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Right, if my calculations are correct...
It should be about...
Yeah! Haha!
Right around here!
Look, if we go north, we should get it!
That's- That's literally The Lab!
We found it!
Over one hundred and forty five thousand likes?
On the previous comeback Minecraft video? You guys are insane.
And I guess...
This is the video you wanted to see.
That's right, we've managed to track down The Old Lab,
and if my calculations are indeed correct...
Should be right ahead of us, if we walk this way, it should be right there.
You guys might even recognize this world that we're in right now.
It's pretty much- it's identical!
I've managed to track down the same world, the same dimension, the same lab, with the same mods!
And everything! It's been hard! Like, really difficult to set this up.
I even had to go and dig out my old computer from FIVE YEARS AGO,
It did work... but it sounded like this...
*demonic computer whirring noises*
Yeah, a little unhealthy.
But I've found it!
We are here!
And there might be some weirdness...
Including what I'm wearing.
I'm not quite sure...
...what's happened here, um... *laughs*
I'm wearing like, pin-stripe pajamas!
I guess. And they glow. So that's cool.
But guys, if you are excited to see The Lab, then please do leave a like, that would be greatly appreciated!
The reason I'm doing this video is 'cause you guys wanted it so much.
And thank you so much for the love on the previous Minecraft video as well.
And here we go.
The moment of truth.
Grim, where are you?
Oh, there you are.
You blend in with the snow.
Actually, I don't remember the snow being here.
That much last time.
It used to be pretty, um...
Used to be pretty dry in the desert.
Snow in the desert shouldn't make sense, should it?
Anyway! Grim, you ready?
I think you are; he's pushing Trayaurus towards the entrance.
Are YOU ready, buddy?
Yeah, I can't wait either!
So, he put it up for sale about...
I wanna say...
2016 in February, I believe.
Oh my goodness, what is going on here? *laughs*
Did we leave it in Christmas?!
I'm so confused...
But yeah, it's been over three years since we've been here,
And the "For Sale" sign is still here!
With all the decorations!
I wouldn't be suprised if there's loads of spiders and stuff inside.
I can't even peek over the edge! Ther's like...
Is that a fireplace?
This is the real stuff, the back part of the testing chamber -
- part of The Lab!
I mean, wow. Guys...
Nostalgia is hitting me hard, hope it's hitting you hard too.
Let's go in, we should be able to just open this...
Yes! AH!
The amount of videos I started in this very corridor!
I can't believe it.
This is so weird to be back.
Trayaurus, you coming in?
Buddy! AY!
You need to come in!
I don't think he can get past the sign.
He- He'll zap in, he's got his teleporter thingy.
But are you ready?
In three...
Let's go.
WELCOME BA-*breaks into laughter*-CK!
To The Old Lab!
Which is indeed...
...uh, ready-made for Christmas.
I mean, this is a little bit weird.
That probably explains the snow everywhere.
Trayaurus has just fallen down the chimney!
How you feeling?
I'm feeling pretty weird too!
What is through here?
A Christmas tree. A giant Christmas tree.
There's the- This is the testing chamber!
That's like- the viewing deck? Right?
The observation deck?
Got Trayaurus's laptop down here as well...
This is locked. I can't even open it.
That's fantastic.
Here's his laptop, where he's editing- used to edit all his videos.
We've got the wolf statue, I have no idea where that's from!
And this indeed is the observation deck.
Didn't feel like putting pressure plates in here, did we?
But this is where you can view the experiments!
From a "safe location".
Yeah, nothing bad happened here, right?
But I know what you guys wanna see!
And it's down here!
I believe we step on this and fall down.
We will take a trip through Memory Lane!
Through the Treasure Room!
The Treasure Vault?
I'm pretty sure I called it the Treasure Room.
Here we go...
It still works!
Oh no! The diamond minecart!
Has someone stolen this?!
Where did you just come from?
What's through here?
Trayaurus, you need to come down now, please!
I know it's scary, but you need to do it!
He's probably forgotten, to be honest.
I think this is Trayaurus's secret...
Wait- did you just teleport down here?
Are- are you good?
What're you staring at?
There's a ravine out there? That's insane!
You want some toast?
Nah, I didn't think so.
But yeah, I think this is, um...
one of Trayaurus's secret, old...
I'm pretty sure this was covered up?
I can't remember what- I can't remember what video that's from.
I'm not gonna be able to remember a lot of these, but I'm sure you guys will.
This is the teleporter entry to go back up.
So we can just head straight back up there, but we don't need to right now.
What is through here...?
Oh, that's a pretty s- that's a pretty cool chest!
We got- did Grim just get stuck in the door?
I'm sorry, buddy! Come on through!
Come through!
Fine, you- you can stay out there.
Hey people. One of the people that made the captions here. (Please no one delete this.)
I want to leave a little message here.
Don't troll in captions. Sure, have a little fun. But make sure the captions follow the video.
It's not funny.
Don't be like that one guy that put nothing in the captions but "DAN WHY WON'T YOU RESPOND TO MY LETTER I'M SO ANGRY! POOP!" and deleting everything else, probably including others' hard work.
Thank you.
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Revisiting the OLD MINECRAFT LAB.. 3 Years Later..

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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