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A moment We are scheduled to come back in six weeks time.
But the way things are going, anything can happen between now and then.
So we want to leave you with a few thoughts.
Can everyone come front and center place?
Do we have to sing?
Imagine I will kick this off.
Do you know what time we D'oh?
Imagine I'm kidding.
I look, For the past few weeks, we've been describing what's gone on as like being in an outbreak film right now is the moment in that film where you choose what your character does next, you're gonna conduct a fitness class on a rooftop.
You're gonna sing from your balcony or you're gonna selfishly hoard stuff and not give a shit about other people you choose.
Because when all this is over, how do you want to be remembered?
Bit like Jurassic Park like do you want to pay?
The geyser runs from the G when the T Rex is coming and I was in the toilet leaving all the kids Or do you wanna be?
Does not that's Grant Woods alight on director to your ex, away from the kids.
I never thought I'd say this.
That is exactly what I was going, no matter what.
Stay at home.
If you can write.
We need you to make the most of what we've got.
So you can't go to the pub anymore.
But why?
Get hammered at home on Skype.
Go and see your friends in the CAF fight.
Get hammered a genuinely look after yourselves and look after those around you.
Because that's exactly what we're gonna do for the next little while.
We're gonna go home.
We're gonna look after our families and our loved ones.
Wash your hands self isolate and be kind to each other.
In other words.
And never has this been more appropriate.
Don't be a deke.
Stay sight, will you?
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Adam Hills' Touching Message to the British Public Affected by Coronavirus | The Last Leg

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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