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We got some photos from Sarah and nicked from the field.
Can you pull those up on it?
The damage is pretty extensive, really?
There was either a bomb went off in there.
There was a major earthquake.
I could check the U.
Geological Survey.
You could track of all that.
A lot of earthquakes on the Eastern Seaboard.
Small ones usually calm things that nobody notices.
Check this out.
5.8 magnitude earthquake in Central Virginia.
Not gonna believe the date.
23rd of August, 2000 and 11.
Same 24 hour period.
You gotta be kidding.
5.8 earthquake.
That's a really rare magnitude for this area.
Biggest that had been hit in this area in 100 50 years.
Tens of millions of people from Florida to Maine built this thing.
This is the earthquake that damaged the Washington Monument.
We've got video from inside.
Look, that rubble coming down.
This happened in the same 24 hour period as the cluster of sightings in Waynesboro.
How is this connected?
If it's connected to what we've been seeing so far, where did this earthquake?
Original epicenter is mineral.
Was that 50 miles from Waynesboro, 50 miles from Waynesboro.
Same 24 hour period.
We have unexplained sounds that have never been heard before.
Just miles away from an eyewitness seeing flaming orbs in the sky, we track sightings of those orbs up the coast to Waynesboro, Virginia, where there's a cluster of sightings and that just so happens to be the epicenter of the most significant seismic event on the East Coast of the United States.
This is amazing.
That's coincidence, on top of coincidence.
On top of coincidence, if this is a coincidence, it's a big coincidence.
We have potentially unlocked the first piece in a much bigger pattern.
Ah, whole new avenue of exploration that maybe moving us closer to answering the question.
Have we made contact with extraterrestrials?
What are we looking at?
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Are Extra Terrestrials Responsible For One Of The Worst Earthquakes In US History | Contact

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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