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Welcome to the yearly.
Let's complain about you to rewind 2019 addition.
I have returned from exile.
Thank you, Your gods.
I exist now, after two years of being excluded in YouTube, rewind and complaining about it.
Every possibly have.
I am finally in YouTube free wine.
This is so awesome.
Everyone is gonna love you to rewind.
Now, that time in it.
Oh, no.
Despite YouTube's best efforts, you debris wine.
It's still a disaster.
This is so sad.
F's in the chance.
They actually showed me this re one before I actually got to see it, and I got to give feedback on it, and they took some of my feedback, but it's still Bond.
Listen, it's not my job to create this video.
They just showed me the finalized product.
Okay, this is not how I would do it.
If I can control, everyone will get into how I would make it.
Regardless, I do find it kind of funny because it's almost like they try to avoid all the politics that went on in the previous ones of who they're gonna put up there and who they're going to celebrate.
And what things are going to celebrate and they just said, Okay, we'll just show the top ones and then that way you can't complain on.
I just completely backfired.
And when I saw it on like that makes sense.
Actually, this way they avoid everyone complaining about it, cause it's just the list.
You can't complain by list.
This is democracy.
This is what you said you like.
This video is not us.
It's not our fault.
We actually have a lot of thoughts on this.
We'll get into it.
I wasn't planning to make a video on this because just like everyone, when you watch it, the reaction is this.
Yet there's not much to say about it.
It's kind of boring.
It's a watch motor video.
That's what everyone's sentiment is when they react to you to rewind.
But I thought, Let's go through it anyway and I can get my thoughts on it because that's the yearly tradition of this channel.
I find it funny that people thought this was like a preview of rewind, do pretty name and realized it was the actual re wife.
Okay, that is so awkward to watch that word.
That's the first words I love heathens cringe in so, so good.
Okay, Don't start with Casey Neistat.
I'm sorry.
I like Casey.
I don't get me wrong, but he's been in every rewind ever at this point.
And also him yelling, K pop.
As funny as it is, that was not the cringes part of rewind.
Okay, It was Will Smith going?
Yeah, If I got to control rewind, I would get get back, Will Smith and recreate that beautiful moment where he goes.
That would have been cool.
I would have liked that.
More kids that a video with Will Smith even and made him react to that mean my thought.
Oh, so you did take a pause.
One more.
One more meat.
Ah, good times.
Yeah, you got smashed.
I got smashed for this, and I brought you down with me on this one.
I obviously it's gonna be hard to get people involved with Rewind now like no one wants to touch it anymore.
This'll cursed object.
So I'm already going off tangents.
That is so awkward.
To what everyone?
The most disliked video history.
Damn, I didn't realise.
We made something you didn't like so into a 19.
Let's see what you didn't because you're better at this than we are.
I know they didn't mean for this, but it does come across is a tiny, bit passive aggressive riding.
Wording it that way.
Listen, maybe if I was hired, I could have given better feedback.
All right, E, I hate this clip for the shoe.
It pisses me off every time.
I don't know why.
I think it's a cool concept, though.
Off showing just the top ones.
I know everyone hated it because it's like, Oh, I could just look that up.
But when I watched you do it, I was actually surprised when I saw some of the top videos.
I'm like, Oh, really?
Damn, we'll get to that, I guess I have no idea.
With most like Creator videos, they doubted my Jesus.
Right now I'm making it clear Clearly, these people don't know where they're going, and lately I feel like a man with I got this shit up.
You could give me the word and I'll probably give it right back.
It's cool.
I don't think I don't know what to say about this.
There's nothing to reacting.
That's why I didn't want to make the initial it.
I'm like, I don't know.
Hey, look at that.
The Matron e exist.
Thank you.
And I think this video, I think Mr B's deserves to be number one.
He had an amazing year, obviously.
But, you know, the title is to make this video the most like video, and you took the whole goal of this video.
This is not maybe exulted being number, but the whole point of this is to get that metric, you know?
So it kind of feeds.
The whole purpose of you made this the most like video.
Well, it doesn't give a genuine reflection or what the year is.
That's my point, right?
It doesn't capture the moment of what happened last year, and I feel like that's the whole problem with this.
They try to avoid the politics, which makes sense.
But then you lose the reflection of what the year waas.
And I think this is a good example of that.
I don't care about music videos.
I'm just gonna move on most like dance video games.
Roadblocks is apparently huge.
Jesus Christ.
What is this game?
Get on a free fire had 30 billion views.
This is like a fortnight pub G clone.
And it has 30 billion years.
I've never heard of it almost more than G Th eats as Christ Minecraft 100 million, baby.
God damn, that's nuts.
You know, I always avoid the top games like my I used to avoid Minecraft and I don't like fortnight because it's just so lame.
Guess Minecraft sort of became cool again, but still all right, most like beauty videos.
I guess they have to have this cool.
I don't care.
Let's move on these new creator breakouts.
It's good that they had this because obviously, if you're just with this topless format, you're just gonna get money.
The top creator is gonna get monopoly.
And that's not very either.
Industry plant.
I'm just kidding.
Uh oh.
Through Gordon made it in.
That's awesome.
Again, there's not much to say about it on.
Then they had the most viewed creators.
Has he land two billion?
What Mr B's do Perfect David.
No brake gently to point by an animation channel had 2.8 billion.
I never even heard of That's nuts, and I honestly was shocked to see myself was number one.
I didn't know for billions abroad.
Four billion.
My videos aren't even good.
How will people not realize this yet?
Then they had a celebration of random things like top female artist, friends and first Middle East and created to hit 10 million subscribers and scores of God said occasional yada, yada, yada.
And you know, I understand that it doesn't really fit.
Thio put it to gain there somewhere.
For those who don't know, in ticket was a youtuber that passed away last year.
He committed suicide.
He definitely deserves to be recognized in some way.
I understand that it doesn't really fit in this format, but they should have made space for it.
In my opinion, I didn't think about it when I gave feedback, to be honest.
But it's still it's so obvious.
I find it kind of fun because everyone's like, Oh, this is a watch motor video.
We'll watch mode have made their own rewind, and what they did was they ranked the moments that happened there personal favorite moments and there you go, there you haven't actual reflection of what happened this year.
Case I versus Logan and Peter Pie versus T Siris and look, They made space frantic as well.
They somehow managed to do it.
So it isn't impossible, huh?
Some other notes, apparently.
Got more likes than number eight, but they didn't include it.
Okay, so there was some politics involved.
I've watched her last year's as well, and Oh my God, it was so much worse than I remember.
Jesus Christ, Oh, God s so bad And the preachiness and all the But I didn't think this year was that bad.
That was my genuine reaction.
I don't think it's that bad.
I don't think it's that important.
I don't think it's that big a deal, but clearly these videos have worked himself up to be something really big for the platform.
It's almost like it's become a way for people to just unleash all their frustration with the YouTube into one spot.
Like that's what it feels like it's become.
Let's read some comments as well.
All the reason I watched this is to see if they put Felix and Marxism it wedding.
That's it.
Last year we made something with the most disliked.
So this year, let's try to break that Rick.
Okay, All right.
I feel like that.
The unnecessary hate.
It's just, like, kind of cringe as well.
It doesn't feel like a YouTube rewind to me.
Well, no one likes you to rewind.
Why would they try and capture in?
But I think that's the point people did used to, like reminds like the 2015 1 was great people really like that.
It was very, very popular, and that's crazy to looking back on these.
But the problem is that along the way, these you debris one videos became more and more of an advertising, really in mated so that we can only show that the top friendliest creators and and look how good we are.
Look at all the positive things that we come and it just becomes create preachy And it became cringe E, and it stopped becoming a reflection of what the year was.
An MBE or just over.
Hey, look, a look.
Advertisers look how epic our website this and it just became more and more and more and more, you know, you two probably spend millions and millions to create these videos, and that's an investment for them to make so that they can get more advertisers own onto the platform.
But when in reality, 2018 wasn't a good year for you, to Belotti created were frustrated.
And then shoving this video to your face was probably the worst thing you could possibly do.
So it's like this year they've just given up on the whole advertising real thing.
And, you know, people made the joke.
Like what?
I could have added that this rewind did they pay an intern 500 bucks or something like that?
But obviously, if they can't make an advertising real out of it, why would they spend the money on it?
And it makes perfect sense from that perspective.
They did engage with people making fun of the rewinding.
The comments on Twitter, which I thought was funny.
Wow, you to re 1 2019 which is an upgraded version of top 10 animal lists.
How are we supposed to make me inside of it?
Come on, Peak 2019 mood being mad that you to everyone didn't give enough to be about so good.
Such a couple things, Charlie pointed out.
I think pretty well in his re wondering Well, because the ship has already sailed.
People know that YouTube is not out to make itself a better platform for viewers or creators.
They're out to make it better and safer for brands.
It takes one click to figure that out.
When you go to YouTube's home page when you're not signed in, all you get as a recommended or available tow watch right away is Jimmy Kimmel.
Jimmy Fallon slapping his fucking desk and pissing his pants.
And that's what everyone became, you know, but people know that's not the truth.
Jackson's also didn't get video where he pointed out like secretly, We want the cringe.
We want to see counter Reeves say You're breathtaking to Baby Yoda on way.
All love to hate you to everyone.
At this point, let's get real here.
So you've got an email from YouTube about promoting rewind.
If I, um, I'm tweeting about you to rewind and I ask any that pose a call to action question to my fans like, what was your favorite part of rewind hash tag you to bury one, and then what people respond to me and use the hash tank.
They'll get a surprise and a delight.
Someone from you two will randomly select people that respond to me to give them wait for it.
Ah, Fanny pack.
So you two wanted even to post what was your favorite part of rewind?
And the top comments will get a fanny pack.
Guys, what was your favorite part of you to everyone?
Fanny pack Question Mark.
So yeah, that's pretty much all my thoughts that I had on 2019 rewind, I know not very exciting, but there's not much to work with.
I wonder what they should do at this point.
Like what can you to do to have a successful rewind because clearly big done it before?
I think that's literally it.
They just need to go back to what it used to be.
A reflection of what the year is.
Don't exclude creators and stop showing the same creators over and over again.
I wonder if they will actually go back to that then or not.
It will be interesting to see next year what they're gonna do.
Clearly this new format didn't work out well, but it's still didn't do as bad as last year.
So hey, that's an epic win.
What do you think would make the perfect rewind?
I think that's it.
Just go back to what it used to be.
But then again, how are you going to get people involved?
Like if I got asked to be in rewind 2020 out of you?
Like I don't know about this.
You gotta You're gonna have to prove yourself first.
Kind of.
All right, that's it.
I hope you guys enjoy this video.
See you.
Bye bye.
Oh, actually, guys make this the like the video.
So next year we can be part of rewind.
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YouTube Rewind 2019 failed and its my fault!

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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