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I'm ready to take the next step in my meteorite late challenge, and that is to choose a design truly worthy of a cosmically cool sword.
And what could possibly be cooler than a design inspired by the legendary Sword of the Stone King Arthur's Excalibur?
There is one book, and it's oak Shots.
Book records of the medieval sword.
This is the definitive textbook of swords and their tie Apology's starting in the Viking Age and moving forward.
And if you're looking for an authentic and detailed design for a medieval sword, this is the book.
Okay, I have, like Excalibur for the oak shot aficionados among you.
It is on page 35.
It is a tight 10 example Number 16 the one with the big, oxidized hole at the base of the blade.
So why did I choose 1/10 century sword?
Quite simply, because I'm assuming that Arthur is fictional and invented in the 12th century.
And if you are inventing a legend in the 12th century, the blade you're picturing in your head is probably a fairly recent antique that, coupled with the beautiful look of this type 10 that makes me feel very comfortable and choosing this as my fictional, our theory and Excalibur.
I have completed the drawing of the sword, and while the components are pretty straight forward, I'll walk you through what makes them unique.
It's got a beautiful wide blade with a wide fuller taking up almost 1/3 of the blame this wide.
Fuller allowed the blame to be quite light.
Guard is unadorned.
It has no shape to it.
It's just a flat piece.
The pommel is a classic type 10 Brazil nut type of pummel and the overall shape of it.
I find it very in.
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Adam's Meteorite Sword's Design Is Inspired By King Arthur's Excalibur | Savage Builds

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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