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Am I right in thinking that you, formerly,
Robbie Williams bad boy, you weren't that big
a Christmas fan?
I was more a New Year's Eve fan.
But now you're a dad and everything,
presumably that makes you Christmassy, doesn't it?
Yeah, so I was a kid and I loved it.
Then I was a teenager and it was sort of euphoric and amazing.
And then I did too much of that and then had to stop doing that
and then you're sort of left with all the blanks
that you're filling in.
And then Christmas is like, sort of...
# You should be happy now, really, really happy! #
And you're just going, "I'm not."
And then you sort that out for however many years it takes
to sort that out, then you meet your wife and she...
Then I meet your wife, which was weird.
I know!
No use for her.
I met my wife and she's just like a professional memory maker
and I've sort of been taken on this tidal wave
of just incredible memories that she creates.
Now we've got three kids and I absolutely love it again.
It's my favourite time of the year.
Aww. That's so cute.
And I also like Easter, so I'm putting out an Easter record too.
What's the thing about that you've invented Christmas traditions?
What's that about?
In America, our house is sort of like a British enclave,
is that what you call it?
It's just full of British people
and then my extended American family.
And we decided one day that we would make up a tradition
and fool our American family and friends
and it was called break the bread.
You have a baguette, and we say it's British
but the baguette's already French.
You get, like, two American people to hold it either end.
Then all the British people start going,
"Break the bread, break the bread, break the bread!"
Then you get somebody to karate chop
and then everybody goes, "Wahey!"
And everybody's drunk and you completely forget
about it until next Christmas, when the Americans come round
and go, "We're not going to break the bread?"
That beautiful tradition. Yeah.
It actually sounds quite fun.
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Robbie Williams’ ridiculous Christmas tradition! | The Graham Norton Show - BBC

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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