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You don't know honey is a free browser extension that saves you money.
Honey scans the Internet coupons, another discounts.
And like Magic, it automatically applies into your cartage.
It knows about every Cuban sale or discounted over 37.
It's like Amazon.
Delta is Schultz forever.
21 Urban.
Here's here's an example of me buying some clothes efficient.
Should check out page.
Honey pops up.
All I have to do is get one button.
20 Saves me Justin's.
I talked about Honey, my last Siri's those of you who added in safety average of 48.
So in total, that's over again.
Installed two clicks.
Are you really willing to die for no reason to be killing everything here?
Something scary happens like an alien crash.
It's time.
Yeah, exactly right.
Are you doing?
What is it?
It's conspiracies were about That's really weird.
Keep hearing this noise.
I didn't pick up.
Wait, What?
You heard me say that way.
That doesn't wait to put on weight.
Okay, this is what I saw you calling.
And then they said, Is that the posting?
And I said, no, That's my mom.
And then I answered the phone and you picked up and said, Are you making fun of me?
And I said, No.
Of course not.
Why do you say that?
You said because Well, what?
You heard me say I didn't pick up the phone yet.
How would that make any sense?
Oh, was it reconnected?
Way scared.
They don't even know way conspiracy that we were gonna film tonight.
Wait, That is bad is wild.
I still have no exact busy after the phone is always listening.
That's raising.
How did that just happen?
By the way?
Something Theo phone was already, like recording in such a way where it got through to her.
Yeah, I know that.
She's not like what I saw.
I saw him not answering yet.
That was crazy.
Yeah, well, these people reaching every Hey, what's up, you guys back now, Today we're gonna be talking about a lot of different theories, some involving the celebrities that have had their faces and voices.
We're also gonna be talking about some of the dark secrets involving some of your favorite child.
Also subliminal messages that have never been until some theories involving one of the worst disasters in California You know, I saw a Twitter to so many people.
Like Tony Rich people like celebrities like this is not.
Yeah, middle class, average working person.
Then we see what happens when I was with a few friends and we accidentally uncovered an iPhone theory that none of us could just to kick things up a notch.
This isn't just a typical conspiracy.
Oh, my God.
This is This is this is just part one.
And in the next part, I'm gonna be leaving this room.
We're gonna be following order down the rabbit hole way ever had before we get started.
Once again, I just have to say all those theories, fax They're not meant to hurt anyone, any company or any.
It's been a while.
I'm in a lot of theories to get you, and I just have to say it feels really good to be back.
All right.
31 time celebrities have been having their faces stole for years.
Whether it was it look alike on Hollywood Boulevard about the season finale last night and a parody of, or, more recently, a fake version of them eating a burrito in a park, eating a burrito like he's eating corn on the cob, playing harmonica or hologram of them performing an entire concert.
They died Theo alone.
This is recently things have gotten even darker, and there's a new way to steal your favorite celebrities.
Welcome to the world of deep thanks.
So deep fakes is when a computer complete a celebrity's face on any person I know.
It's pretty creepy.
For some reason, there's tons of Nicolas Cage humans Star Trek him and Superman.
In my world, it means hope.
Well, here it's s him as a dancing Amy Adams.
You gotta lay down and die.
Oh, no, not I or the creepiest one.
Hey, Miss the Rock uh, phone was just blowing up and you get a mix now making a fake digital version is limited spaces.
Usually it's done in movies when they want to bring somebody back after Philip Seymour Hoffman will live on character in the next two installments of the Hunger Games.
After dying before filming was completed one I remember when they created a digital version of Paul Walker stories, they actually used his own brother so that when they put the face over it, it would look even more realistic.
Onset baseline performance was created with Paul's Brothers.
There's even a commercial where they created a digital version of Audrey Hepburn, and when you see the commercial, it literally looks like they brought her back from the dead crazy.
But it's all just computer magic, so they used women who looked like her, but they didn't.
It is all CG I now.
All of these movies use technology where they have huge computers, and it costs millions of dollars and months to create.
But now, with a certain computer application, this'll can be done by anyone, anywhere in a matter of hours and for free.
And it's called We've democratized access to incredibly powerful software.
Almost anyone could do it.
Almost anybody can do it.
And that's a game changer.
So fake APP analyzes thousands of still images of somebody's face, and then it uses that data to create a digital mask that could be placed over any pre existing.
Now, just to show you how good this is, here's a clip from Saturday night of an actress playing Hillary Clinton is going so well.
Okay, Now, look at this clip that somebody made using fake where they put Hillary Clinton's real face on top of the Saturday night going so well.
Yeah, it's so real that if you just saw that clip alone, you would think that was just a Hillary Clinton clip.
Fake up isn't just for fun means and movie clips.
No, don't call me baby girl.
You don't fucking know me.
I'm not your fucking baby girl.
Anyway, the most popular category of deep fakes on the Internet is deep fake.
So are you ready?
I know I am.
Now, I don't want to get sued, so I'm not really gonna show these clips.
And if I do, I'm gonna show a very small cropped inversion.
But basically, people were using fake app and then putting those celebrity faces on real porn stars, real porn names and some of them look so really, it's crazy.
I'm doing great.
Has everybody wants Holy Grace.
Moretz even float progressively.
That's how far this goes.
It's free, but it's not just celebrities have to deal with this.
It's normal girls, too, who have had their faces.
Now, while Martin is a girl who had her face put on dozens of porn videos, she had no idea And then when she found out it almost This is the deep, fake video off May performing oral sex on a man.
I don't know who the man is.
It frightens me now something that could affect all of us.
Isn't deep fakes could be used in politics?
Take a look at this.
That's President Trump's real face on the right, digitally stamped on the Baldwins performance This'll program can change facial expressions in real time.
Now I can create president of the United States, saying just about anything I want.
That's terrifying.
This is an actual danger like this could be a problem.
And it's such a big problem, even Obama himself.
We're entering an era in which our enemies could make it look like anyone is saying anything at any point in time.
Or has your smoking President Trump is a total and complete dipshit.
Now, you see, I would never say these things.
Someone else would someone.
That's right.
That was actually video made by Jordan Peele to show just how realistic these air getting stay woke bitches.
Now let's put aside politicians and celebrities for second.
Think about this being used in your everyday life anyone could make a deep fake of any person they don't and they could have a do whatever they they could make one of the principal or any teacher, any boss, any ex friend or even.
Now this is gonna get really dark.
Let's imagine.
Let's say there's an angry woman.
I just found out that her asshole husband.
So then she hires an actor who has her husband's body time, and she has him come to her house and pretend to beat her all while the security camera was rolling, then finding somebody who's really good at making deep pigs.
Then she has to make a digital mask.
Put it on top.
She has footage of her husband's salt.
She used to get sounds crazy but framing people for crying to something that's happened since the beginning of bacon.
It seems to be getting easier now as it now fake.
I'm still pretty complicated, but lucky for us there's tons of similar technology inside the abs.
I mean, just look at the Snapchat face, warm feature guys appreciate oh, in a matter of seconds.
But anybody's face on top of yours looks pretty good.
Just testing out my face somewhere you do breathe.
What is rewind time?
My eyes.
That's what you wanted.
No, I would have asked for What do we D'oh!
Okay, then it just got weird.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, when it comes to the dark world of deep thinks there's currently no law against.
The scariest part is this could actually lead to the end of it.
And I'm not even being dramatic.
Just listen to this refine and very realistic scenario that was explained by Professor of computer Science at Imagine the following scenario video is produced of Donald Trump saying I have just launched into the weapons against fellow.
That video goes on to Twitter and goes viral in 30 60 seconds.
North Korea responds in another 60 seconds.
Deep fakes, resulting war.
Honestly, I don't know way might be thinking Okay, She could make a deep take up my face always.
Well, Adobe calls this an early stage research project, and this adobe program can create new audio from text.
There's new technology that has come out that can create a digital version of anybody's on.
In part two of this video, you'll see us putting it to the test What do you say?
We have to put it in a sentence and then it's back to my voice.
Is it really gonna?
I am an adult producer and performer.
Thank you.
I didn't even know what this waas I waas watching Shane's videos.
I am a fan, and I saw that he had a new trailer for a Siri's.
Then towards the end, I saw one of my video.
You're running on what looked like my face, but it wasn't my face.
It was know Selena Gomez his face, and I just I just couldn't believe it.
You're taking a person's content, who the artist's work, and you are turning it into something that I didn't want it to be.
Selena Gomez has not given consent to have her face morphed into a new adult video.
I don't know where this video came from.
I don't know who did it or what, and there is no way for me to take legal action against this, and I think that's what the scariest part of it all is.
I'm just shocked.
I just don't think that people realize how harmful it can be.
It can really affect people allegedly Selena Gomez have a secret sex.
I would totally watch that, uh, a lot of different ways.
Like I'm super sensitive with my mom, and so I would never even say something that she could pick up.
That's where I was like my mom.
Yeah, we could test it.
We could, like, have somebody go till, like, part of the house where you can't hear them and call each other and start talking.
You got that soundproof room.
Oh, hello.
I just heard my hand.
So, what did you say before you picked up my favorite?
I heard the last one.
But did you pick up here?
Yeah, I heard.
No, no, no.
I just said how Well, when I picked up, you couldn't really hear.
You did.
Yes, we did.
You heard it.
Okay, count 123 and then pick up.
Okay, good.
Oh, anything?
No, I just heard Hello.
What happened?
One way.
Only together.
So let's try one where we switch it.
123 huh?
Call me back again.
And, like, five seconds, you have five seconds.
Uh, had the ring around his mom.
123 Uh, it was just Hello?
You didn't hear anything before you answered.
They're like e o.
Well, are you want any APS?
Is it said that the microphones always going Garrett was on Postmates.
What is he like?
So when he got that call from his mom, you saw that he hadn't picked up the phone yet.
So, Sean, the life out of you.
All right, let's talk about the rules.
You fire the hillside.
I just It's just an eerie sight to see.
On november 8th, 2018 the Woolsey fire began to spread.
Oh, it really seems like we're chasing it.
It moves so fast, so aggressive.
And the fire behavior is just so intense.
It lasted 13 days and destroyed over 1600 buildings and almost 100,000 acres.
This is terrible.
This was a whole This is apocalyptic.
And it's very Oh, my God, Get over here.
Get over all the way over this truck hit their slaves, clothes that they are coming to.
Three people's lives were lost and over 300,000 people were evacuated during that time.
Hello is November 9.
We are currently getting ready for an evacuation way had to wear a mask.
Oh, my God!
Look at that.
Oh, my God.
Okay, we're leaving.
Very popular.
This is it now.
These fires were very close to home for me for a few reasons.
On November 8th, me and Ryland were also moving into our new house and a few hours later we were told to evacuate because a fire was heading toward us.
The movers leave and we find out that we have to evacuate literally the second we finished moving in.
So it's jumping there, blocking the freeway right now.
You can see for that 13 day period, Woolsey fire was my life.
What's gonna happen next?
Like my mom, my brother, all these My family all lived very close to this fire.
All I did was much fire footage and fire mats and watch the news 24 hours a day.
I was literally tracking to fire every second out of the latest on the Woolsey fire.
It is this home at the corner is bird.
The home next door is burning as well, and I still have so many questions.
And there's so many things that don't make sense.
It was crazy and I know that were fortunate enough to be sitting under the house that's still standing and so many people are not.
It's so hard to understand.
But before we get into the theories, I just have to remind you this was a very real event.
A lot of people lost their homes.
Some people lost their lives heartbroken.
It's really hard for me even to continue talking because I cannot imagine coming home and seeing everything you have gone like this.
And when you go into the house is, well, it's really, really sad.
I mean, everything's just blacked out and there's water pouring down and, you know, you just see chairs and photographs and squeeze your loved ones tonight because in a moment's notice, things can change.
I think just a sense of of it being our home.
You know, just the memories that we built and to put in perspective.
I wanted to go to some of the areas that were affected just to show what it looks like.
Show how real it is and just see it in real life.
And it waas devastating.
No, I mean, I'm pretty sure it's exit off lost arguments.
That's not a kid way.
We're going down.
Lost perches, which is one of might call All of this was free.
That's crazy.
That's a mountain.
That's like fire Magically.
What is going home?
I was only gone.
Like all the houses on this street separates, which is crazy.
He can't even move back here because they have to do it like clearing out the neighborhood.
Testing the air, Making sure it's safe.
It's gonna take you just wait all the house except for yours.
That's so what's scary?
How does that happen?
It's like every house on the street catch.
Except what does that mean?
He wasn't protecting.
And he wasn't, You know, hosing it down didn't like we're going into a neighborhood down.
Don't be disrespectful, but I do.
Do you want to see this in real life?
Because I feel like when you see stuff like this on the news, it's like heart.
Got to hand it.
Oh, my God.
It's Oh!
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
It looks Oh, my God.
I've never seen anything.
Oh, my God.
Okay, My lot.
Oh, my God.
Oh, I like Phil.
Not even right here.
How park is that?
I don't know.
I don't wanna be.
Oh, neighbor.
This is like how It's so crazy.
Just like Look at this house across the street.
That's just not even tired, even touch, but then 10 feet away.
Is that What is that?
You know?
No, I see, like, close up.
I wanted to see here.
Fire, please.
I just think that house science.
Putting cameras that I don't think I've ever seen e I saw so many people like rich people like Fuck the rich people.
Celebrities like this is the vast majority of people affected regular folks working average.
It's like like so do we know how the fire started?
They meantime, we're running a little bit more about the fire up in the north and may have been sparked by an electrical malfunction where one of their machines and the winds just escalated it.
But from back yard is just mountains.
They will not say specifically that the fire started because of that out.
Shit, This is getting out.
I'm like, this is wait climbing the mountain in front of it.
Okay, wait back part.
We're guaranteed.
I heard you have my word.
Told you Said my favorite.
What We're coming for You wake up bitch again.
Way every time when their work's calling.
Like what?
Should should shoot you.
And then I got fired from every job I had.
Maybe that's why yeah, maybe that's why.
So similar to the thing of you know, being able to hear before you answer.
There's another thing that I don't know if you guys know about this.
I didn't.
Okay, be with you.
So ready.
123 So I took a picture after for Yeah.
123 Way their sound.
So it's like a video.
It was recording every second pressed.
123 Yeah, A live this way.
Miss that, Gary.
So take it.
123 grand.
What if you do something crazy?
So there Apple came out with a statement.
They were like, Well, yeah, we record with three seconds before three seconds on top of the status bar.
You see, a new icon was three concentric circles up yellow by default.
It's on.
You just take pictures.
And now they're like photos.
They say, like, Well, no.
Yes, Yes, technically, when your cameras out, families always recording.
But it appears that you see, I do the grossest thing in the bathroom with my camera way like the crooks.
Like you looking stuff for being a story operation?
I mean, why wouldn't they?
But what do they do it like a club?
I really every everybody that's actually like, next level thing.
That's just the truth.
Crazy on my phone to help.
Like a ghost then took the photo booth.
Don't get freaked out Way really can't come back.
Okay, I have another one for you.
I'm gonna warn you this next theory is dark and probably one of the most unsettling ones we've ever talked about this.
And this theory starts subliminal messages.
I am now going to a soak your mind with Medicare.
We've talked about this.
Usually we talk about the sexual messages that are hidden in cards by far sponge Bob Square pants has the most.
There's jokes about prison.
Goddamn Patrick looking a pile of sand and those your oldest jokes and clearly hidden for adults.
There's a lot of other darkness and most of them involved.
She was I can't seem to get happy.
Maybe this will help.
That's right.
In a 2001 episode called Are You Happy Now?
Squid would have seen suffering from depression what mean their scenes of him walking around in a daze state.
And there's even scenes where it looks like he's trying to kill himself like this one, where he puts his head in an oven.
I just can't see the happy.
But by far the darkest moment is when SpongeBob goes over to his house to make sure he's okay.
Well, then he says, Yeah, that might be some of the darkest shit I've ever seen on TV, let alone a kid show.
But it's not just this episode.
There's tons of other episodes that have suicide references to What's the point in going on?
There's an episode.
We're plankton and tries to get himself hit by a car.
Go away, Cheesehead.
Can't you see I'm trying to get run over?
There's an episode response.
Bob stabs him to death.
In ancient times.
One would fall on their sword by way of apology.
Yeah, that's almost glorifying suicide.
There's even an episode where character goes to kill himself, and then they say this someday, but not today, making it seem inevitable.
But then, as I was looking into it, I found that suicide references have been in a lot more cartoons.
Just here's the ending scene from a Looney Tunes cartoon called Barefoot from Well, there's 21 Way Out.
Free at last, once again glorifying suicide, making it look exciting.
We've died.
You get them, there are hundreds, so I'm gonna blow my brains out.
I mean, loves bunny.
Daffy Duck.
There was nothing for the Scarlet Pumpernickel to do.
Blow his brains out.
What easy.
What a bunch of cartoon episode.
Just ending with characters.
Now I know this sounds crazy, but it goes even farther back.
There's a Mickey Mouse Comics from 1930 where Mickey It's threatened because many is getting hit on by another guy.
What you need is someone like me to protect you, Minnie.
Now I know I don't like that guy.
Then he sees them kissing isn't so.
Then he falls into a depression.
Well, I never thought many would fall for somebody else.
Everybody seems happy.
Why does the world have to be down on me?
Then he decides the only option is to kill him.
Well, what's the use?
She doesn't care for me anymore.
What is there to live for?
Without many, I might as well end it all.
Comic even goes so far to show making setting up You made suicide contraption using a shotgun, two chairs and a street, which actually did become a common way.
Goodbye, money.
Goodbye, cruel world.
One two.
Then he tries to jump off a bridge.
But when that attack didn't work, clothes on the windows closed.
All the doors turned on the gas.
I'll turn on the gas and end it once and for all so he could pass out and die in his sleep.
Goodbye, many goodbye, cruel world.
And he even tries to hang himself.
I'm sure having a tough time trying to put an end to myself, but my worries will soon be over.
In that comic strip alone, there's four different examples.
Even in this Daisy Duck cartoon, you can see there's six options.
Gun hanging knife, poison grenade.
What if they've been planting an insider in mind since we were kids suicide.
So when you hit a fork in the road and you don't know what to do because the 1st 5 years is when your brain develops most and it's the most impressionable.
So wouldn't make sense to start planting that idea.
Then maybe yes.
People have severe depression and suicidal thoughts be included.
But maybe some of us think of it as an option because when we were kids, we were told way.
So why would they want to play a suicide in our brains?
Well, some people think it would be a form of population control.
Some people think, is to keep society in a week depressed, fearful state because a week in society control.
I mean, think about it.
Kids were depressed that we're medicating them and putting them on pills and then sitting them in front of a TV where they're watching their favorite character kill themselves and also making it seem exciting.
Goodbye, everyone, remember?
I mean, the global antidepressant market is estimated at over $11.6 billion.
The government and the economy way also glorify things like money, fame, success.
Is that what you're going for?
I mean, I'd love to be a billionaire.
Guys, we are washing the supreme Ferrari right now.
Who is only I know what I'm doing.
So if someone happens to not achieve those things on the back of their heads, you know that suicide, No alternative.
I mean, just think about the board game that was targeted to us, his kids.
Anything can happen in the game of life, the game of life where the goal is to succeed.
And if you don't you lose.
Where will your choices take you in the game of life?
You game.
To win the game of life, you need to make money famous better than those that you're playing against.
Literally, the commercial says.
I mean.
And in the original version of life in 18 60 that was created by Milton Bradley, it literally had suicide on the board as option.
That's why now it's not just suicide that's being poured into kids.
Pure, very multiple breeds.
It's a darkness in every single form.
Just think about the games we used to place Kids ring around the Rosie Wait, Wait, London Bridge, somebody huge bridge Bend, Bend, Bend DJ, a game that makes it fun to contact evil spirits in your house.
Look, it's smelling something.
Go ahead, ask another question.
You know, of course, you have Twister marketed as a way for you and your friends to get way too close.
Twister game that ties you up.
I can't even imagine the amount of creepy uncles or cousins who wanted to play that game on Thanksgiving.
Pretty much Grant's anybody permission.
Body parts around.
It's wicked hot.
You got it the way the darkest of the game, where you have to guess the correct word or your little stick figure will be hanged on the darkest part.
This'll classroom games.
Actually, based on a real life.
Criminals that were sentenced to death by hanging would play a game called right of words and Life, so the game would start a public hanging or the executioner would choose a word on.
The criminal would have to guess the word that shoots and ladders.
And if the criminal gets the word right, he would live.
If you guess that if you're not aware of what Hang Manny's first you draw your side round.
But hopefully the students have to guess.
The makers of Kent Booth off the Hanging Man is added now its head.
Once you finished off by that game, you know, if I was in his mouth, you probably won't be for Malik Hook.
Most messed up part about all of that is that almost all of the criminals at that time or literate, which means they didn't even have a chance, and that game was just a way to publicly where they die.
And it's not just games that have dark undertones.
What's the first thing you remember?
Hearing is a nursery rhymes by a song where Baby's Cradle is swimming in a tree and branch breaks and The Baby Falls.
Humpty Dumpty, a song about a guy on.
Nobody can save him because he's dead.
It's raining, it's pouring.
He went to bad Guy, hits his head and then dies and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning.
One of the most disturbing Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, a song about a guy whose wife doesn't want a key.
So he held her hostage very, very well.
Yeah, something that normalizes holding a woman against her will, And I mean even looking back at London Bridge, there's a reference.
Now the kids are watching TV.
Don't worry.
There's towns of content on YouTube for kids and that has plenty of darkness, a murder suicide, a bush violence and for some reason, a lot of vomiting.
Whoa, I've never seen anywhere Throw up so much that when you're a teenager, you want lots of suicide movies.
Hey, it's Hannah.
How Internet.
Remember the Blue Whale Challenge tonight, a brand new threat to the safety of your family and your kids.
If you want to get a sense for all these challenges here, just a few of them carved yes, on your leg.
Do something for yourself.
Don't talk to anyone all day.
So many of our teenagers feel more lonely, even though they're on social media.
More everyone questions us.
How do we have so much evil?
Death, hatred, depression, destruction?
But do we even have to question it back our childhoods adults, and think about what was being put right in front of her eyes.
So let's steal world well, the only waiting for society to control this chaos.
The only way to get them to vote for you.
Ah, nuclear war could break out any minute.
The only way to get you to unite us through tragedies, happy by constantly showing them on realistic expectations looks Hey, hottie looking so high.
Money success.
A society that's peaceful society.
So what do you do to make sure that chaos and fear sure show Children just how scary and dark the world is from a very early age, a mother box topper.
This princess wanted the dollar store behind me.
Imagine her surprise when the curious little girl peel back the boil to find this image of a girl cutting herself inside.
If you look close enough, it's not a drawing.
It's an action picture of the girl slit her wrist.
I want to know how to have a thing that is suitable for a child.
Okay, so there's a lot of people.
Yeah, Yeah, there's like me was like, Okay, I saw this mean with, like, a gross Popsicle that was melted.
And then the package, It was cute and it was like me and real life.
And then me and I'm messing this head.
Oh, there's a theory that it's actually tracking, and that is listening and its reporting everything, like, actually kind of scary.
But believe me, it's for kids, though it is stalking your phone.
If you don't believe me, just sit there and listen to it.
You hear?
Wait it that Well, I downloaded it.
I haven't opened it yet.
You know, stuff like already, Okay.
In order to start, we have to have access to your camera.
Okay, There's only two.
I thought this was a way to take a picture myself.
Wait, is that supposed to be me?
Oh, wait.
Two years.
No, honestly, that Why does it not look like me?
Is it supposed to?
Well, here's the thing.
It makes you submit a picture, and it's like we're gonna make it Looks just like you.
That looks fucking terrible.
Not put glasses on me if I kind of did it.
I mean, maybe.
Maybe just Oh, yes, just a little.
We owe tracking.
The This isn't a review.
And that leads us to our first thoughts today.
Wow, It's free.
It's really colorful.
Where would you find others?
In ST.
What is that?
That's a costume.
E did.
Wait, you're talking.
And on the street.
Oh, they're all speaking languages.
Okay, you know what would happen to me?
Okay, Now, here's the other scared.
So the reason people think it's tracking you listening is because while you're playing with the app, put your ear to the phone.
Your step white noise.
I do know.
Do you?
Oh, you hear?
Like like a little, like, crumbly noise in the distance.
Can I hear yours?
Static me like what is?
Well, that's the same noise that you hear your phone.
Oh, you could Maybe any questions.
You can answer a text.
I mean, it makes sense, right?
If your app developer in here is like, it's like the real world or something.
They're like, I'm not happy.
Do you work?
No, I'm sure it's probably so Is it in there like disclaimer?
Wait, So you think like someone's on the other side of the computer right now talking to me?
Oh, hey.
Something you They're probably getting our court minutes delete s so that static noise that you hear when you can actually hear that same static noise.
I'm scared.
I mean, I don't hear I'm still scared.
Do you really not hear it?
Because I hurt all the time on my phone?
Are you on any maps?
Is it said that the microphones always going see?
I turn my head here.
Weird way.
I mean, I guess it means that phone's always listening.
But we're doing that because they got it this way When you say, Hey, Siri, how did she hear that?
She must be listening all the time.
I have turned a future on the Syria future with you.
It doesn't matter, because hey, Siri like that means to hear that she has to have been listening the whole time, right?
Yeah, but Apple is pretty Ford about that.
They say that they only go with that phrase and then on Lee.
What you say it's falling apart.
Yeah, well, yeah, she hears that phrase because she's looking at everything and Oh, no, but but we don't We don't save any of it.
But, I mean, I'm sure you probably tell us that you know that 50 page, except thing that nobody's Anatolia.
They're 37.
This conspiracy theory there is no 50 ways it was freaking me out.
You get to them in a marketing meeting, just being like, Let's add white noise.
We get ashamed.
Wait, We know this queen.
People thio one.
Hey, you got a tax.
It's like, well, always way.
So these theories that some companies have been using Google Search hide something creepiest examples.
Is Disney possibly making frozen just to hide the fact that Walt Disney might have frozen his body after he died?
Thank God you're I won't.
A lot of people say this is rumor.
Is great Uncle Walt frozen underneath the pilots or not?
We don't have him in an ice cube tray and Fraser.
And now, according to the president of Crowning Society, California, Walt isn't wanted to.
This is some of the patients patients because we don't regard them as dead people.
There's there's people in those cans wanted scientists to be able to revive him a future, possibly give anything to be there with you.
So if we could see through these, you'd see people just like floating like this.
Or now.
Of course, the majority of people think this is all just weird science that will never work.
Scientists are freezing endangered animal species.
We have fully frozen would froze, their hearts were stopped, their brains are flatlined, yet they're still alive.
But the most amazing thing is the fact that the wood frog comes back to life.
Immortality might be hours way could manage to do way.
Don't have that ability yet.
Now we have this medical miracle.
Pennsylvania man found frozen to death over the next few days.
Miraculously, it's part started beating on its own.
No, I've never heard anything.
I guess this is it.
It's amazing.
His body was frozen solid.
No calls.
That hurts your stops.
He's got no brain activity for brains or flatline.
Body is frozen solid.
When the body heated up, the body came back alive all the way.
But you're going to shed a few happy anybody searching Disney's frozen from 2011 and before we're only looking to see if Walt Disney had his body or head first.
So how Disney those search results by making a worldwide hit film called Disney's Frozen, is officially the highest grossing animated movie of all time.
And just look at the search results from 2011.
Yeah, pages of information about while Disney's head possibly be, and then look at the search results.
Yeah, completely frozen.
The patient is immediately placed.
Patients choose to preserve their heads alone.
Body was frozen solid, so it was preserved, especially when the body heated up the body came back alive.
I'd give anything to be there with you.
But this seems to be one of those times tied down here in the studio night day.
Since the beginning, stores have been doing everything they can to get our 1st 24 hours after store after store marking down merchandise, sending you in Cuba.
There's gotta be an easier way to senior citizens.
Got into a fight in a Costco over free piece of cheese you love Hey, hey, hey, hey, Before you go searching for those slashed prices Business doing, going out of business.
Wait, She's your dream.
This is a tale of epic proportions.
Everything they can to get over by order of the U.
Bankruptcy court going out of business.
Great deals.
Sign says it all.
Everything must go.
And unfortunately, that means the employees to the press agree.
No, you come in and it's just overwhelming the amount of toys.
25 years.
No severance.
That's heartbreak at every Toys R Us and Babies R Us across America.
Across the country, some 31,000 employees are looking for new jobs.
You're not gonna get deals like this anytime.
33,000 employees that are out there without a job with no severance pay.
Think with the heart that is extremely hopeless.
Great time to start.
Thes workers who become close friends comfort each other.
We need to go.
The ties are.
Selina Rawson is one of 31,000 toys, arrest employees, losing their jobs and their benefits.
Selena has cancer and is in the middle of her second round of chemo by me having cancer.
I can't get it out.
In short, don't mess with cheese, bro.
You gotta come One of the scariest tactics that stores used to pay you to spend your money messages.
Psychology says Red catches the eye.
Other yellow encourages them to eat.
Or are you?
Just look at this video.
Somebody that found something.
Hit it.
99 Touch backers Now, supposedly, when camps you can call that produced, They said that was part of a competition and the 1st 1000 people that see the dollar enterprise.
But it's been over 10 years since a commercial came out.
There's been no contest.
Clearly, that was just a cover catches the eye.
Many studies have been done.
Can't see might have done this on all the answers lead to KFC wanting us to subconsciously, I think about low prices when we think about their food.
But it's not out of the ordinary for fast food chain to do this.
Just look at what happened 10 years ago when McDonald's got caught doing something even speak here.
Okay, so we're sitting here watching Iron Chef America.
I noticed screen blank read, slow motion forward frame by frame.
A closer look at this McDonald and right in the middle for just one frame.
Of course, they claim it was a glitch, but people still there's tons of other than you probably never noticed.
It's gonna be all coming up right now.
For example, every picture of a watch or clock that you've seen in an advertisement is set to 10.
Every single and it's not just watch 10 10 is even in movie posters.
TV shows pretty much any ad or billboard ever.
When your little Lyonel engineer finally calls it a night, how do you think you'll want to get up in the morning?
The Lyonel train 100 anniversary alarm clock.
So order.
Now, just look at this magazine.
I bet you didn't even know there was a popular magazine called Six Right.
That's because there's these are all covers of the magazine.
It's actually called SFX.
But if you look at almost all their covers, they block out a part of the word that makes it look like sex to catch your attention.
Way much until I saw that they were putting.
Yeah, having the cast of stranger things in front of a big, bold sex feels.
One place that's completely filled with subliminal messages is the place you least expect.
A daily battle is being waged in supermarkets all over the battle for the customers.
That's right, the groceries for you.
It's an ordinary shopping crib for the supermarket.
The products you see where they're displayed, even what you smell is off to get you to buy, you are manipulated from the moment you walk in the door until you leave grocery stores purposefully oversize your car so it's psychologically makes you feel like you haven't shops enough.
You know what I did?
I trick myself.
I only allow myself to carry a basket, no car and also as we go around the store, we were second place baskets again, so encourages that customer to carry on shop in.
From the moment you walked into the grocery store, your mind and your actions were being so.
How exactly is this place?
Makes me feel so well?
It's a funny thing, Renee.
What's happened is you fainted.
You welcome, but you're also not allowed to leave.
As you can see, metaphorical doors are closing like God.
Well, you could, but you're not going to because you've already invested first thing that happens when you walk in to be first severe straight from the bakery section, which is always pleased.
You can use human senses for more import sales.
In this store, we cook fresh bread.
It's dinnertime at this customer walks into the store.
She smells, are French bread, just came out of the oven.
So she's making her way over that way.
The smell of your cell, a very planes going.
We all know that hungry or you are.
Then they put all of the essential items like milk, eggs and meat.
Very back of the store way story.
Get things like male would be put further into the store to make people walk all the way through the store, and then they moved the location of the eggs every few months just to confuse you and make you walk around.
And it seems like they're always randomly rearranging tonight.
Well, experts say thi
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Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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