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get the water, brother.
The basket shot.
Loading that every time.
I think we're moving somewhere.
Something breaks and sets his way back.
I just need everything work.
Rock ready.
That ever Ready Diaper?
Are you clear?
Come here.
So James has got his first load buildup.
And I'm like, Thio.
Go ahead, pick up.
But they were watching.
Got a good lead.
Gonna rock.
I love it.
They watch the work right now.
Let's move some rocks.
The skyline pulley can haul out over £3000 of rock in a single lift.
All right, we got a bunk in the basket.
Now, Over the next four hours, James sends out 15 baskets full of rocks.
All right, Are you getting passed over burdened stuff?
Using the new system, James gets the team two feet closer to the bedrock gold.
We're coming up on the diver.
You put in a lot of good work today.
I got a little bit of signing stuff, Matt.
We're not very deep either.
Everywhere you live there, spread out.
That's gold.
Let's get to the bottom of this thing.
Guys agree.
I've been, you know, this meeting's Christmas in the last This year is gonna be good.
What you want what you want?
I guess people were starting to get down.
That's what we need it right now.
We needed this.
He was working so damn hard to get this going.
We needed to see gold.
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Team Moves 2ft Of Rocks To Get Closer To Pile Of Gold | Gold Rush: White Water

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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