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we're about to see is my first venture into the business off Minecraft means on high picture of Skye Block.
I was strapped for cash, so I decided to start a business selling a very unique one of a kind.
Only one in the world item.
You're going to see the entire process from scratch, grabbing the materials, conducting the process of creating this item on, then beginning to sell its without further ado, I'm gonna give you the highlights of me.
Getting into the business of Minecraft means trying to make millions off of my products.
And then at the end, we're going to see finally how much money we made.
Enjoy Have this crazy idea.
Thio sell my bathwater in mind crop.
So let's, uh I'd try that, shall we?
Hi, pixel sky block.
It's time.
So, as you know, on the high picks of sky block, you can actually sell any item it to make money.
So if you find a really rare item, you can sell it for money.
But we're gonna be creating our very own super rare item today called Dante EMS Bath Water.
That's right.
Today I need to create a bath and I really want to create it out of quartz on Dhe.
The only problem with that is I don't actually know how to get quartz.
Actually, first off, what I'm gonna do is show you the auction house.
So this is the auction house over here.
This is where loads of people hang out and sell their stuff.
For example, this sword right here costs 16 million coins, and I'm out here with 33 so I want to make some money.
So why do it like the auction master?
And I can browse like they're smoking, browse all these crazy things.
For example, this is going for two million coins, which is a crazy M.
Barad's a 1,000,000 coins.
Lots of coins are going down here.
But this is the butts, and we want to check out create on auction.
You can literally set any item in here and sell it for any amount of money.
On my challenge to you is to see how much we can sell Dante ems bathwater for because means we want to.
We want to enjoy means out here.
So that's what we're gonna do.
Common ingredients do we need?
Let's save full ingredient number one we need May I have a me ingredient Number two.
We need a bath full of water.
Ingredient number three is a bucket, boys.
Ingredient number four gonna be maybe the water to go in the bath.
Maybe I mix them up anyway.
Those are the things that we need.
You guys are telling me I have to go to the ER.
I have to go to the blazing fortress to get quartz.
I couldn't try it, but I'm probably gonna die.
So let's try it, shall we?
Let's go over there and see what happens.
We're going to try and claim this and get to the blazing fortress.
I just need a bathtub.
We could do iron on.
I am bathtub.
I was gonna go straight up.
Have no cares in the world.
Let's go.
I think I've already unlocked the blazing board dress.
Why they're so powerful.
It doesn't look like the right way to go to me.
Ah, how do we get to the blazing Fortress?
Way is this hit blazing fortresses over there.
That means I am going up here for no reason.
Okay, Let's go.
Let's go, Let's go.
Let's go.
Blazing fortress.
Collect the quartz.
Where's the launch pads?
I can see the slime.
Oh, wait.
It's that I do need to be up there.
This must be it.
This guy's killing people for no reason.
I'm going.
Let's go.
So the blazing fortress.
I'm scared.
I just need quartz, and I just need to get out of here.
Do you think I'm gonna be okay?
Probably not.
Gonna switched my undead sword.
But I think this works on pig men.
It does.
I'm gonna die here.
Where is the quartz?
Do they attack me?
Well, yes, they do.
Yes, they do.
Save me.
Don't save me.
I'm gonna die.
Jeez, they do so much courage.
How do I get the quartz from these?
Do I have to kill the pig?
No, I hate this already.
It looks like the courts is this way, but the pigment Ah, guarding it.
Yes, You're right.
It is here.
I found it.
Yeah, buddy, How much of this am I gonna needs?
I should have worked out.
I need a lot.
You have to grab as much as possible without the pig man finding me.
So after I've created this bath, I don't need to, like, soak in it for at least 10 minutes.
And then, um And then I'm gonna bottle it up either in a bottle, then rename it or a bucket, whichever you want.
I'm not too sure.
And then we're gonna sell it on the auction house.
This sweet free in other courts for somebody.
Let's Ah, let's teleport back.
And then we should be able to build this.
I need a bucket of water as well.
Wait, Where do I get water from?
Oh, no, I didn't think about this.
What do I get water from?
You do sell water.
Can I trade with you instead?
I don't have enough coins door.
We just need to We can make an infinite water source.
You're my buckets, buddy.
Enjoy that.
Paid for themselves.
I think the bath should go in the middle.
I think it should be pretty high and mighty.
Really ruled.
It is dirt.
I need a good place to put the ball right.
So I need to kind of plan this.
I needed to be epic.
I need it to be about?
Let's make it.
Yeah, I'm gonna raise it.
So that's gonna be the bottom along here.
All this stuff is gonna move.
At some point.
This will make way for a house at some point.
So don't worry.
Do we want to do this?
I think I haven't even tested out both designs.
Do I want to make it so that it's like this and then have it like a rounded bath that could That could be pretty sweet.
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
I might have just, um I've just decided for myself right there.
Yeah, we're gonna make it rounds.
We're gonna do it.
I don't like this bit.
I was gonna put that bit flat.
This is where my bath water is going to go.
This is going to be our tap now.
Okay, that works.
That's a bath.
If I ever did see one right there, Do you think that's a good bath?
I'm actually gonna want to change all of this.
Underneath the courts is work some ways.
It's gonna bug me.
Yeah, that's the stuff.
That's the stuff right there.
I look.
It's Gloria ce We need torches.
I just want to make some candles just to make the the scent of the bath water just a little bit nicer.
Candles on each side.
Maybe not hear me.
That's a little bit too much.
So this is the bath we have so far, we have a tap up top.
I might actually just use the button on top even though it's not functional.
I mean, why not?
This is the bathtub.
We have created it.
I'm gonna make a sign.
It is real quick.
Dance bath do not use.
You can't use this unless you're me.
I need to make my own bath water here.
Otherwise it's gonna get contaminated.
I'm gonna have to reset.
And it's no good.
No good.
Look, glass bottle.
The thing I do need actually is an AM ville.
So I want to be able to rename this.
There we go.
We're gonna pop this rename er off a LL blocks.
I didn't realize you could put it there.
So what we should be able to do now is what we have to change.
Our names were currently nicknamed.
Otherwise it's not gonna be It's not gonna be my bath water.
It's gonna be musty farts You can't rename in a high pixel sky block, are you?
For real?
I'm pretty upset.
You sure?
All you conned You could only combine.
We know, Camille.
It's actually rename it.
That's a problem.
I probably should have checked that.
What we can do is it's still gonna have my name next to it.
So I'm gonna disconnect from sky Block real quick.
I'm gonna go back on high pixel.
I'm going to unni myself.
I did it.
I did.
I did it!
I'm me again.
And I put my cape back on because I wanted to.
There we go, Sweet.
And now it's gonna be my bathwater.
I need to take off all my armor.
I'll be fantastic on Dhe.
I am now me.
You guys ready?
I think I'm ready.
321 Ah, yes.
And now we can get the bubbles go into our That's run talking about.
Okay, so now what we gotta do is make sure this bath water is fermented on all nice and proper, and then we're gonna go to the auction house and sell it, so I'm gonna make just one vial.
So it's the only one in the world.
Let's give it a couple more minutes.
This should be enough time.
So no, even these guys are watching me Have a bath.
It's weird, right?
I'm gonna take one special vile.
And that is this vile right here.
And I'm gonna scoop up one little vial of bath water.
This is it.
This is it right here.
The time has come.
We're going to sell it.
Here we go.
Let me just squeeze through here.
There is only one.
I'm just gonna kiss it for a seal of approval.
Let's sell it.
Create auction, water bottle.
We can do it.
So it's gonna lost 24 hours.
One day.
This is gonna last on the minimum bid.
Is 1000 coins create auction?
It's gonna cost me 400 coins to do it.
There we go.
Look, I'm a bit haven't been already.
The seller is me and the bids are going up already.
You guys are psychos.
What are you doing?
It's working.
Oh, my goodness.
This is great.
I'm gonna be rich.
Oh, it's really going up.
1 14,000 coins.
This is working perfectly.
You guys are so insane.
Look at that.
It has 40 bids a 232,000 coins.
Adam, the you for your psycho.
Let's need this for a little bit.
And I'm gonna leave it for a day, and then I'm gonna do a reaction afterward.
It's on 942,000 coins.
A 1,000,000 Someone's paying a 1,000,000 coins for this warm point.
So it's been like five minutes.
Hold up, Jerry.
You must have a magical forehead.
15 million coins.
Dude, that we were in the auction hours now with some 15 mil.
Yes, it's here.
Yes, we did it, guys.
The water bottle.
Why, Diane CD ever is here.
Can you actually bid on it here as well You can only get is the new bid has to be 17 point to grow.
This is amazing.
Your legend's absolute legends.
You did it.
You're amazing.
Thank you, 50.
You're absolutely insane.
Oh, man, old man, I am nervous.
I'm about to log in and see how much money we have made off of my bathwater in high pixels.
So let's it join, and hopefully it tells us, or our balance will just be massive.
I'm not sure I'm ready for this, but I don't really have a choice.
321 go!
Oh, Did it work?
Why don't I have money yet?
Did something bad happen to my water?
Is it in the bank?
Is that where it goes?
Did did I get scammed?
1008 hundred's.
Where did my auction?
Come here, you!
Where's my stuff?
Auction browser.
Await your own one auction in progress, which recently ended it finished on 15 Mel click to manage.
Oh my goodness.
This is your own auction.
Click to inspect.
But how do I get it?
This is insane.
15 million from sone.
Click collect.
Auction is sold for marvelous 15 milk G.
Oh, my goodness.
Watch my watch my purse.
Go up.
Click to collect coins.
Oh, look, my bus average guys.
15 mil.
I went from having 26 coins in my bank account.
I'm gonna bank all of this.
Let's deposit coins.
Whole puss.
15,001,837 coins.
I'm rich Banker.
Look at me.
Looked me square in the eyes of rich boy.
Now I cut this out of the video, but I don't want this to affect my progress in Sky Block.
Obviously, I'm not going to go and buy all the best items and stuff.
So I want to my days of what to do with this money.
This was just a mean just to see how much I could.
I've got 15 mil.
I think the max you can get his fifties 15 8 Too bad you don't want this to affect my progress on a sky block.
I want to earn my way to doing well.
So what should I do with this money?
Some people in the stream it said that I should buy something calling.
Give it away.
Um, or I should just spend it on building my sky block.
But again, I don't want to use the money.
Thio cheat.
Basically, this is just a piece of fun.
Let me know.
Why should do with my bathwater earnings in the comments section down below.
And if you enjoy this deal mean, please leave alike will be greatly appreciated.
Normal sky block programming will return soon.
I think someone's watching if you doing evil like me Greatly appreciated subscriber, you are brand new to the China was well and congrats to Soames.
Now owning the only vial of my Minecraft bath water in the world.
I just need to build a sky blockhouse.
But thanks for watching.
See you next time.
Get ahead by Camp four Rubber Band.
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I Sold My Minecraft BATH WATER for MILLIONS! (Skyblock)

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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