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I'm so good and so Well, I'm I'm actually outside your hotel.
What room number are you?
Okay, Bye.
Hi, T o yea.
This'd sensational.
Looking for you when you laugh.
I Oh, my God.
This is like everything you think they are.
One way with our way.
It's gone.
Really well.
How long have you been in this room?
So far.
Has been in for a week.
But this was halfway over that side drinking today, so I just bought a leftover bottles.
I only one rose a with a glass.
Yes, I believe I feel like there might be a life time of his life.
Oh, my God.
What you gonna inversely?
What is the handbag?
It's a Chanel.
Let's buy yourself some bite for you.
An ex boyfriend off.
Oh, God.
You know, the first thing that's just winking at me is the Gabba scum.
Heartburn and indigestion.
What have you got?
I felt like a gassy thing.
From one end.
It's busy in here.
It's very, very busy.
You got the delicious makeup, sat phone charger, house keys, right.
She's old school.
She's very old school.
Just find that listening to music from my iPhone drains.
What is the last song that you've listened?
Thio Grail, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake.
And then you've got car keys.
So what are we doing today?
We're going for drinks.
Yeah, We're going to get tipsy.
Andi, it's my data.
Let leaves before I go back to work.
Okay, So what's going on with the clothes?
This is to pick an outfit for tonight way.
Want to try some things on my watch, which is just going for drinks with the gas?
You bring someone back later.
In fact, she's prepped.
I'm feeding this.
She's getting married.
I'll just be here waiting.
Just like a sort of like, uncomfortable uncle.
How's it going?
Hey, that looks excellent.
Hey, says available.
I'm ready for action Way.
Basically looked like some kind of like dodgy 2017 bride and groom.
Wait, Maybe just got married or something.
What about tonight?
You could always like pop pop back or something.
It would be good to connect, you know?
I mean, I actually don't like this when I hit it off, I'm actually quite cute underneath.
That's why.
So you dating anyone?
Ugo I got that.
I think we owe it to staying.
Classic car.
Darling, I have been wanting to get you in this bed.
Basically, I'm, like, happier now than I have been for the last couple of happy.
She is talking.
So what is the longest relationship?
I have relationships, like, once every two years.
That last for that maximum six months.
So you're basically commitment?
Yeah, I think it's due to like being the care were growing up.
My mom, he was mentally ill.
So I spent all my childhood being responsible for someone's emotions.
As soon as, like, things get really deep with the guard, I freak out.
How you getting this out of the wind bed?
I'm telling it all easy to lease a lot while you're saying, bro, come on in.
I want to come on my yard here.
That fucking calm blaze.
Yeah, You're really waiting me out.
He's on one of my cousins were very still.
Do you not like horning?
I have means that you have a vibrator.
Is that like a warden?
Get in that.
Maybe, like once every two months.
But I'm jacking off slash having sex a lot.
I just feel like dinner or whatever you like.
Why the hell?
No, no, no.
No way.
So you've always been, like, pretty open about having work done to a vase.
What have you had done currently?
I've got to live here.
And it's about this area.
I'll show you bitch from 2012 there.
Really parking that stuff for nearly full.
Like a semi hard?
Is it coming from a place off strength or off?
Insecure comes out weakness with me.
Are you ready to go?
I am ready to rumble you.
This has been a pleasure.
I'm excited.
It's just a guard.
Let's go.
You just take a photo of us.
Go get the Texas trip in your mind.
Just levels.
Get the fuck up.
Now I'm saying, like, just give me one.
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Getting Ready with Tulisa!

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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