19 consecutive games for a total of $430,400.
David Madden, who won 19 consecutive shows in 2003.
This makes him tied for not only fourth most consecutive games one but also fourth in regular season winnings.
But wait, there's more when you add his various tournament winnings.
David Madden is also fourth in total winnings, with $773,733.
So all things considered, we say that this Jeopardy champion has earned his fourth place ragging.
He's since gone on to found the national history be and bowl number three James Whole Tower.
This professional gambler and Illinois native might be third on our list, but he earns the spot by being first in many regards.
In 2019 he broke the single day winnings of the after mentioned Roger Craig by over $30,000.38,003 14 a new one day record.
Since that day, he's gone on to top that record three times, most notably on April 17th 2019 with a staggering hall of 131,000 $127 as of early 2020.
Whole Tower currently occupies every slot on Jeopardy's ranking of the top 10 single game winnings.
You know, I never thought I could win his many episodes idea.
I didn't really think I could win as much money in the game as I did.
You know all these things.
They kind of exceeded my own expectations.
His run lasted an impressive 32 consecutive games, which makes him the second longest running champion in the history of the show in the player with the second highest earnings in regular season play with over $2.7 million Today, I want to $0.7 million on jeopardy number two Brad Rutter.
It holds our is first and second in multiple key categories.
How is it that Brad Rutter beats amount for second place on our list?
Brad Rutter has made more money playing jeopardy than any other player in the history of jeopardy.
It's really changed my life, doing things now that I never would have and quite frankly, with an all time winnings of 4 million $688,436.
It's by a pretty significant margin.
The funny thing is he doesn't crack the top 10 for consecutive games, regular season winnings or single day winnings.
He had an impressive five day run in 2000 but it only added up to $55,102.
It's the tournaments that have made rather a legend and a millionaire.
Did he wager anything?
Didn't have to?
He's moving Theo until the 2020 greatest of all time event.
He remained undefeated in jeopardy against a human opponent.
It is my life goal to end up on this list myself.
Well, no, but at least I'd like to go on jeopardy.
Fun fact.
I have even taken the test to try and get on.
Clearly, I did not pass anyway.
Our number one best Jeopardy player was pretty much a lock.
So let's run through the Rogue's gallery.
That is our honorable mentions, and then we'll find out who that is.
I'm Kobe Burnett.
I was the 2012 Teachers tournament champion, as well as the winner of the 2013 tournament champion.
I thought the other two players would get it, and that was a tough, tough final.
And it won't about ball.
Wound up bouncing my way, Theo.
The only one with money.
$3200 of it.
Uh, sorry.
Sorry Can get about $100.
What I personally would like people to take is that if I can do what they can do it, I'm really tickled.
Kind of lucky.
It altered Arthur.
Who is Sam Waterston?
Co direct vice President's eight.
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Number one.
Ken Jennings.
When you think of Jeopardy Icons, the next name that comes to mind after host Alex Trebek is Ken Jennings.
Now there are those that feel that Brad Rutter should be number one.
And given that rudder has won nearly $1.3 million more than Jennings, we can understand the argument.
Did he risked enough?
he did.
He's gonna play for a $1,000,000.
But here's the thing.
Jennings has the highest regular season winnings of all time.
And given the large cash prizes of the tournaments, this feels like a more honest metric of success.
Ken, what is 202 100?
Cris Carter?
C C Yes, plus, when you add to that the fact that his consecutive winning streak lasted 74 games and that second place is 32 games, that's a pretty solid argument.
Lastly, his 2020 jeopardy the greatest of all time victory seals the deal.
Theo, do you agree with our picks?
Let us know in the comments.
And, hey, if you're a fan of the song playing right now, be sure to check out the music video for it right here.
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Top 10 Best Jeopardy Players EVER

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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