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What's that sound?
Is that?
Is that what I think it is?
It's the main Bo rolling through back everybody to meantime, the show that I don't know how to start each and every time.
So we stand here and look at each other awkwardly, and then a song plays.
Let's see what you garbage monkeys conjured up today shall be.
I'm excited.
I'm excited for some means I'm excited for to make our dreams come true.
It's a great time.
Remember this?
Oh, no, that I played the same level and happy wheels twice, like six years apart from each other.
God dang it, guys, I'm so sorry.
I should have been more aware of the fact that happy feels has a diverse amount of levels that aren't similar to each other at all.
I actually don't remember this.
If I had remembered it, I wouldn't have played the same level.
I mean, it was for a nostalgia week.
Everything is full proof.
If it's done for nostalgia.
Finding that final boss you struggled against as a kid, I'm a do a heck and violence not gonna lie.
I kind of cringe me, but I I do relate to it very heavily.
And you did say it's totally relatable.
So I can't fault you for that.
There are some games, though, that I've gone back to you as an adult.
I've gotten worse.
That's home because I'm just a slow, big thumbed boomer bitch, baby.
Now I can't play the things that I used to back then I was a new bio, slim hipped little fucker and I was ready to, like, fly through the games.
And I had a good brain then.
Not so much Lee.
Now eso glad I grew up with this, but this is good too.
Yeah, I like these means I like you own it doesn't have to be one or the other.
Doesn't have to be like Glad I grew up with this and not this Just appreciated.
Regardless, I doubt dad.
What a glow off or a glow down Because my hair was fucking neon green.
They used to put me at the top of lighthouses so boats wouldn't hit the shore away.
This is the rebellious teenage phase when I would die my hair because screw you, Mom.
It's not a phase.
And then it turned out to be a phase but thank you.
I appreciate it.
Apparently the thing, the changes that my hair was brown and I got glasses.
So glad I grew up with this, but damn, this is good, too.
And now YouTube with Jack Septic.
I like this mean this is a good mean.
People have been asking a lot about the reading, your comments, Erie's and asking What is going to come back here?
You going to do more of them?
And I've tried.
I've gone back and Gundam like, well, a while ago by now.
But every time I go back to them, people are like Jack, You answered this question before or I've I feel like I've answered the question before.
I'm just answering the same types of questions all the time, and I've done over 100 episodes of it, so there's only a certain amount of questions people can ask me before it starts to feel like it's getting repetitive.
So I held often it for a really long time, but that's again why, like you said meantime, that's why these types of Syria's exists, because I didn't want to stop interacting with the audience completely on.
Just do Let's plays I still like this kind of like you guys create some stuff and then I react to it.
That's a fun energy for a video, so that's kind of what meantime is all about.
Plus, we'll do a little Q and A every now and then Maybe should bring back a hate comments.
One again.
That'll be funny.
What should my next video be?
Meantime, Minecraft Happy Reels Episode 102 got such an old face that you use well, technically, a young face but an old face at the same time.
But no, no.
Episode 102 I also found out that they're not shutting down the game.
Probably the developer of Happy Wheels, because Flash is shutting down this year.
But apparently they're making a sequel to Happy Wheels, which would be awesome.
But apparently they're also working on a Java version offered as well.
So the game won't disappear completely, which I had a feeling about because I don't I understand why they would just let this massive game for them just disappear.
Uh, but yeah, no 102 Teacher.
What are you laughing at me?
You get this one.
If only because there's a height difference.
Sure is she thick?
Because Luigi be hella.
Don't be thick down.
What is that?
A recurring thing on this channel?
Now I'm like the one bastion for kinky fetish.
Luigi lovers Fuck's sake.
The manga, the anime and the Netflix adaptation.
Look, I get it.
I'm shorter than my girlfriend.
But most people are shorted in Dutch.
People there, very tall.
And also I love it.
I think it's awesome.
It's a damn fine, good looking couple right here, much better than the anime and manga.
Fuck those guys.
Also, let's get rid of that stigma.
Guys don't have to be taller than their girlfriends.
It's fine.
Be whatever you want.
You think Kevin Hart's taller than his wife?
You think Kevin Hart's taller than a buyer Stool?
You think Kevin Hart cares?
No, I think it's great.
I've said it once before and I'll say it again.
She's my tall Dutch queen and I love Shawn.
Make shut the fuck up.
This is good.
This one is like, if this one is like this wise, I like this one.
Keep this mean going.
Keep that just that one, though.
Sean anytime you post another one.
That's not this one.
I'm gonna do a Sean man.
Shut the fuck up.
I like having that.
I like being able to tell people to shut the fuck up.
Your told anyone legitimately Did you shut the fuck off?
I never have what I've always wanted to someone just rambling talking about something stupid.
You want to be in the middle of the room while everyone else is afraid to say something to school?
Look, Karen, shut the fuck up off.
Shut the fuck up when you show your mom a mean but it doesn't have a minion in it.
Facebook means air strong down, Jack versus the under dragon.
That's fucking awesome.
Holy shit.
I love that.
Thank you.
Uh, Neo Alex, Thank you so much for drawing this.
I really, really appreciate it.
That's how it was in my head.
That's when I was fighting him.
This is what I saw.
A lot more lens flares and explosions, though, but pretty, pretty accurate.
I should have brought like my dogs into the nether with me.
Can he earns in the end?
Can I do that?
Could have brought salmon would have just died.
Yeah, probably.
Let's not do the people in 2100.
I wonder how the people in 2020 reacted when World War Three broke out people in 2020.
It's meantime, Yeah, The only thing that's happened with World War Three so far is means about World War Three and people dodging drafts.
It is an interesting time in history to have ah, world war scenario, maybe possibly crop up.
I eat.
I mean, I'm not gonna get into it too much, because again, I don't know much about politics and war.
I'm just a big, dumb Irishman who likes to look.
That means if you want politics in your view, tuberous, then you might want to go.
But it is an interesting way to cope with it because I feel like people are back in the day.
We're probably also joking about them to try and get through it to be like it's not so bad, right?
The world's not as fucked up as we think it is.
I mean, earned the good words of my friend.
Solid snake would say war has changed.
Ethnicity, Jack of loading.
Meantime, the only cure for side this therapist the next day need work.
You know, I said, this is just one facet of the mental brain you just gotta secure.
The sadness does not mean that you cured all you could still go to your therapist and still talk about stuff it still healthy to go to a therapist.
Even if you're not sad, why is it every time I see therapists, I read the rapists.
Me thinking Sub Nautica has gone forever.
Jack says he's waiting until below zero gets fully released.
Why would people think that I would just leave the below zero?
It is a huge deal on this channel.
It's a huge game for me.
I fucking love it.
Why would I just suddenly stop uploading below zero when it's getting updates, and then never, ever go back to it?
I'll come back to it when it's properly done.
Or at least people are saying there's a tone of updates for right now.
But the problem with that is I get into a dynamic Wait, where do we go over to refine the update?
I can't remember what I already did, what they didn't.
So unless it takes like another year to come out whatever.
I'm not again.
Goods mean goods.
Sadness baths, small youtuber.
I really enjoy watching me when their reply to my comments That's really nice.
I I have never had a YouTuber replied to my comment When I haven't been doing YouTube.
I remember watching YouTube videos a lot before I started doing YouTube.
That's why I started doing YouTube.
But I have never had a YouTuber actually respond to any of my comments.
And that was the reason why when I started off doing YouTube, it was a big deal to me to interact with the comments.
Now the comments are so big and bloated, and the common system is a fucking shitstorm.
How many comments below are like Jack, we're gonna build a bit me.
Boom, boom, boom Stop it!
It's obnoxious.
It's the worst fucking comment mean that's gone on for fire too long.
Nor me, this shit last for like, a month.
What is this fucking leafy his shit?
Stop YouTube commenters, Man, I really wish more.
YouTubers replied to comments also, commenters Ah, copy paste everything.
You can't have both.
I still replied to comments.
Not as much as I once used to, but I still think it's an important thing to do.
I still read a lot of comments even though most of them marriages copy paste stuff.
But I try to at least be in the community and be part of it and not just be on the outside of a showing and shoving entertainment down your throats all the time.
But it is a lot easier for smaller YouTubers to reply to comment, because remember when I was getting, like, 100 comments a video, which is still a lot of comments.
But I was able to answer all 100 of them, and that was an amazing feeling cause I could answer them as they were coming in.
It didn't get bombarded, get overblown by stuff, so it was a really, really fun time on.
I always encourage people who were starting off YouTube to really listen to your comments and talk to them and interact with them because it's a great source of motivation and feedback.
But it's a little sad.
When I used to always reply to comments a lot on then when stuff kinda got a little too much, a little too fast, a little too quick and I just couldn't possibly keep up with it anymore.
It did suck to see some people be like, Well, he just doesn't care anymore because I didn't reply to every single comment anymore.
That's not the case.
And I wager that it's not the case for money, money, money, YouTubers.
The majority of them would probably love to sit down and answer comments all the time.
It's just very hard, and we have a lot of videos to get done.
At least I do so tired to sit down and actually like answer every single thing.
But I least try Start of the decade, End of the decade.
My God, I remember that hoody I had that honey for like, four years and a really should've been thrown out a lot sooner than it waas back in the cabin, man.
These are very different people.
I mean, same in a lot of regards.
But even looking at myself on my who is that?
Is this what the kids call a glow up?
Have I gotten it?
Have I got to go up?
Did I shine sparkle short on funds, So Oh, Yikes!
Good or razed to the ground, boys Oh my God, that's I also remember that hoodie.
This picture was taken at the back of the cabin.
There's just pure woodland behind the cabins and we were like, OK, we're making a little e p.
I actually still have some of them back in the cabin.
That might be a fun thing.
To do at some point is to give away some of those who actually have the album itself.
I think I have, like, 200 CDs just back in the cabin still laying around.
I wanted them here, actually, Hold on.
This is our album razed to the ground, risen from the ashes on.
Then you have, like the four tracks on the back.
We had some very good names risen from the ashes.
Spit it out, which I think is actually a slip knots on neglect and your freedom, My bird.
We weren't even 14 but we were still deep.
And here's the album, and here's another picture.
If you might recognize the exact same outfits, exact same faces on almost the exact same pose is ridiculous.
This is also at the back of the cabin.
There's like a Pete factory right next door and We just went over onto the concrete cylinders and started.
Um, yeah, we're fucking dope.
I had a camera, had a timer function on it.
We put them in black and white because we're artistic.
They're so cool.
I pay the fucking shit out of those drums.
There's good times.
I do not regret a single moment off any of those days.
Those were really fun.
I had a great time with all my friends.
We had some pretty decent music for our age and our time and our friend groups, because no one else is really playing heavy metal music.
And the stuff they were playing was not nearly as good as the stuff we made, but we just really took pride in what we were doing.
Miss those guys I got in the far, right.
If you've been to my tour, you know that I mentioned a person in porridge, Aunt.
He was my one of my childhood best friends.
The guy, the guy in the very far right.
But I may know about him and his brother again recently, and they were like my childhood best friends.
So that was kind of a blast from the past It's so weird because the last time I interacted with them, we were all like, very early 20 year olds.
And now we're all of 30 or close to it.
Saronic, fully grown men.
Now at this point.
And it's so weird to meet people after that, that amount of time.
But I hope all these guys are doing so well because they deserve They're all incredibly talented.
You all yo, you ever you ever you eat, you eat your vegetables, you eat your vegetables now, Dakota, Chicago, Michigan You eat your vegetables right now.
Dead s everyone watching mean time for some fun laughs and giggles.
That's yeah, me watching If my I mean your features, What is that face?
What Figure that I make that face in.
I am one handsome son of a bitch.
Louis, go now you means the meantime.
Are you happy?
Are you accomplished?
Can you run into your parents and tell them right now that you made it into meantime the Internets and YouTube's most esteemed an established MIM show.
Apart from the several 1000 other channels reacting to means on some bread, it's it's all peut price falls.
I blame him This break anyone else's hard.
Not sure if it's post by animals to tell me playing Minecraft for the very first time beating Minecraft 33 episodes.
It warms my heart is really bizarre.
To think that I had never played Minecraft before such a big as a gamer, a cz Twitter Gaming's third most talked about gaming personality of 2019.
Apparently, that's not a joke, by the way.
I have no idea what this list means, but by God, I am.
I gonna mean the shit out of all.
The signs were right.
I'm a gamer now.
I have actual factual proof.
I mean, not as much a gamer is ninja, but really, can any of us compared to four?
Considering all the games that I've played in my channel and had never played Minecraft and now that I've actually gotten to the end of it, I'm glad I finished.
It took a long time, and I waited too long to do the last episode.
For whatever reason, it's pointless now, but I'm glad I did it.
I'm glad it's over.
Whoa, let's do some more Minecraft stuff.
But the story side of it now is kind of done I'm the first view.
Oh, my God, You are.
You're the very first view on that video.
Now you can hold that over.
Everybody else.
You are the You are the only person who can say first in the common section anymore.
The rest of you all writing first in the comments.
You're all phone ease.
Gaming picks.
One is the only person allowed to say that in any common section forevermore, we have proof.
Now there is a first ding ding ding New mean format Time me, my crush.
That's great.
Oh, my God.
So much, So much.
Mim ability Out of that one video I I've seen the original video for this the actual Billy artist video.
I had seen it before.
The deep fake one that somebody made on.
I really liked it.
It was so endearing.
A nice and all of these younger teenagers coming in and talking about their troubles are talking about how they just like Billy Irish music and Billy, I wish his face and her reaction there is just so sweet.
It's so wholesome, A nice.
But this kid right here was my favorite part of the whole video because Billy comes in and is like just standing in the background to surprise them.
This girl realizes that it's like but they were playing just dance and this girl just goes hame.
She's still just dancing her own fucking fortnight dance and all over the place, and she doesn't even realize what she's feeling.
It I love her for that.
She's amazing.
Whoever that person is I love, you know, Great.
Please keep that energy And that positivity and that vibe for life going because we could all desperately use it to see if I can find it.
This Oh my God, It's the best she just goes for And she still dancing.
Then the other girl realizes with his girls still dancing.
It's so good.
I love it.
My weird new format from the latest video people on this of enjoying me eyes Great.
I love this.
Keep on dancing and keep on me, man.
You fun loving little Internet dweller.
How to talk to your cat about gun safety and abstinence drugs.
Satan is, um, on other dangers that threaten their nine lives.
I need this book, Jack.
I think B b needs the talk.
Now that I'm a cat.
Now that I have a cat, I need to buy this just for the mean alone.
My God, what a ridiculous thing for a book.
You know, Bebe has been a little trigger happy.
They're not using proper gun control.
Every time I walk into that room, he's just sitting there with his a k 47 like baby.
It's dinner time.
Come on.
Stop Jack Meantime.
What, baby?
In my whole thing?
Yes, that is exactly what we need is Maur imagery of people likening me to Jesus Christ.
That's not gonna go badly.
The Irish a great bunch of lads.
Ah made me Matic.
Come on.
That's pretty cranes, bro.
I was I was making a reference to Father Ted because he does.
Everyone called him a racist.
For he says something, Thio.
It's an episode.
It's all about the Chinese people coming to Craggy Island that he does a thing and it's very funny, But he does a slide show at the end to prove he's not racist.
And then he just switches back and forth between slicing.
The Chinese are great Pancho lads, That's how you get over any racism on the Internet.
Just X culture.
A great bunch of lads.
I love these ones.
What do we got this time?
What are we What are we watching?
Wait, What's it gonna be?
It could be anything.
Is it me slapping something is at the top of the morning.
Is it a Vince from Slap Chop?
I don't know.
It could be anything.
God, that sound effect is so good.
Because I edited the skate three video myself.
And my goal was to increase all the sound effects by, like, 40% just to give them that nice like squatch e smacking, banging sound.
I just fucking love it.
It's perfect comedy sound.
You're fuck it so that your head exploded.
Let's go, Jack.
What is this?
Just watch.
I spent four hours on this crap on Vegas.
Crash six times.
Ah, So you are a youtuber.
I don't know what I just watched, but I enjoyed it very, very much.
Thank you, Bandy.
Pat, Has anyone ever done a happy real song?
How dare he all the way is the anthem for Happy Wheels.
It's the song of a generation all the way.
Was the song off the 2010 decades is the best song of that entire decade.
I don't care what you think.
I don't care what other song has more views or listens ranging like that.
I know my bias, Jack, after all this time, fans still making levels and games from his old game place.
I always do this to me, man.
You can't It's This is a double edged sadness and niceness snake, the true hero of Harry Potter.
Oh, I wanna watch Harry Potter.
No, Snake is my favorite Harry Potter character.
He's amazing.
I I have only ever read the last book I read, Prisoner of Azkaban.
I'd never I didn't finish it.
I got very, very far into it.
And then the movie came out.
It was like, Okay, I'll just watch the movie.
I never went back to the book, but I read the Deathly Hallows.
I read the whole last book, and I made it a point to do that before the movies came out, and I fucking loved it.
It made me wish that I had actually read the previous books, and I'm not a reader.
Anybody who's been on the show for a while knows that I don't really read all that much.
I wish I read more, but that book made me cry.
At this moment on Snake.
It's solidified snappers, my favorite character.
So this is really, really sweet.
And this kind of feel like that.
It's really nice that people still make levels for me in games that even though I've moved on from all of these iconic games over the years, that people are still remembering me in a way in those games on that really warms my heart.
So thank you very much.
Idaho drops a giant potato on New Year's instead of a ball.
Why was I in England?
Why was I here?
Ah, fuck!
I wish I was there as the representative.
Can they have that potato?
I want a bill.
Just a giant.
I'm gonna build a swimming pool that's in the shape of a potato in England.
All we dropped for New Year's was Are you citizenship?
Potatoes have skin.
I have skin.
I'm a potato.
That means everyone's a potato.
Though I'm the only real potato.
You know what this is?
This is poopy Poopy!
Get out of here!
This video keeps getting recommended.
People Lately I went by, some people had said and I was like, Wait, it happened before with the shout out competition video that I made a little log back then that got boosted again.
Now, suddenly this one is getting boosted.
I went back and looked at the analytics and there's a huge upswell in views on it.
I don't know why.
Why you do what?
You're recommending this to everybody.
Have the recommended it to you now.
2000 subscribers.
Six years ago this this little boy didn't know anything.
First of all, if I was to do this again great.
Some nail, but lose the text.
Secondly, start growing the beard.
It's not gonna look good, but it was never going to look good in the beginning.
Anyway, I always remember that hoody that I had for way too long.
Jesus had no sense of fashion then or now.
That was the law riding on the field, saying I love nature.
So much birds.
I was so quirky and random and fun, but also was to kind of show that Yes, I lived in the middle of nowhere and no one, no one could hear me at all.
Lawn McLachlan, Dawn McLachlan, Swan.
McLachlan gone.
McLaughlin swore McGlockton Brahma garden Yamagata.
Jack, is Jack okay?
I don't care how they want to do it, but Jack is Jack.
Why would they change?
Jack, Jack is Jack.
I'm so glad that this mean is not dead yet.
So super happy.
You know, all those times.
And I was like, Man is the funniest name ever yet never happened.
Let it die.
Happy birthday to all the moms out.
They're crazy.
They're all moms were born on the same day speech 100 Intelligence 100.
I love the reaction to that tweet cause so many people were like Jack, I don't think that that's really how it works.
Like, Wow, guys, big brain.
We're gonna bring brain here.
No one cares.
Oh, I've seen this.
They said make Jack.
See, this isn't on my video, but make him watch it.
I've seen this before.
This is the one where they dumped in a bunch of YouTubers voices over some of the superheroes on.
I get to be Spiderman, of course, on its super good.
I mean, it's nine minutes and 40 seconds long.
I'm not gonna watch it all here, but I'll show you some of it.
There's other ones as well.
Hold on.
Oh, nice to meet you.
Wanna be friends?
So delirious is war machine.
Merrick is Iron Man.
Felix is at Matt and I'm Spiderman.
But it's only I think Cory Kenshin, that is Black Panther.
Um, but it's only the masks.
Superheroes don't make me get angry.
I wouldn't stress about it.
Damn it.
Those are some old Felix lines.
You won't know where I am now.
Jesus, That's good.
Watch this.
Oh, that's so cool.
Get down to the ground.
Not today, buddy Boy.
It's so good.
I got I can't remember who actually made the first doctor soap.
Okay, so go watch that one.
But there's another one that I had seen before.
I love this shield school.
So who talks first?
I talk first.
You talk about it.
There's a lot going on here that you don't understand.
Spider Man Not listening, man.
I like when things are easy.
You got heart, kid.
Where you from?
We rub Ireland.
Damn, That's good.
God, I want to be Spiderman.
Could I be Spiderman?
It fits so well.
Uh, this person nation McRae made a bunch of them.
There's a there's a ton of them like Spider Man Homecoming.
Spider Man versus Avengers.
Amazing Migrate made a dead pool one, though that has 2.6 million views.
And this is also amazing.
I also want to be dead.
Pool both of my favorite superheroes there in front of a generation.
That was a great time bordering on my friends.
Well, they're not really friends with greedy attack you and kill you.
Probably not, bro.
Much as it hurts, but I just make me laugh anyway.
It's a 40 kind of pain.
Andres, kick some ass.
That's so good.
Oh, um Eric Softball.
Are you fist me?
Assist me, Felix.
Yeah, Picture.
It's funny, cause it feels like stuff Deadpool would actually say in the middle of a super violent carrot chase where he's killing everyone.
To be like this is very violent.
Okay, last one, last one.
Last one.
I know I'm looking at a lot of these, but this is another one that they made where I fight Francis.
This is 5.6 million views, which is crazy.
How's it going?
Is there supposed to be a challenge of years somewhere.
Okay, let's take it from the top.
What better way to pull back inside that you really want to?
What stuff?
You better get out of my fucking way because they can't have fucked you in the face in minute.
Now you go back.
Body parts.
Now, wait.
When I'm finished, I also have to grow back here, motherfucker, thinking that he could beat me so it makes sense.
But also fuck you.
How did you find such good clips?
The foot in I realized how many sound effects I make as I play games.
All righty.
I'm ready for you, man.
So good, Nathan.
Thank you for those videos.
I saw them years ago, but I'm so glad they exist.
I want to be dead pool.
That's gonna do it for meantime.
What a very strong way to act up.
Don't forget to keep von Niemann and keep on dreaming.
If you wanna hang out with everybody, submits a means go into the subreddit.
Our slash jack septic eye on joining on the phone.
But don't forget to smack a big old like on this video and subscribe if you want to.
And until next time I'm gonna see all you mean dreamers later.
So young, so precious.
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Where Did You Find This Old Picture?

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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