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How does it do something we've actually always light because a lot of the time will be in the bush with nothing for entertainment but like ourselves and our imaginations on.
It doesn't matter how much talent you really have.
It's about having fun and making moment that laugh.
So it's a good way to light more this occasion.
That's good thistles.
With unknown, actually.
Give it up.
Yeah, Open the curtain.
Uh, hello.
I've been kidnapped and thrown out here and perform for you like a monkey.
We literally had to throw bam on stage, but he joined the fund expecting Just do it.
Come back to the backstage.
But I'm glad he joined.
Just glad to see the house is packed tonight.
Remember, we do not give refunds because I've actually seen signings acts.
Let's no refunds at the door.
I guess I'll class it up a little bit.
Mom and I really like to Sierra diversity.
And so the talent show is a really good way to show them the quirky personalities that they spend holder lives watching run around.
Uh, how much more does beauty beauty it seem by that sweet ornament with truth death give.
They like to see people do their passions, and so on Band gets up there and he's screaming out poetry.
It really just lift their spirits.
Sweet roses do not.
So, for in their suite deaths or sweetest odors made.
And so have you.
Beauteous and lovely youth when that shell Vaid by verse distills your truth and that was bad.
Please welcome The only gave me the o going out.
My parents taught me and actually all of us that you need me things to survive would water.
And then they taught me about the fourth entertainment.
Otherwise, you'll go mad when we couldn't just flip on the TV.
When you live in the bush, this is how we do it your way.
Oh, the show is completely hilarious.
Have you ever been to the point where you have smiled and laughed so much that your jaw certainly news, want to turn around and do this?
I was doing that.
It was either.
I was swelling with pride because they were doing so good where I was lacking so hard because it was so funny.
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The Brown Family Put On A Talent Show! | Alaskan Bush People

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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