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Come on, baby, do your thing.
So last week I raised Dominator for the number 10 spot.
I was eating a piece of pizza when the light came on and he got out on me pretty good.
I can promise you I won't be no pizza tonight when they like.
He had a lift.
Damn dark with out of there.
What's the comb job?
But you?
Things like car takes off.
It unloads on me.
I have to peddle it to keep from hitting the curb.
Just like that.
I'm on the list.
You had to lift it.
Yeah, I got stupid down there.
But did you carried him for about 100 foot?
It was badass calling.
What do you need, man?
Well, he called Train out calling right now.
Yeah, we're doing that again.
If I had made a killer vast and then that's it.
I can't take a loss.
Are you kidding me?
I can't take loss.
Dude, Are you serious?
Actually doing that?
Not ours.
More races just like you are.
You want to start getting attitude?
Don't go there already.
Trying not to go there and you want to keep going.
We'll see.
He just stepped in Man's shoes right there.
Brand Joe.
I tried not to.
You're the one that wanted to keep raising your voice with me.
Did you do it?
You can take a loss, Jerry and Joe, I know you're average Joe.
Tried to No allowed.
We're doing it again.
Not tonight, we're not.
But we beat Dominator for the number 10 spot.
I get back and Brandon and Dominator Holland at each other.
Well, before we raised me and Dominator had a conversation, whoever won was gonna go on up and the other one was gonna take their loss like a man.
Well, he didn't do that.
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Battle For 10th Place Gets Heated When Dominator Calls For A Rematch | Street Outlaws

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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