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  • Justin, You explored different musical dramas with your music and the Rolling Stones.

  • They asked you you'd just gone solo.

  • Is this right?

  • Uh, yes.

  • On the Rolling Said said we love just Jim Blake.

  • Come be part of our world.

  • Naturally.

  • Yeah.

  • Huh.

  • It was a charity event.

  • Um, that, uh, you get a call, uh, from the outs.

  • Picked this name up after I drop it, Mick Jagger and, um and he says, we want you to come play the event.

  • And incisive.

  • Sure is in Toronto, you would think.

  • I mean, Canadians are historically peaceful, peaceful people.

  • Um, and I show up to the show.

  • I look at the bill, and it's the Rolling Stones and a C.

  • D.

  • C.

  • And the guests who?

  • And you get the picture.

  • And like, somewhere in there, me, I I just you know, it was a bit of a blur.

  • Um, but I just remember saying to the band before we went on stage, I don't I think this is gonna go Well, um, and but little did I know I had no idea how bad was going to go, Um, because we came on stage and, uh, all of a sudden from the 1st 2 rows of Probably, I think, this festival in one day house half a 1,000,000 people.

  • Wow.

  • Um, so that was crazy.

  • But all of a sudden bottles of of urine were then throw on the stage.

  • It wasn't always good times for me, but that's a lot of piss off.

  • Just the 1st 2 rows.

  • Yeah, way do it.

  • All of these questions I had going through my brain to at least remember lyrics that I actually wrote to the first song that I'm playing.

  • So yeah, it was I still have unanswered questions.

  • I saw a lot of trauma, and after the first song, the host of the festival comes out.

  • He's like, Is that I was like, No, I'm staying out here.

  • We're doing this.

  • And so then the, uh, plastic contained urine continued to right?

  • Addison, I was having this like I was like, the first song I was at the Mykonos, you know, like moving around and singing at the same time.

  • And it's kind of impressive myself on.

  • And then the second song was senorita, feel you think eyes making this story easier to tell me.

  • Oh, and I play a Rhodes Electric piano on that song.

  • So then all of a sudden, I'm thinking myself, Oh, no, I'm immobile like Esos It was this thing then.

  • And then after that song, either one of two things happened.

  • Either they ran out of nerve because they knew that was gonna stay there or they ran out of urine.

  • So kids be tenacious.

  • Yeah, that's dried up.

Justin, You explored different musical dramas with your music and the Rolling Stones.

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