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you know, Dallas, when you get out there, don't fiddle farting around because you're gonna be totally exposed.
Be careful, Brooke, you doing putting you out of the roof stage?
I don't think I'll ever get out about two more.
Good, but you'll be out of on the Louisiana Bayou while Patty's husband, Dallas, heads out for a load of corn and sugar.
Patty and David are on the tail end of completing a 40 gallon run that's already sold to a wealthy customers.
We making liquor now.
I'll be here till we get 1000 girl.
One gallon over 1000.
You do that every year.
Dallas is gonna be delivering 40 gallons.
Smart new client that we know has a plane that comes down on the water one and floating planes.
I'm always about trying to get more customers, especially like this.
You know a lot of money.
I'm serious about turning this into a big business, so I mean, it's very important.
Let me just about ready with this 15 gallon run complete.
They've got the 40 gallons they need for Dallas to deliver to the float Plane bootlegger Coroner's warm water slowing down out game more more.
What are you looking this away looking?
This way?
Come over here.
There is You just enjoy this pretty weather.
Where's your boat at?
Uh, my husband dropped us off.
He had to go back to the bank.
You have a license?
That's my hunting last.
We're legal.
No, it's a white aluminum boat.
Thank you.
There's always cops on the water.
I mean, they got the game.
Wardens are always checking fisherman's and make sure you got your life.
This your license you've got always have years.
Open your eyes open, because once you do, let those senses down.
That's when you get called.
He came on there when we were are running, and we didn't see him.
Didn't hear him.
You've seen right there what we were doing.
We wouldn't even have time to put the wall down.
Too close.
You can't just stay here because he knows we're after.
Sure, now and I'm not.
He never did ask to come onto the bar, so I was happy of that.
But hey, pass a lot of questions.
I just hope you don't catch Dallas on his way out.
Although not illegal finding Dallas with a boat full of corn and sugar would increase the game, warden.
Suspicions likely cause him to report them to local law enforcement.
Tell him to go around the long way and come back and don't come back down that channel.
No, no, hang.
Hang on.
Just a dying second.
We don't have officers right up to the boat.
So maybe he was asking all kind of what my boat looked like.
And don't come down that channel that she's coming looking for you.
So you needed, uh, headed that way.
Take care.
You know, the only thing that to stop us from making moonshine is the cops.
When the law gets on your trail, it's time to move on.
Soon as Dallas gets back.
It's moving day for us.
God Dang.
So when they come right up here, too, you know, something going on Dallas would come on, I'm worried about it.
And that cop knows what kind of both.
Easy and thanks to you.
Good cop knows what kind of everyone thinking he's gonna go that a way.
Look before Red River, Parrish, Louisiana, Patty and David away, Dallas is returned after their floating still sites location was discovered by a game.
Very cool.
I was worried about you know what the hell's going on?
This They just came up to us on this barge.
This clause in here.
Are you serious?
There is that hard?
Oh, when everything's to go on smooth, something has screwed.
They're not taking Avery day moonshine and his different conditions.
But somebody gets close to me like that.
I mean, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
It's time to move on.
And you had to put a pause on making moonshine.
But, hey, they say that that are you gonna be in a jail cell?
And that's no situation.
I want Dean.
Let's get in here and let's get everything locked down.
Lin Chyna, You're gonna have enough school every day.
You think you've got it all figured out and I promise you, next day of King's gonna get the hose under these two front robes.
I know this ain't what you want to do with today, but it's gotta be done.
You know, that's one advantage about being on the waters.
We can pull up that anchor and we can move that barn anywhere we want to.
There's more secluded areas that we can find them.
Where we're at now.
Here we go.
I've been running a long, long time and, uh, copter snaky.
They sneak it.
It's just one of things that the moonshiners got to cope with.
You gotta improvise and keep on going.
Visit that tree.
Pull that.
Pull that pull.
That boy got going on.
Get down.
15 years old mobile.
Even this barge into a real thickness of trees.
I mean, it's work.
I Oh, shit.
Hell, you go.
But if it keeps us out of jail, it's worth it.
Finally made it to channel.
God bless Polish Channel out.
Find another hole in other areas.
You know, we're out here in open water, wide open.
Everybody with all the legal stuff inside.
Our our bars are taking a big risk.
You know, wouldn't go to jail.
Go right in there.
No, I said, let's get where there's trees.
I want to get in a little bit more secluded area.
The further I get down this channel, if you notice all the trees get shorter and shorter and shorter, I pray we're going to open water.
And then once we get there, we're gonna be screwed because it's gonna be dark.
What do you want to go?
I'm ready, Doctor.
I let's find somewhere to park this thing for night and I'll find a place in the morning.
We're weakened.
I looked like a whole right up in your honor right there.
Finding the perfect location.
That's very important.
But wave our boat in through the swampy area, doing it at night.
It's very dangerous.
You don't know where stump is.
You don't know if you're going to hit a tree.
You know, there's tons of snakes, tons of gators here, So we're gonna slip overnight, and then early in the morning, we're gonna get to where we want to park this barge in the water.
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Cops Almost Bust Illegal Moonshining Operation | Moonshiners

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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