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one of our nicknames for Miss Squirrel, cause man like he sees something, he's over here.
Then he's over there.
Kind of jumps around a lot.
Oh, what happened?
Without water from the pump, Big Red's pre wash is jammed with paydirt.
What happened?
The pump blow up.
It's all the pre wash boiling over and shut everything off.
Well, there's your problem.
No fuel bone dry.
Seriously, Parker said he would feel it.
What's the issue?
No fuel.
We got to figure out like, Yeah, I know.
I told Bree I'd help Fuel and I started panning and I get distracted, but everything.
So it's totally on me.
I'm gonna shovel every hour.
Big Red is down is $2000 worth of gold left in the ground.
So big Boss Parker rolls up his sleeves and does the dirty work himself.
Rookie, move.
Let me shovel in peace.
Yeah, feel delivery whether you need it or not.
Oh, wait.
Yeah, you d'oh!
It's a simple that could have saved a lot of time.
I haven't dealt with, like maintaining an operation for a long time, so I just you know, there's no excuse for it.
At the end of the day, I people get fired for this kind of stuff.
We're ready for water.
Oh, yeah.
I feel like this losing myself.
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Parker's Mistake Costs His Crew Thousands Of Dollars | SEASON 10 | Gold Rush

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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