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Big clucks inside.
Today's gonna be a good one.
Hey, welcome back to mine, crab.
Yes, I know Minecraft again.
But you guys been loving the Minecraft videos so far.
And I've been playing around with some Minecraft Mars that I've found literally an incredible one.
But that would also explain why there's random stuff happening that nothing to do with the more I want to show you today.
Including little guy on the bomb, right?
Yeah, I have no idea.
Weighs about.
But he's copying me.
And I've got magic carpets as well.
I'm not quite sure why, but that part is pretty cool, I guess.
It's super cool.
Oh, um, just messing around.
You can have this if you like, because today we're gonna be opening this chest right here.
And as you can see, by the top row of this chest, things were about to get aggressive, Riel.
So let me collect all of this stuff real quick.
We're gonna need a bow, but you need arrows.
We need a sword.
We gonna need basically a stack of golden apples.
I'm ready for battle and terrorist is looking particularly epic today.
So we're gonna be sporting is called the Ender Chicken boss.
And also the chaos.
Chicken boss?
Yes, You heard me.
No dragons jumping chickens and I'm going to summon him inside to the lab here.
I know tourist is not a big fan of me doing this because it could cause big destruction.
But that could be funny, right?
His hero walking away for Be great.
Okay, To summon this, we need a obsidian one block of diamond and one egg.
And then we're gonna need the same thing again, but with a dragon egg to someone, the more powerful chicken.
But I should probably take this stuff just in case the whole thing explodes.
Travis, I'm in survival mode.
I'm scared.
Okay, fair enough.
So let's plopped down the block of diamond in the middle.
And then we need to put obsidian all the way around.
And I don't want to misplace this because I haven't got a diamond pick.
But we're good.
And then finally, I need to throw the egg.
This is the bit where you need to leave no trace.
You need to leave.
Stop following me.
It's gonna get dangerous.
Here we go.
I don't know whether to throw it from over here.
I don't know if I can.
Let's see if I can What?
Suit three.
Here we go, dear.
Oh, here we go.
End a chicken it.
That's up.
Okay, that's not getting quite big.
Oh, that's really big.
Trust are away.
Stay away.
Stay away.
Don't even go crunch it.
What do you doing?
Dude, this is huge.
Rarest doesn't care.
Whatsoever is a standing beneath it Looks pretty cool.
Actually, uh, it's got legs, and I think it's a good thing it's hatching.
That doesn't sound like a chicken.
Oh, are you doing okay?
I'll get my gold.
Not who I'm going to go now.
What is that doing?
It's not even going ahead or anything.
It is attacking the Aye Aye.
Back off, buddy.
Oh, it's going ahead.
OK, yeah.
This was a bad idea.
It fires lasers.
Dude, this thing is insane.
It's got a force field.
That looks amazing.
To think it's gonna fire a laser.
No, it's just gonna charge.
Uh, yeah, This is definitely wrecking the loud Got a mate.
I'm supposed to whack them.
Cheeky attendees going for with the fisticuffs.
You here?
What is this chop message?
I think I'm gonna die.
It's blown a hole in the Oh, my goodness.
Okay, What it's doing, it's sporting and flying ender eggs.
Yeah, We're in big trouble.
Oh, my goodness.
A massive hole in the lab Trailers is destroyed looking.
I'm gonna eat another golden apple and try and take this puppy down.
It's got a force field, though.
I think that's what that little chop message was trying to tell me.
Come here.
Come here.
Right now.
So charging around.
There we go.
So this has a lot of attacks, All of them.
Very, very powerful.
And very, very scary.
I'm gonna try and hit in the head as many times like an while.
He spins around and sends exploding eggs my way.
So powerful.
It's like something from an anime.
You're crazy.
Absolutely crazy.
What is that noise?
I think he might be stuck.
You start okay yet you're not stuck.
You'll only be lonely alone.
Leave me alone.
Let me alone.
Okay, we're almost down to half elf.
This is a good thing.
I don't know if he takes more damage of you.
Him in the throat.
But Jesus for his laser coming strong thing is crazy.
More golden apples.
More Nam's.
And I was going to keep on firing these arrows.
He's not my crazy, powerful apparently his twin.
The Chaos Chicken is insanely powerful.
It was like it's loads of gas and just explodes out.
What is this?
Where did you come from?
Get away!
I got bigger things to deal with.
We've almost We've almost killed him.
We almost killed him.
What are you doing here?
Why is he staring at me?
Why is he staring at me?
You're not gonna do anything.
Is he is gonna do something so powerful.
Where am I?
I can hear him.
Oh, I can see him.
What is going on in that trailer?
Somatic scared for you.
I'm scared for your life.
What is going on?
He's He's dying.
Who's hurting him?
Is that you up silverfish?
Why's the silverfish charting him?
He's so mad.
Look, this is weird.
I'm just gonna finish him off and see what happens.
Here we go.
But but one more is that is that he said look, goes.
He's spending Yes.
Rate on May.
That's so much experience.
38 40 0 my goodness.
You You are the M V.
In the end.
I'm just gonna I'm gonna kill you, though.
You're taking my credit for killing the big end of chicken.
You to get out of here, please.
Okay, I got 66 levels from that.
That's absolutely insane.
Well, that was the end.
The chicken, boss.
Now we need to see.
Here's a more powerful cousin, the Chaos Chicken, which is promised to be even more powerful.
He has Maura.
I'm attacks a cz.
Well, apparently he looks different.
So what better way to wait, West tourists.
Where is he?
But a dress.
Where did you go to be run away?
Hope he didn't die.
He should be fine.
I would have seen a message if he would die it.
Where are you?
Grimm's over there.
So he's okay.
He has no idea what's going on through your es lo.
Um I have no idea.
So while he's not looking, let's try in so many in this guy.
Here we go.
But it worked.
It worked.
I'm gonna munch this while I watch your hatch.
It says Chaos.
Chicken at the top.
I have a feeling this is going to be epic.
Well, it does take a bit longer.
How cool that is.
It's called the green instead of the purple.
I'm ready to fight.
I'm ready to go.
Really can't find terrorist anywhere.
I'm guessing he's stuck underneath the ground somewhere because of all this destruction.
Here it comes.
It's charging up.
Oh, I just know it's got charge up bar at the top.
It's legs will pop out any second and we'll be ready to play for me.
The legs showing them legs.
Show me.
Um hey, Whoa!
Look at them pins.
Put his own boss music.
Could you hear that?
He got me in one shots.
You've got to be kidding.
He stomped on me and killed me instantly.
And he's no even fully formed yet one of these particles.
What is he doing?
All those traitors.
What's going on, buddy?
Don't be.
I've got this under wraps.
Oh, my goodness!
No, no, no.
He's talking.
I don't even know what he's saying.
How are you know I used to meet you.
No, no, no, no.
Don't growl during ground.
Please don't go is exploding things all over the place.
This guy's definitely more powerful.
It is doing the same time.
I want full diamond armor and I've been scrambled.
I don't think I could do this.
He's so powerful, I can't even hits him.
He's in the air.
How am I supposed to hit you with my sword trippers?
Look out!
Look out!
Being a beef at.
Come on!
Come down to my level so I can smack you.
I can't believe you come in your shoes.
It's actually kind of cool.
Come here.
Come down here so I can talk to you properly.
Tourist has no idea what's going on.
Don't don't know that Move!
You idiot stars out!
You survived.
He's down there somewhere.
There is no I can't even get close without him destroying me.
I have got my arm.
Or did it?
I did!
I did it!
Okay, we get it from afar now.
Duties poop it out.
Them things.
Those are the things that kill me straight away.
He keeps re genin.
He keeps rejecting his shield.
I got it.
Yes, You die now.
Okay, You kill me instead.
But it always firing at, but he's missing, and I'm kind of okay with that.
Where you going?
Hey, Come back in.
He's fighting something.
What are you fighting?
Oh, not me.
Not me.
Not me.
I didn't say anything.
I didn't say anything.
No, He's like Godzilla, but worse.
He just keeps rejecting this shield, which is a big problem Flat.
Got you.
I'm gonna get your toes.
You don't like that?
I'm close.
This bow was taken like 10 minutes.
Mocha And I've died about 1000 times.
I can't even hide underneath because he's gonna destroy me.
Come on, we can do this.
Is you doing?
What is he doing?
Are you kidding me?
Oh, I see him.
I was gonna say I thought you re charged up until, like, full health again.
I was not doing that again.
Look at this.
What did he drop?
What is this file of affirmation ingredient To craft a flying thing.
We want you to drop the thing for a magic carpet.
How is that even possible?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is happening?
Whoa, I don't think Is that supposed to happen?
That was freaky.
It's like he's haunted the world.
Do you see that?
Order is going on?
But so with Well, that was quite the, um that was quite the experiment on this.
This is gonna be a very, very expensive mistake for me.
Um, look at this.
It's absolutely destroyed.
I think you destroyed part of the satellite as well.
He went up there.
He was angry.
This has been one of the craziest bosses that I've faced in Minecraft trust.
Charles coming up, I'm a little bit worried to come up to him.
He's gonna have his angry face on.
Andi is not very pleased that I did all this damage Terrorists Droz.
Is that worth it?
You okay?
You're upset.
No, Lord, don't say that.
I'm so sorry, buddy.
Come on.
What would make it worth it?
You know what guys trust said If you even like on this video that he might forgive you, but I don't know how many likes is going.
T o is gonna make up for this.
We need to make a lot of diamonds to try and rebuild this.
I definitely should have spawned outside, shouldn't I?
But you know what?
It was cool.
I enjoyed it.
He's never gonna talk to me again.
Guys, that you have it.
That's what happens when you spawn in the end of chicken and also the chaos chicken the to these crazy bosses I have ever faced inside Minecraft.
If you enjoy this, please leave it like that.
Be greatly appreciated.
If you're enjoying more Minecraft content, that'd be great.
Subscribe to feel pride new as well for more Minecraft on also different videos every single day.
You don't wanna miss out.
That would be bad.
And if you're in the UK, I am bringing my brand's new never before seen live Show two of the UK Very soon you get your tickets in description below, but get them soon because they're going quick.
But thank you so much watching.
I got some money to make to try and try and fix this lab and I'll see you next time.
Be capital round Chickens, guys.
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2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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