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having moved up to high camp, Dustin's crew prepares for their first cleanup of the season.
All right, you guys got so we're doing a cleanup it right now.
Uh, we're setting up west Drama.
Water re circulates into the machine, and it keeps using it when it gets too dirty.
You have to shut it off.
Oh, yeah, That was a gold nugget.
We could offer time.
We'll have to get the a T.
V over here to pull it off.
Ways out.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, perfect.
Perfect, man.
Okay, fill it up.
There it is.
That's right, people.
That's a wrap.
It looked like there was caught with a golden the inspection, Matt, when we, uh when we did our clean out.
So I got a feeling we're gonna have a pretty good amount of gold in here.
I'm hoping anyway, what starts to process all the concentrate Dustin's crew have produced from the first month of the season.
There it is already.
I'm sorry.
I gotta lose.
And I look in the script and still see gold all through this script, brother, and I'm looking at it.
Yeah, I'm pretty excited to be honest with you.
I mean, this is continual stream of gold coming out of that thing.
Look at that.
Bam, bam, bam!
Every school, it's just gold.
If you work hard enough, that's what happens.
That's looking great.
Hey, Fred, what's going on, man?
That's, uh, that's our first cleanup, right?
Wow, that's all We got ways.
That's real good.
That's it.
That's a good chunk of gold.
I was hoping to get down into a pocket find maybe two or three ounces.
Look, we got two divers running two machines in a giant plunge pool.
Come on, you can't get geared.
You're not comparing the same thing.
That's a lot better.
And I thought you were gonna do Fred.
We're gonna find out what this way's Curie's.
This is just in the overburdened and off the top.
All right.
Looks good, man.
That's really good.
All right, man got almost announce.
Dustin and his crew have banked nearly $1400 worth of gold.
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Dustin's First Gold Cleanup Is A Pleasant Surprise! | Gold Rush: White Water

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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