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  • I need a little reminder of how we got.

  • Where we are is a quick recap of what's been going down in Albert Square.

  • Way back in 2018 Sharon and Chiana.

  • You start having an affair up, they break it off.

  • Louise and Chiana get together and she ends up getting pregnant.

  • After a brief reunion, Sharon also realizes she's up it up, still has no idea about she our new and is delighted about Sharon's pregnancy.

  • Mitchell returned the square back in 80 proof with a plan to make the Mitchell name mean something again, like the ritual.

  • Anyway, he and Callum end up having an affair, which all comes out.

  • Justus Callum is about to marry Whitney.

  • With the wedding called off, Callum and Ben officially get together.

  • Phil learns from Lisa that he isn't the father of Sharon's baby Baby.

  • Yours becomes hell bent on finding out who is when he does.

  • Ben vows to get rid of Kiani.

  • Christmas, with the help of a devastated Louise, never taken Mitchell on Martin, who he has been blackmailing.

  • Meanwhile, the Carters are dealing with the autism diagnosis for their son, Ali, and mix health scare, causing Linda to hit the bottle trunk.

  • She inadvertently gets embroiled in the Mitchells plot to murder Kion.

  • Oh, by the way, Martin didn't kill Chiana.

  • In the end.

  • Here, Lindsay let him escape and faked the video to show bed.

  • And even though Martin is very clear, Linda drunkenly let slip their secret to Sharon, who has been abandoned by pretty much everyone but ears.

  • Oh yeah, Before all this properly kicked off, Karen's daughter, Chantelle, moved to the square, and it's hiding.

  • Whitney's being stalked by Leo, the son of Bianca Ex who abused Whitney as a child on It's getting worse.

  • Patrick has discovered that Isaac is his son.

  • It's just someone is sworn to secrecy by jury, but he can never know.

  • And the Panis our family moved into the square.

  • Bad, big claim.

  • The title of London's best pub.

  • Really, they don't even do craft beer.

  • And when a boat party for all the regular, which pretty much takes us up to now.

  • So there you have it.

  • Secrets, lies, love, revenge.

  • Families talk to me about running a family.

  • You can't even run a bath to family.

  • Family means getting together and having a law making sure everyone's all right.

  • Sometimes a smile isn't what it seems.

  • Family means making mistakes.

  • Having regrets, it means keeping it together when you're falling apart.

  • And now in some family, you choose some you don't family means keeping safe when it kicks off.

  • Stand up for your own, because family means being there, no matter what family means.

  • New arrivals.

  • It's starting again very in the past, living with the consequences, because wherever life for you family family means everything.

I need a little reminder of how we got.

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