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the tide is now out.
It's a perfect opportunity for us to certainly pick a way around the coast.
Find fresh water.
We still have some of Wren's water, but that's gonna run out soon.
There's some standing water in here.
All right.
Come to see this brown, Isn't it so opaque, doesn't it drinkable.
The reason that makes me not want to trust in terms of fresh water is because because of that color, I think it would have only been staying that kind of It has been really static for a long period of time.
Well, it certainly wouldn't drink it.
Well, let him drink it.
It must be over 30 degrees today, even on my own in these temperatures need to drink about three liters of water a day.
But for the three of us will need a water source.
That was supplies with least eight liters.
No, amazing.
That lie a little.
Yeah, I think you think says west, isn't it?
Stripping properly?
Got fresh water.
Laura, This is myself.
Yeah, it's really cool, actually.
Quite sweet.
Drinking one about should drink from it so that one person still ok to look after round rather rather not going down.
But you've already started.
Okay, I know I did myself to be guinea pig.
It's good, eh?
It's actually quite tactical.
That could be a dead animal, that stream or even algae on the rock face that could contaminate water.
We don't want to let round drink that until we're sure.
Sure, Sure that it's pure once it is.
That is an extraordinary find.
I really don't think that was a very good water source.
My stomach is cramping, saying really dizzy.
I just wanna go, Huh?
Always been sick after drinking from what I thought was a fresh water source.
Our dream of living off grid is a family on.
This island is looking pretty shaky right now.
We got a step above I know it.
I'm thinking if you can stay home around Yeah, I'm just gonna try and do a circuit of the island will take me the best part of the morning.
Anyway, it doesn't me very nervous that you're going so far away from camp.
But it is definitely the right things doing.
If there is a freshwater stream, it must lead out to the ocean somewhere.
I just need to push around the coast of the island is best.
I can.
I don't wanna be proved wrong here.
I don't want to be proved that it is too difficult to take your family and live off.
I've actually been reckless and irresponsible with the life of my little boy.
I need to make it work.
I don't know if we don't find it.
So that's it.
Because, uh, there's even a little bathing pool for ran fresh water.
Yeah, right.
I've just found a fresh water stream, which has to make me think about relocating where we camped.
I love it.
I need to follow this stream to the coast and see whether indeed there might be a good location to camp.
Okay, that's to say this is that was strange.
Flowing out into the sea that above this golden sun, this, um, raised ground.
This is a potential side, isn't it?
I could build the house of my dreams.
I was beginning to wonder, you know, kind of modern day family actually take their child live off grid.
Is that romantic notion of a simpler life realistic?
I was beginning to doubt myself was beginning to think you know what it isn't.
But coming here, I have renewed faith.
The fire burned down to a tiny little smoking member.
But this is enough oxygen.
Just re ignite it.
The dream isn't over.
Refire is not dead.
Fire is definitely no, Dan.
They said he'd probably be gone the best part the morning he's been going a little day.
I don't like this in front of me.
The rock runs out eventually.
The end of the road base comes, I'm estimating is no more than another half an hour walk in this direction.
I cannot go back.
Otherwise I'm gonna be out here overnight.
Ways below a ferocious Oh, my goodness.
It's a long way.
That is a properly Longwear very grew.
We just said, Daddy, come.
Uh, thistles.
My phone's a good If we had phones right now, he could just text me and say, running late.
I'll be home soon.
Instead, I'm pacing up and down the beach worrying if he's falling off a cliff Come on, just do it.
Stuff it, Just do it.
Putting me away My beating.
I do know when you take a risk like that every day no husband, no Dad.
It's his camp up ahead.
I might have.
I'm sorry.
That was that.
Actually, You okay?
A little boy.
Hold on.
I just took a long time.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I'm back.
I'm back.
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Ed Disappears For A Day Leaving Wife And Son Worried | Ed Stafford: Man Woman Child Wild

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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