B1 Intermediate 3 Folder Collection
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that he died immediately.
He was 38 feet.
He got shot in the back with some with dogs.
But I killed him already.
Just like that man.
Why, when the reels do you?
That's how bored.
I'm not bored.
That's African.
Nothing lazy.
I am.
Did another Stoke a 10 10 HB campfires and sit there.
Five picks at 80 d Man, I'll hear you really trust me.
You won't good licks out with a 1500 Amber's dropping a shark in the chat when old school game of 53 got back in with my son.
We're loving it out.
Building seas together.
Let's go.
That's incredible, man.
Thank you for the love looks.
I appreciate it.
Dude, let me be the first to tell you you have already been told this man if you don't already know it.
And I believe you do know, man, you never told the game Never.
All right.
Where do we go from here?
A little salty action, huh?
Right on the edge, though.
I love this little dance.
No, it's not sure that editing is being removed in season two.
Where did you hear that?
I can't get up for a long time of these blue plums are hitting different lately.
Oh, my God.
I thought this whole place is gonna be unloaded.
I could go salty and edge, but it's just gonna It's just gonna pull deed.
So I'm just gonna place more.
There's not help her kill.
I didn't think he'd do that.
I had so much wood.
There's no way that we'll take it.
Wanted to light you doing.
Thank you.
Come again?
I own a castle.
Try to dip up towards frenzy.
Doing it better.
I feel great.
I'm perfect, man.
I'm back.
I'm what I'm like 90%.
The last one.
The last 100 is just this little nagging con.
Still think I could?
Yes, I can.
All great scar and shocking.
Probably three.
No reason to keep no reason.
Upgrade the sniper scarred, a golden scarred, a purple leading double shot And that'll be the play.
Uh, so many mats.
I think I'm gonna go double on set.
Yeah, that's clean.
It's clean.
It's clean.
This queen, this queen to crash a role.
I wonder what you think of this sub I got does not care.
I could probably slide this guy as he peeks and sprays in a second.
Oh, no, I blew it.
I called it perfectly too.
Box up a little bit behind the store.
Well, lama Dude, you got to be kid like that.
You can't make that up to you right before the fight.
Holy shit, I did.
You just keep going on.
It's all trust PCG killers, Guys, the game is dieting.
There's your professional opinion on four night right there, guys.
Tiding It's diving!
You all stupid play game game died ing.
I mean oh, guys, I can't leave.
This game is dieting.
Dude, I don't like what do we do?
This is not how this works Game.
This is not of this work.
You guys don't turn around and then start focusing me gang.
I'm not gonna be your guys little scapegoating.
You guys have fun?
Last two guys, What?
They're fighting in.
This guy's moving got ourselves a one.
The one situation How?
My goodness, we're trying to push right now.
We're not My man's really try to hit her no scope.
He almost did it.
That guy had four floppers, so he kept trading my minis and even his floppers.
That was actually really cool.
Assume was Did that Whoa!
My God!
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3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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