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From the studio that finally learned
how to make Pixar movies

and the song writing duo
behind Hasa Diga Eebowai

comes the feature length music video for...
Let It Go!
It's been three years since
the last Disney musical...

and 18 years since the
last good Disney musical!

Now the big D is back
and adjusted for inflation with two princesses,
two goofy sidekicks,
and three different orphans.
Welcome to Arrandale, a magicalish,
Scandanavianish country

that's been cursed with eternal winter!
Even though their main export is ice!
Meet Elsa, a manic-depressive princess
with a confusing set of powers like...

snow blasting...
dress making...
castle building...
and creating life?
You're alive?
Um...I think so?
They kind of gloss over that one.
Fall in love with her adorkable
sister Anna, who spends

three years of her adult life
shut inside a castle,

even though she could leave at any time.
I can't live like this anymore!
Then leave!
And who could forget the completely unnecessary, unexplained magical troll rocks!
When disaster strikes, watch Anna save
the day by teaming up with her sister,

a merchant,
a hot guy,
and a snowman
to defeat villains like...
her sister,
a merchant,
a hot guy,
and a snowman!
Experience a clever twist on past Disney films
that teaches girls everywhere they
don't need a prince to rescue them!

Because all men are disgusting loners,
greedy murderers,
or lying, manipulative
power-hungry sociopaths!

You won't get away with this!
I already have.
Happy now, Jezebel?
So gather the family and sing
along on a musical journey

that's all about the sound track!
Featuring unforgettable songs like...
the exposition song!
♪ Do you want some exposition? ♪
♪ Some information through a song? ♪
The song that sounds like it's from Wicked!
♪ For the first time in forever ♪
♪ Disney let us sing ♪
♪ For the first time in forever ♪
♪ It's as good as Lion King ♪
The romantic duet...
♪ We are about to ♪
♪ poooooork ♪
♪ Totally gonna ♪
♪ pooooooork ♪
The other romantic duet...
♪ I'm kinda turned on by reindeer ♪
The anthropomorphic
sidekick's comic relief song...

♪ When you're out of ideas ♪
♪ You give 'em a singing ♪
♪ snowmaaaaaan! ♪
The one you skipped!
♪ We are cutting ice! ♪
♪ 'Cause we are cutting iiiice! ♪
The one you don't know the words to!
♪ So he's a bit of a fixer-upper♪
♪ ?????????? ♪
♪ Something something ♪
♪ Something something ♪
♪ Little bit of love! ♪
And the YOLO song!
♪ Get it out ♪
♪ Get it out ♪
♪ Get this song out of my head! ♪
♪ Get it out ♪
♪ Get it out ♪
♪ I'll sing anything else instead! ♪
Forgotten Sarah Marshall
Kristoff Waltz
Ugly Smurfs
Hans Gruber
And the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem
You don't need true love
to thaw out a frozen heart.

Just soak it in water for a few hours!
Works on turkeys!
Hey, Screen Junkies!
Can't get enough of my buttery voice?
Then check out Honest Game
Trailers, over on Smosh Games!

Click the box to check out
our Honest take on Mario Kart!

Screw you, blue shells!
She got a big booty, so I call her "Big booty".
Shut up, crime!
I'm a strong, independent woman
who don't need no man.

If peeing your pants is cool,
consider me Miles Davis!

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Honest Trailers - Frozen

4380 Folder Collection
Furong Lai published on March 14, 2014
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