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Minecraft is a brand new game by motion, which mixes kind of Minecraft with Pokemon.
Go now, We've seen a little bit of this already, and I reacted to the original trailer.
But today Well, yesterday they actually did a game played demo at the W W D C Apple convention thing.
So I'm gonna try and react to it.
And the reason I say try is because I think this is gonna be difficult to get past like copyright system.
So hopefully we could check out some of the game.
It's gonna be cool.
There was no game play in the previous trailer, so I'm excited to see one Earth happens in Minecraft.
So, Val, further ado, let's watch it also had no comment section down below and my leaving alike.
If you're excited for Minecraft, I think it's gonna be pretty cool.
Let's see, after this video, we could think it's terrible.
We're excited.
A demo game play for the very first time right here on stage.
Here we go very first time.
So there's some articles have come out about mine crop s we're going to read through those tubes.
That kind of reveals some game play stuff if we don't see in this.
So let's see.
This is gonna be cool.
I can see on the pad already is Minecraft er Let's start with Okoto living, breathing.
My craft will write in your table top night with Redstone circuitry.
Look, you see flowing water you can pray.
Has name tides above her phone on DDE.
What she's using as well.
Like she's using a diamond pick.
Letters quickly go over this.
We've got top left.
We have ourselves like a little, I don't know, like a cross hair icon.
Top right.
Must be like options.
A chest, which I'm sure, is your inventory.
I think we've seen that already.
Imagery at the bottom, and I think that's a little That's a little Minecraft head, isn't it?
I'm pretty sure that's Lidia's character, so there must be a way to put different people's heads in your builds, and that is on the tables.
You could literally is up that to a table, and it was got mine cars spinning around their cows in the mine cart.
This is looking so you can play with your mom.
She's breaking it.
And when I look at Lydia, I can see what tools he's holding, and I could see her name.
She's We could see anything's he's building.
I'm gonna put myself into the build.
There I am.
Looks just like Whoa, why did they got at that point that's going, Yeah, good.
But she did it.
Look, she just built that little, uh, that pillar of cobblestone and then put herself on top.
That's pretty cool.
I like that.
After and make a character, we've try one week.
Try to trigger the doorway.
You could do that.
Is that riel or C?
Just pressing like a wave.
I caught a mimic in it.
He didn't say motion capture.
So maybe that works through his phone.
No, hers.
That's pretty cool, though.
This looks amazing on the tabletop, but let's use the stage.
Whoa, she's picking it up.
Someone's picking it up.
Wait, Did you help the build into the void?
No, that is men's.
Look how it rebuild.
Flora's well walled on.
It's massive.
It's huge.
Here it comes.
Oh, Theo.
Deputy deserves around reports saying this is like this is real life size.
Now that's crazy about heights and frames red stone blocks.
I'm gonna watch it and then go back through it.
See if we missed anything cool so far.
What is that?
Faith Green screen.
You right in with the new people occlusion feature like you can fit right into your Minecraft.
Well, won't he works on IOS?
Only work.
Did you just say it only works on IOS?
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
People are gonna be mad.
You can fit right into your Minecraft.
Well, that only works on IOS.
It's not just my craft up.
The only thing you could do that only in IOS is putting yourself in the world like that.
But you do need to players to do it unless you can do it through like a front facing camera so she can build as well as that.
Like a real life person.
I know he's building flowers and as well I was just about to say this is probably a pre recorded video that's normally what they do for e three and stuff like that, and it's blatantly obvious.
This can't be done like that, surely because she's moving in real time.
So this is a real life, real time demo, which is rare for these kind of events.
It's like hide and seek.
Yeah, well, I just realized what they did there.
He put the flour in front of her, and she was behind it.
So it has a depth of field in as well.
The technology, And this is actually sick is a fully interactive world, even at this scale.
There are some interesting lovers over here.
I'm really impressed.
The one with feathers on it for the chicken's gonna put some cheese seats in my hand that you come rushing over.
Don't you That's sick.
That could be, like in your house, on the on the roads.
Like, anyway.
God and I would look good as well.
Ok, fax.
There's another lover over here.
Has TNT on it.
I'm definitely gonna pull it.
So you can do red Stone, which is good as well, Which are Wait, let me help you out with the skeleton, you can go through the floor as well.
So as he built this through the ground, that's cool.
It's very cool.
And I think that's how the dungeon raids are gonna work.
So the kind like the poker stops of Minecraft go, Uh, you know, but we'll get to that in a minute.
That's in one of the articles that I read.
Thank you.
Attacks kill the chicken.
No, no, you can use Evolve.
There's like iron doors down there, too.
It's a huge cave underneath.
We can like really far away.
It's hard to believe that there's nothing on the ground or around us on the stage.
It's yes.
Oh, look at that.
That's gonna cool.
So that's what he's seeing.
And obviously there's just nothing there, which is crazy.
Wait, hold it.
Is that much?
That's not even Minecraft, is it?
You're gonna get mud in Minecraft, but you carry in this and they roll in it.
If you're admired in Minecraft, the real version, I'll be upset.
Maybe that's a sneak peek new feature.
Why am I getting all tense about mud?
I mean, this is what Minecraft has done to my brain.
That's the end.
So you kind of creepy.
Isn't stuff appear?
And I think that's gonna be it.
Yes, that's it.
So that's pretty cool.
We're just going to see some decent game play.
Let me go through this.
So what we saw here, where there's a Villager in the top.
And that's one of the new villages as well.
So it seems pretty up today, and I'm sure they'll update it with it.
We got banners.
Will blocks?
Living, breathing, moving right on your table.
Yeah, they've got a baby cow in there in the in the mine cart.
So I guess you could They work exactly.
Likely doing the normal game flowing water.
You could break anything.
You can play with your mark.
That's cool.
So there was running water and you saw, When you're playing with someone else, you can see the items they're using her to use the water in the top, which they didn't quite show.
But you can do it, your fireworks in their full Redstone.
And when I look at Lydia, I can see what talk is holding a word, she said, and we can see how that so this is our Minecraft worth works in terms off the building.
But if we go over some of the articles that were written, there's Maur info.
So this money is on digital trends are load of press got invited to an event where they could kind of play the game for a little bit.
We've seen how to build, but this kind of details a little bit more on how the go features work.
So let's quickly read this.
Here we go.
In the maps numerous icons, most of which are tapa bols chests.
All research knows that you can tap for a reward, went to within 70 meters, so that is basically poker stops you confined chests, resource nodes and some other icons as well.
They work much like the poker stops and Jim's you approach you tap and you get a reward.
Eventually, though, you'll run across an adventure.
That's when your expectations will be shattered.
Good or bad, UH, adventures there.
A holographic mini game projected on to the real world.
Using your phone as a window approaching adventure and you'll see an impressive but innocuous hologram appear on your phone.
It might be a patch of picks, a lot in the grass, a blocky tree alongside the sidewalk or a suspicious arrangement of stone in a park.
So it doesn't really say what the adventures are apart from the things fit into the world pretty well, because Microsoft is Microsoft, and it could map the whole world to the E.
R is kind of better.
The Pokemon go, I'll actually Here we go.
So one of the adventures he was dumped into a dungeon full of skeletons and could dodge Arrows returned fire, which they kind of showed already in that video we just watched.
When he won, he could loot it so you could walk across the room to pick up where the skeletons have dropped.
Every event has some obstacle on, not a war based on combat.
Another demo wa sporting fireworks and another one was speeding mine carts, hinting a puzzle difficulty.
We're very and the most difficult adventures hold the best rewards, so the kind of poker stops.
But also you have to do something to get the items.
That's pretty cool.
We haven't seen these images before.
What's this one we haven't seen this year?
Look at it.
She's feeding pigs in the world, and there's that muddy pig.
More but all about the bloody pigs.
There's also lots and chests as well.
That chest has a gold lock on it, which is interesting.
You can't just go around mining the floor.
That doesn't happen, but you can.
I guess, its spots like this.
Well, you find the dungeons and you loots, I'm guessing anywhere There's no proper footage of that.
But a desire and director of Minecraft said that you could, in theory, have unlimited players on the same adventure, which is pretty crazy to go out with these adventures, collect all your loot, and then you can go wherever you like and build.
So you throw down something called a build plates, which has to be flat, kind of like the video we just saw.
And you can even fit an entire house on a table.
Or you can go super size, which they showed us a cz.
Well, you can build.
There is a limit to the builder just 64 by 64 but you can change the size, so it's gonna be called.
See what people come up with the limited space.
But what you do need to do is collect the rare items, so I'm guessing like diamond blocks.
If you show those in your build, you're showing off because you collected them.
Kind of like showing off a shiny polka morning.
Your team, like in a gym in Pokemon, go way so you can work on the same block, but you can steal each other's block stewed if I ever diamond block No one's coming in, Dude No.
The mud as a friend to his name is Muddy Pig.
He's a new pig vary in their lives to frolic in the mud.
Each model that you know and love now has several variations.
They're incredibly collectible and super fun to play with because they come with new behaviors and effects.
New sounds so like Muddy Pig is Sounds like it's gonna be exclusive to Minecraft Earth.
And there's gonna be other ones, too, which is nice.
I like that.
I think that's pretty much all I can get from this article.
So overall it sounds like it's going to be pretty good.
And remember, this game is going to be free, so we can't really complain about it.
But I think it's gonna be cool.
From what we've seen in this video, this is gonna be this is gonna be cool, and you could just move your bill, play wherever you like.
The only thing I'd like to see is where you can put your builds, whether you could just put it on a bill play.
You just have one.
Or you have multiple ones whether you keep changing the same one, cause what do you want in two different builds?
Do you have to delete one first?
So we called to see how many bill plates you get, where you can put them if other people can see them without stealing your blocks.
Because that would be That's risky, man.
Even though your cobblestone you could steal this whole thing and she actually does it in the video to watch this, she's taking his well liked playing with you taking it.
It's mine.
Look at mine is going into a phone.
We have people like robbing other people in Minecraft that blocks.
Oh, no.
So these are the loot spots, I think is what they will kind of be the poker stops and the adventures you're able to see through the floor collect stuff.
I think this game is gonna be cool.
I'm gonna put it out there.
I've already signed up.
I'm ready to go.
Actually, there is one thing I want to do before we go, and that is check out the comments breaking news, man.
Find underground ravine underneath his bathroom floor breaking news.
Kid finds Diamond or but is tragically shot by a skeleton breaking news kid found dead after getting abducted by an endowment or that dark about my own house.
What can you say for yourself, buddy?
I built mine.
Breaking news.
Human Found Speed bridging over the Pacific Ocean Fortnight.
I am inevitable Minecraft and I am Minecraft.
It's comin back, baby breaking news.
Idiotic kids.
Someone's the way that multiple towns and cities heart destroy it.
I'm so proud of this community.
I think that's as much as I can get through today.
If I'm anything else comes up, then I'll let you know.
I'll react to it straight away.
But it looks like we got some good stuff going here.
Water builds on, man.
It's cool.
Yeah, let me know what you think.
If you're looking forward to mine corrupt Earth and think this new game plays exciting, the lever like that be greatly appreciated.
Feel proud new to from or Minecraft more silly videos every single day, and I'm going on tour very, very soon.
This month it starts, actually, so you're from the UK and want to come and hang out with me for a bit, then to get to the show are in description below.
It's gonna be awesome, I promise you.
So come and hang out.
It'll be great Apart from that, guys.
Thank you so much for watching Hope you've enjoyed.
And I'll see you next time.
Yeah, but back in candle campus for four Rubber band.
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Reacting to NEW Minecraft Earth GAMEPLAY!

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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