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He's not even jacks up the guy.
And welcome back to tabs.
Tops deserves a special kind of energy.
You can't just play tabs the way it normally is.
You have to rise to the occasion.
That look as cool as it felt.
I want to try it.
The spooky one.
This time there's so many pirate levels and run a sign, sevens and all like energize.
But I want to see some spooks.
I want to get scared.
I haven't even seen the spooky units yet, so I'm very excited.
What do we have?
What What are you, other ghost Goblin Goo Kes.
I know What that What a Costa Koplik is Amanda's levels.
Fucking awesome.
All the scary pumpkins in the big moon.
Hell, yeah.
I love this.
This is cool.
I can't use the spooky unit, so Damn.
What am I supposed to do that?
Let's hit it.
One captain hasn't done anything else out and three of those perfect.
Let's see how they manage our the crumbling debates.
That's so awesome.
Get him!
Get him, Captain Bones flying everywhere.
That's so cool, though.
Oh, they're actually Oh, God.
They're actually stronger than they look.
Okay, Just spin in a circle, spending his American wife about You could do it.
There's nothing to play about.
Oh, my God.
He's actually doing it.
Yes, yes!
Got it, Captain.
Oh, my God.
He kicked up the fucking you know those awesome.
This kid's is why you need thio.
Drink milk.
Get your calcium and get your bones strong.
Otherwise, captain's gonna kick them a knock into pieces.
Oh, Lord, they're really open their game in these later levels.
Now I'm in the middle, surrounded by everybody at Divinci Tank.
What the hell?
That's so cool.
Fuck, yes.
Oh, you're not going to stand a chance against this thing.
Fuck, yeah, Okay, I lost.
Just sits in.
What place does go anywhere?
What else am I supposed to do?
Look so cool, though.
We'll send in four Valkyries.
Who else was really good?
The king is really good, but these guys air these guys so strong.
Just just send him in.
Let's see what happens.
Valerie's gonna take care of everything.
What am I, blue?
They seek their special magic.
They said my guys did their death.
You guys fucking suck.
No, You know, why shouldn't swear too much.
The last episode of this got severely de monetized because of swearing so freaky.
Do you like me now?
I taught in inches.
That'll get it done.
Ages will get him.
The ninja is always right.
The nature's air dead.
I think this might help the Musketeers of barrels on them today.
Arrows are gonna hit them as much.
Hit your own, guys.
Come on, lines.
Get in there against those urns they got.
Not tonight.
You don't hear sneak attack.
I see what you're doing, buddy.
I see what you're up to.
Yes, I like it a lot.
As the battle raged on against the moonlight, the king stood against his prey.
Folly were they were They could not stand his might.
He hit the ground for they could not stand his might.
Arrows flew through the sky behind him as he clove his enemy in two.
You got this, bro.
You got this?
Oh, swing away there, bud.
This guy still alive as well?
Hell, yeah.
Get a pincer maneuver.
Base those Awesome.
This guy coming up the rear actually really helped.
He may not look like much, but he is the man who saved our army.
The fucker.
These candle heads look like the guys from dark.
So three scandal heads and die as well.
All right, candle heads.
Versace catapult.
That's gonna work.
Easy, easy, Victory.
Funnel them all in.
Gonna mess him up.
Oh, I don't like whatever.
You just threw it.
No, no, no, no!
Fire for fuck's!
Thank you.
Come on.
Bomb throwers to your job.
Come on.
Come on.
For the love of Christ, what does this even do?
Okay, I'm taking control.
I'm going.
I'm taking control.
I'm gonna I'm gonna finish this the way I started it all by myself.
You guys have terrible cool downs.
Hi, But by what even happened?
You got hit by a cannon.
Surprise attack at a boy.
Sticking up in the rear.
You moved on from the arrows.
Oh, no.
Are you also hate that we fought the skeleton warriors?
The archer is the candle heads.
I'm assuming that these are the vampires.
These air Cool.
These are some of my favorite units.
Eyes so cute.
Oh, the dog can start me night.
I kill you.
I saw God in your blood, boy.
I love them.
They're cute.
I love them very dearly.
We'll go up against them, though.
What would fight back against?
Vampires are weak against stakes.
So what I need are spear throwers.
Oh, call it to turn into bats.
I don't.
And I laid it out of the running for the hearts.
You guys coded those and garlic, right?
Please tell me you coated them in garlic.
Like I told you.
Guys, this isn't working vampire.
More like vamp.
I'll, uh, if you think about it.
Archers are really just tiny spear throwers.
I think that will work.
All right, you guys.
Air cannon fodder.
I'm sorry to say it's hard hit anything with arrows if you don't actually shoot any.
Guys, guys, guys, we're going to use the church to fight back.
My sword is in the shape of a cross.
Well, it's upside out, so maybe they'll actually like that.
Oh, get his legs.
You're gonna want to go for the heart.
That's where the majority of their power life keep eating them.
Yes, he's winning.
He's one.
And keep a lid and never stop.
Never give up the church will fight back against this foe.
Misdeed the stain upon humanity.
Come on, Come on.
Come on.
There you go.
Never doubt the church.
Oh, shite.
Uh, okay, I have 5000 that I can use.
So let's put a pirate queen in error there.
I can also put a captain in and a cannon.
That's all I need.
That's all.
I lied for.
Oh, my God.
That's a lot of firepower.
Oh, Christ.
You could do it.
You could do it.
I believe in you.
Let's go over here for a second.
Let's go over here.
Kept hell yet?
Take out these lights first.
Oh, okay.
I run out of health.
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
Everybody's dead.
Bill, Bill way.
Take that.
And this at one of these.
Oh, God.
Oh, well, I'm almost in.
Okay, that's them.
With all I have to do is dodge this.
Just go in a zigzag pattern, then never catch up with you.
Oh, God.
Look at these.
Look at these dodging talents.
You've never seen anything like it before.
Oh, shit.
Shit, No, We need We need some blunder bosses mining up the front lights.
All right.
I'm taking control of this guy again because I feel like I could do some real damage with accuse I say, Cute speck to the fiery pits of hell with you demons!
I am the ultimate warrior!
Okay, okay, Okay.
It's time for a queen.
Queen's gonna do it!
Yeah, buddy, get a special if they kill enough of them.
Ah, I'm doing it.
One guy's a distraction again.
He messed him up again.
You desperately queen!
Fight for what's right.
Oh, back, you damned dirty bastards!
Ah, so good.
I wanted to win as I was possessing something that I did it, I stuck to it.
A nailed it.
The battle begins now, brothers, kill them.
Oh, yeah, That's what I keep them all there in a circle.
Keep them all there in a pile for me.
I'll make short work of them.
Here we go.
Whoa, baby!
So, food.
Get off me!
Dang vampire.
Oh, easy mode.
Oh, wait.
This is gonna kill me.
Is it?
I was fine.
Until then.
I am gonna win anyway.
Bringing up the rear lights.
Fight back.
Oh, my God.
This is so cool looking Dad, this is These are my favorite levels so far, this spooky zone.
I love the colors and of the contrast enough that it's at night time.
I love the glowy lights of it all.
What's that?
A sword.
And then we have a reaper.
After that, you're cool.
Just like send swords at you.
Do you want to find out?
All right, I think about to a winning combination with these blunder.
Blunder be Bush's.
Okay, one like that.
Pirate queen crafted vampires as well.
Okay, let's see what the sword Castor starts doing.
Throwing fruit sorts.
Oh, my God.
That's so cool.
Okay, get intothe.
I'll take control.
Oh, full of sorts.
These blunderbuss boys are the best word your swords get.
You know the bitch.
They did a lot of damage.
All right, so we've guys our own menacing enemies all around a switch way to return.
This way.
This way, this way, This way.
It doesn't matter.
They're all around us.
They're gonna fight back.
Well, we need to do to get our blunder, Booth.
He's back in the right place.
This is all we need.
A tone, a blunder.
boss boys and then one queen in the middle.
This is gonna work.
Have actual rages, Fire and brimstone on around.
Take control of Queen.
That's not the queen.
This will do anyway.
Come on.
Come on.
You heard him moving target, isn't it?
Oh, first person shooter boat.
Don't want go Blunder!
Buzzy splitter.
Bus squad for life.
Oh, my God!
I think we are destroying them.
Look, not the swords and all my boys.
Never feeder lines.
Blunderbuss is are the key to victory.
God, you're so covered in swords to look at this guy.
Holy shit!
You're so cool.
These are the best characters in the game.
That's fucking about us.
Ah, Can you stand up against, like, the moon and look all awesome?
What do we use against them?
Oh, blunderbuss is hell.
Brother buses and two queens.
I know what the Reaper does know.
Does he?
He probably just killed things.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
He slowed them around me.
That's so creepy!
What's awesome?
Shoot him!
I will be the one to kill him.
Oh, shit!
The stalls, my thing.
Oh, oh!
Oh, God!
That's so badass.
The Reaper stays in there.
The raper.
Oh, my God!
He's so strong!
Holy shit.
Oh, my God!
That's so crazy.
He is by far my favorite character ever in this game.
He just destroyed my boys.
Throw just hanging off, covered in sores and everything that we get close.
Oh, God, no one king surrounded by healers.
There's only one way to deal with this evil.
And that's for the church to rise back up as an Irishman, as a great Irish Catholic boy doesn't go to church anymore.
I know that the church's power can overcome all obstacles.
You know the power of Jesus.
Power of God.
Anatomy on your site.
Okay, okay, okay.
Yes, it's working.
It's working.
I know.
He's still fucking sucks, though.
Jesus Holy told us What can fight against such evil?
What can fight back?
Maybe some blue and archers will do the job I need.
I need people to start taking out the easy enemy So the big guys could just focus on the big bag like this.
Like this.
Here we go.
Way can't get coastal.
Come on.
God almighty!
What dough?
There is No defeating is evil.
DaVinci tank surrounded by healers.
There you go.
Let's do it for sure.
Get the DaVinci tank even move.
I don't think it can just keep press his face.
You just hold it.
Can I think I got what?
There was nothing left.
It was just him.
Ah, you fucker!
DaVinci Tank!
Kill the raper!
God fucking damn it!
I got so close at one time.
I'm not giving up on this strategy.
This is it.
The giant hat will win.
I am determined for this thing to bloody kill everything.
Looking go.
Majestic firing balls of fiery fuel re everywhere.
Don't let the players past, though.
You go block that bridge.
Oh, come on, man.
How and determined.
I'm just trying to beat this bastard.
What else can I use?
Divinci tank, bringing up the rear.
Okay, Guy also need Who else is strong?
I got him.
I got him.
I got him.
Who's left?
Yeah, baby, I don't even know who was left.
Oh, Divinci, you mad scientist.
Crazy son of a bitch.
I love you.
Oh, thank God.
That was those tricky.
And I were back to these.
I want to try out this Reaper away.
I can, Yes.
Oh, this is gonna be also I can't pick out anything else.
So I actually have to use the Reaper here.
What does he do?
Oh, God, yes.
Oh, yes.
Good Gods.
Okay, they took him out pretty easily, but that was fucking Don't wait.
What happens if I just let him go on his own?
And I don't control?
Because I had nowhere to go.
No idea what I was doing.
All of my gods that the tendrils air just like passive.
You just even attack with them.
That's badass.
This is what I wanted the raper against that Bakker.
Look how cool he is against the moonlight.
Ready to kill his enemies.
I wonder if he'll actually die really quickly against these, I might have.
Might have ruined the balance.
Just a small because I just wanted to see what it looked like.
He can't even get to the Jesus.
Here we go.
On a faded moonlight nights to sword, Castor's went up against the most foul creature in all the land and air actually Fucking him up again.
Hey, here's a way overpowered.
Get him reaps.
Gonna mess him up.
Yeah, baby.
Oh, everybody else is dead already.
Oh, God!
Oh, He just tosses the boy and uses more.
Oh, my God, That's so cool.
He's my favorite about how much healthy has left.
But that is terrifying.
Let me Oh, God.
Oh, no, I wouldn't say let me be the final guy.
Ah, shit.
I messed it up.
What's better?
Don't let them throw.
Don't let them throw.
If they throw, they killed.
Don't let that throw up.
Yeah, baby, it's all inside the cave.
Can I just do this?
We're gonna get messed up immediately.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
It's like what's so run?
Killed all the elves.
Jesus, Give him a tiny little corridor and he will mess you up nice and could see up your skirt.
You guys are in for it now to reapers.
Oh, my God.
You don't stand a chance.
This is my favorite character in this entire game.
This is so cool looking.
He died.
Uh, Excuse me.
You're not supposed to die.
You're supposed to be incident God incarnate.
Okay, You're doing well.
Don't No, no.
Yeah, baby, This is cleaning up the land.
You never need another unit.
It's just reapers.
From now on, it's Officer crows.
Crows are cheating.
I'll come for your crows, so I'll come for your crows.
Don't let the crows defeat you.
Their crews!
They're stupid.
I have a reaper.
Take up the back while everybody else fire swords.
There you go.
That's simple.
That's nice.
That's effective.
Okay, find him.
Go for birdbrain.
This bird bitch!
My friend.
Oh, right in your neck.
You guys like my trophies of a bunch of bodies of my enemies.
I bathe in their blood.
I I just want to see something I want to see.
Just sheer madness.
Most peasant of characters versus one Reaper.
Oh, my God.
I want to see what the limit is.
Clearly I'm way off.
Okay, 30 versus what 30 of you.
Big, powerful, beautiful baby boys versus one Reaper, man.
Who do you think will win?
Place your bets in the comments below.
I know my money's on.
Or look at those tendrils.
Go look at those bodies.
Fly can.
It's so awesome.
Okay, There you go.
So let's start him further back.
I want to possess him, though.
Won't wait for everybody to get close?
Oh, yes.
Who's like, Oh, you?
Not anymore.
One Reaper, one badass Skelly man versus ah, 100 hobbits.
Who do you think it would?
I still think the Reaper's gonna take this.
I don't see why he wouldn't thes guys jump all over the place, but they just pile up together.
Holy crab.
He ruined them.
That was amazing.
I want to do that.
I want to be in control of that.
Yes, yes.
Just get into the middle of them at the mall.
Pilot, they're barely even doing damage.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
By that's so satisfying.
Wait, who's like, Oh, look atyou.
You guys are cute.
I don't even need to use my sight.
Okay, well, that does it for this episode of totally accurate battle simulator.
That was super fun.
That is, without a doubt, my favorite unit in the whole game.
That was so cool.
I can't wait to see what more units they add.
I hope it's stuff like that.
I like the spooky theme.
I like the magic stuff.
Archers and everything are fun, but we've had so many units out there are all kind of the same stuff over and over again, but that was legitimately for it.
There's nothing more satisfying than having an overpowered unit swipe and hit so many of the characters and watched him go flying.
That's exactly what I love about this game.
But if you like this episode, don't forget to leave.
I like on the video.
And also don't forget to subscribe because it will be more tabs content in the future, and you don't want to miss out on it.
But until next time I'm gonna wave you all a massive farewell.
That was a little too much excitement for me.
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The GREATEST Character In Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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