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guys, I'm under attack.
Look over my shoulder.
Right that they're just chilling.
Threatening me?
Their outrageous bana.
So I was doing some work off camera using some casual TNT to just explode most of this area and flattened out.
Don't come any closer.
Stay where you are right now.
There's one over there as well.
Some of them have enchanted bows.
Okay, let me pause a second while I catch you up.
Basically, I was flattening this area out, and then I look up from looking down when I was planting some things and I see these guys rolling up.
Now there's two things I need to do before taking them down.
Number one I need to cover up my village is because they're stuck in a hole and then I'm gonna be pleased.
I don't want them to die.
They've got incredible in charming books on them so they cannot die.
Number two, I cannot die because obviously everything will be deleted.
And then number three, I need to prepare the village for a raid because that is gonna happen Pretty much instances.
You guys stay here.
I'm just going to go and prepare for this.
I need to empty all of this are no the eggs as well.
I'm gonna have todo.
I think I'll have to quick fix this right now.
I can't have the eggs destroyed.
I think I'm gonna have to cover the eggs with gloves.
Let me gather some materials.
I also want to try and capture one of these villages.
Are they still there?
I wanted to make some massive farms and they've ruined my plans.
But this is gonna be fine.
It's gonna be good.
Is gonna be fun, I hope.
Let's grab this glass as well.
Just to cover over My village is on my eggs.
I do not want those to be killed.
I'll be so upset.
And it's a good job.
I didn't stare at them last time because they wouldn't have grown.
It's taking forever, like an actual age.
They would go protect the eggs at all costs.
Now I just need to protect My village is so let's just cover those up and then we're ready to begin.
It's gonna be a bloodbath yet again.
How am I gonna do this?
I'm gonna do this.
Cover them all up with glass.
I can't get this glass back because I've got still touch.
Also traded with more of these villages.
Get down!
Get off those bed, son B.
I traded with more of these villages, so I actually have some really, really good books.
Now, I just need to save up the levels, Which is another reason of why I'm doing this.
Which out?
You're gonna have to move this way.
There we go.
There we go.
You're all covered up nice and safe.
This should be fine.
Let me check my armor.
I've got protection to all my slides.
Protection for protection, for about mending as well on this and the brain protector.
So I got 13 levels.
Let me see if I can upgrade one more time because I've got some extra books that I've traded for.
Why manage to secure its mother trades?
I got protection three.
Which means we can upgrade everything to Max protection eventually.
Then we have thorns too.
And sharpness.
I might add thorns.
I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to do this.
The ones to this Can I do this?
Cost 15.
I've only got 13 levels.
Are they still there yet?
they're still there.
I need to get a couple more levels.
I'm gonna sleep first, even though my villages are protected, and then we're gonna take these guys on and then a full raid.
My idea is to just capture one of them and keep them as a prisoner.
So I need to use a level for a name tag.
I think that's gonna work.
Let me grab a name tag real quick.
It's gonna be okay.
Didn't break.
That's good.
I just need a couple more levels.
I don't want these guys to de sport because that would be quite tragic.
I have.
I am bars somewhere.
I think they might be in here.
I won nine iron bars.
I need some more.
I might just trade some iron or golden.
I need some experience to be able to put thorns on what they need again.
So I need three more levels, just under three more levels.
Look at them threatening me from over there.
Let's make some bars.
And there we go.
So that should be able to keep our prisoner.
Contains how we gonna capture him.
So I guess we just bury him and then law him into a prison.
That's what I'm gonna try and do.
Let's grab this week and see if we can get up to the next level.
I don't want them to be sporting.
I'll be annoying, so I really I really the levels right now.
I don't think they get a d.
I'm pretty sure they're not going to.
I just want to get this extra level to get thorns because of those vexes.
Come in.
I'm gonna be in big trouble.
Where's my farmer at?
Hey, buddy, I need trade.
You all this stuff, give me levels.
They gave you, like, no levels.
Thank you.
I want to get your emeralds when you won't let me.
You too.
This is tragic.
It's taking too long.
You should have prepared.
Maybe I can grind some levels off something else.
Oh, yeah.
We definitely can grind some enchantments off here.
Ah, so I don't need any of this.
Here we go.
Make sure we do it properly.
We just went straight up to 15.
That's perfect.
Let's enchant this.
And then we're going into battle.
Here we go.
On the chest plates.
Bob But look at this piece of merch right now.
Protection before I'm breaking to mending and thorns things.
An absolute boss on dhe.
It's just healed because we got that experience.
That's so good, right?
It's fight time.
And I also I'm going to try and capture one of them.
I think I need to just apply a name tag to them if it even works that way.
I'm not even sure.
Let's go.
Let's see, We could run in and apply a name tag to one of them.
I want to see if this works.
A friends.
How are you?
Why you wrecking my new farm building, huh?
You think this is okay?
How many are there?
123456 I'm gonna run in.
Here we go.
But yes, I quit in prisoner, so no, don't kill that guy.
Don't kill that guy.
I need the prisoner to stay alive.
Oh, no!
You could die, fool!
You guys could die.
Ondas Well, thorns activates through.
Oh, no Thorns activates.
I didn't think about this.
Which one's the prisoner?
I've got bad omen.
Which one's prisoners?
This one.
Okay, You need to chill.
I forgot about Thorne's I might need to take off my chest plate to capture this guy.
That means I could die though.
This is This is tragic.
This is gonna end up really, really bad for me.
Way go.
I need to lure him into this out.
I knew he was gonna do that.
Jeez, I just got to take damage.
Has got the time kit.
This is dangerous.
I think it's gonna work.
Come here.
Come here.
You can't even see me.
I don't think he could see me then her.
This is perfect.
Come this way.
This way.
Is he too smart?
He might just be too smart.
I don't want to get hit by his own arrows.
I don't want to die.
Come here.
You won't go in.
I'm doing it.
Yes, you missed.
This is my charts.
Are we jumps Okay.
I did not know.
They jumped right.
I've captured him.
This is perfect.
Now I need to complete the raids with thorns on.
But I also want to finish off this building real quick.
Here we go.
And the reason I named him as well is because that man's yes, I did just use Ah ho to destroy that world.
Don't Don't watch it.
I'm not a pro Minecraft.
I am a professional, though.
Capturing people got yah.
That was a little bit a little bit tense because I thought it was gonna die.
Did he shoot me in the Aw, we could be square in the arable.
What absolute savage You are now our prisoner.
But the reason I named him prisoner because I hope that you're not gonna be able to de sport now, which is great.
I don't know when the raid is going to start, so I might sleep out here just to protect everyone.
Keep everyone safe.
I think we're gonna absolutely destroy this.
I'm pretty sure that's gonna sleep here and watch over my prisoner.
I'm gonna get you a much better sell.
By the way, that's just your temporary cell.
I've wanted to capture one of these guys for ages.
My other option was going to the outpost that we found before, But now they came to me this time away from the outpost and he literally can't do anything.
This is great, is okay?
Never mind.
Never mind.
He does get a little bit aggressive from time to time.
But I did just lock him in an iron cage.
So I guess that's understandable.
I also want a kind to see how many we can capture over time as well.
Because this is class is a village.
So they are gonna keep visiting every now and again.
A cz Well, let me bounce on this until I need to go to bed.
Luckily, the arrow is is missing from my eye now and let's start this rate.
I'm kind of nervous.
This is so risky because the raids are intense.
But I want Maur totems the last time I got six.
So let's try beat that record.
Shall we?
Look at this sun setting on potentially our last day on Earth if I'm not feeling confident, but I am ready so ready If I get rid of this year, there is a bad omen Seems to last for a while as well.
And since we've been doing the trades for the really, really good enchanted books, this is good because if we complete the raid, that means we're still alive, which is great.
But we're also gonna get discounts on all the books as well, which are really, really expensive.
So after this, we can create the greatest armor Were pretty close already, but let's do this.
Here we go.
Oh, my goodness.
Where did you guys come from?
And what happened here?
How did you get out?
I think another one, sport.
I just saw the head of the other one below the glass.
Oh, no.
They're going to get him.
They're going to get him.
I'm gonna have to destroy these guys.
I wanted to capture them.
I don't think I can.
Maybe they're upset that I captured one of their own smart our way.
You can get me from this far away.
I don't think so, sir.
There's another one of these guys to what's Oh, you know he's going for him.
He's going for him.
Well, I was scared.
Never mind.
Got him.
Order the right side.
The raid has started.
I'm gonna get up to the top of my house so I could sort this out.
I think everyone should be safe.
Exit safe villages are safe.
The villages are freaking out.
Look at them down there.
Raiders remaining one.
What was that?
The beginning of the raid already.
I'm so confused.
Look, there's an iron Golem in here, and then I am going out here.
We got to That's amazing.
Everyone's safe, but they are freaking out.
Quite a lot of you in this with me, buddy.
I think he's ready.
Oh, no.
Do I have to kill me?
Ah, why?
I don't want to kill my prisoner.
I think that's actually what's happening here.
They've counted him as the rate of for this wave.
Where where else are they?
That's annoying.
I wanted to keep one of the villages as my prisoner up.
We didn't get to know each other for long.
I'm gonna have to actually go and collect one now.
But a boat journey with one is not gonna be fun.
I don't want to kill you, but I think I'm gonna have to At least let's make it a trick shot, shall we?
Off the beds.
Let's try this.
This isn't gonna look.
I need to go a bit higher.
Oh, God.
Um, yeah.
Unfortunates killed my prisoner, so I've wasted a name tag.
That's unfortunate.
I'm not gonna name this other I Angolan either, because let's be honest, he's probably gonna die from this, but it's nice to have you here.
Protect the realm.
Do what you need to do.
Where the rate is that?
Uh, okay.
This is, um Oh, man.
He is trying to sort them out, but it's it's going well, actually, he's already killed almost all of them.
There's two left.
He did the whole wave by himself.
This'll guys an absolute hero.
Or if he stays life, I'm gonna call him Hero of the Realm.
This is where things get a little bit more scary, though.
Well, they're coming from over there.
I just heard it.
I'm going up to the top.
I think they're gonna try and take down.
I think I might be attracted to my village of pit.
I think that's what's going on here.
What do you get rid of these guys first?
Why is it why is it like we don't like that?
I can't believe I just did that.
Oh, my goodness.
As soon as I let go of the right quick, I knew that was a bad choice.
Cat was shot by Dan TDM using less shoots.
I shouldn't have had my cats around here.
Was skinnies dads or his brother?
I'm not sure.
Either way, it's not.
It's not a good look.
I can't believe I just done that.
I feel awful.
Hey, this iron golden is going in.
Look at him.
Stay away from buddy to I don't know when that killed buddy.
This Bo, It's so good.
Oh, no, He died.
I just want to check the none of these air Vocus I couldn't deal with pretty much everyone apart from them.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean it.
Oh, no.
Skinny might die here.
I don't skinny to die either.
Right, buster?
I'm not getting many treasures from this.
Am I going?
Give me your best shot.
You're dead now.
Getting crossbows!
I wanted experience, but I'm not really Where there's one left.
What are you doing here?
What is happening?
You had a bucket of puffer fish.
Those some good trades.
Where is this Lost Rada, huh?
Is it him?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You did not see two cats here.
There was always just one pains me.
That happens a soon as I let go.
I knew that was going to kill him.
Are they gonna make me kill the wandering trader.
Because if they do, llamas are not going to be happy.
They're gonna spit right in my face because he lost.
I think it might be him, you know?
I'm gonna try it.
He's still he's looking at my cat in a funny way.
I don't appreciate this.
Right, so I'm gonna have to do it.
I know you're gonna spit at me.
How angry.
They are so angry.
I think you're the last raider.
Let me get the llama.
Okay, This is awkward.
He wasn't the last Rada.
Where is the last Rada thes llamazares?
So upset you can join the cause.
If you really want to join the fight within Credit Lama, he might be on the verge of surviving two raids in a row.
Oh, I heard him.
Oh, what a shame.
You good?
Oh, definitely not.
Well, that's a liquid.
I've murdered a cat.
I'm now I've murdered Ah, wandering traveler who actually had decent trades.
I do feel pretty bad.
Let's go to the top and forget about it.
We were so lost.
One eye and gold.
Emma's Well, I think they're gonna be attracted to the pit down.
It Well, here they are here.
They're there.
Well, that was a shot.
I need to make sure that if there's any evoke a they need to go down first.
Any of OCHA's?
I don't know if this isn't a vocal.
Right here is the ravage er Okay, this one seems pretty tame.
Oh, do you know, you cannot go in there.
Do not attack my eggs or my turtles.
I will set you on fire and you will pay for what you do.
There we go.
What happens if you never complete a race?
Like what?
If you wanted to keep one of them is a prisoner will keep the ravage or something.
What happens then?
You might be okay to go down here.
There's only two of them remaining.
I can't even remember what part of the radar or to call my arrows.
Get out here, buddy.
I got hardly any experience for all of this because I'm killing them from so far away to Leeds.
Oh, I got two leads perfects, right.
Somebody give you ever words.
I need those guys get into nighttime as well.
This is gonna be This is gonna be risky, but I need to look out for these Focus.
There is his witches.
No, they're just the guys with the axes.
I think we're safe from a bocas.
To be honest, that is attracted to my village.
Is this is great, Man, This bow is so good.
What such good armor and stuff as well.
That doesn't even matter if we go down there and take a few shots because it's just gonna be so easy to take them out.
Look at this.
I might go down and get some more emeralds.
I might just do it.
The witches down there, though, Why you need my horse away from my horse.
They using my best friend's against me way.
You must hit, buddy, but you're gonna have to move.
I don't want to hurt you.
I'm so close to hitting you.
And he's so close to getting you know what they say, right?
Which is gonna have to go down this three of them, which is on via Warren, which needs to die.
You just missed what you're throwing me.
Cheap shot, Right?
Oh, okay.
That really cuts through.
These guys.
Really, really hurt.
There's my experience.
There's my emeralds.
I'm slow so slow.
I need to sleep as well.
Come on.
And you kind of want some of the focus to come because I want some more of the totems that's quickly sleep.
I'm sleeping during a raid.
I don't care, man.
These things are scary.
So scary.
Evoke a CZ end man, or there is There is.
It is get rid of him as soon as possible.
Oh, yes.
I killed him straight away.
No, I think we're good.
That should give us another totem oven dying, which is perfect.
Oh, here they come.
Oh, here they come.
Yeah, they come.
Here comes the cavalry.
Look at them.
This'll Aiko's.
It would be so cool if you could actually tame one of these ravages.
If it even if it took loads of, ah, loads of items to be able to do it, that would be so cool.
These guys are bothering me.
I'm not quite sure what they're doing.
I think everything like all the mobs, I have an issue with the bridge for some reason.
Hey, I'm fine with that.
How many Raiders left is gonna be, too?
Yeah, it's gonna be too.
Okay, I'm gonna go down and get my claim.
My totem.
Okay, Thistle.
Which over?
A good as you're hilarious.
Don't even you drinking that?
No, don't drink that.
Stop that.
I'm just coming to collect.
My prize is before the next Raiders Come.
Where's my totem?
The better be one.
They're supposed to drop it every time.
There it is.
Rightfully Claims.
Okay, One Rada left is he won the bridge.
What else have we got?
We've got ominous banners.
Lots of stuff that's just clogging up the inventory right now.
Hello, Stone dust from the witches.
More experience.
Oh, but I'm with the campfire.
That'll do.
Oh, jeez.
Out, buddy.
If you go on that and we start, but I'm actually gonna I'm gonna break it.
There we go.
Oh, they're coming from the back, I think.
But he do no work on that campfire.
I'll be so upset with you.
Yet here they are, Our man.
I need to look out for a focus.
Needs get higher.
He's got all the way up.
I don't want to be in the vicinity often in Boca.
What we got is that evoke a down there?
I'm pretty sure that is, isn't it?
I don't have to get him.
He's speedy.
So, Speedy.
Oh, I got him.
Killed him dead before he even got to invoke anything.
But so goods are there any more?
I'm not even sure.
But that's too so far.
That's really good.
What's what are you doing in here?
How did that just happen?
Did he use the elevator?
There's no way he actually used it.
They could use the elevators.
Guys, they're advanced.
They have advanced a little bit.
You've gone one step too far, guys.
One step too far.
Hey, get out of here!
Stop this!
You're bothering my turtles.
Why you so fast?
It's possible.
I'm missing every shot.
Dude, come on.
Come on.
Now he's panicking.
He's avoiding every shot doing way.
Finally, cheese.
I'm not quite sure I know there's not any Raiders left.
Oh, man, I don't have to wait for that totem oven dying.
I cannot believe the one of them managed to get into my house.
How is that possible?
I think there's a zombie in my cloud to Oh, geez.
Okay, I'm panicking.
I'm panicking.
I'm panicking.
Thank goodness for the falling.
I fell off my car.
Someone didn't die.
This is great.
All right, Focus, focus, Focus.
There is one.
Is it just the one?
There's 20 that's three.
This is gonna be through difficulty.
Okay, There's definitely just three.
And now he's coming across the bridge.
Oh, jeez.
Yet you but himself.
Well, they may get stuck on the bridge, actually.
There we go.
That's one of the matter.
There's another one down here.
Yes, I got all my boat skills are coming.
Clutch three dead.
Oh, no.
It's these things again.
It's these things That's golden.
Apple it up.
Come on, you two die.
Die instantly.
Where are they?
Yes, Do These things are horrible.
They, like, destroy your armor as well.
Come at me.
I dare you.
I love how the cats are.
Just sitting there doing nothing like this is just easy.
Okay, I got one.
Is there another one?
What they got on me?
That's perfect, man.
They completely destroy you.
I think that's all the evoke has gone, though.
Oh, there it is.
Right there.
Can I get it?
There's two over there.
One of them is getting affected by something.
I need these guys to go first I go one.
I got another one.
Okay, I think we're free.
I think this is the last level of raid.
I'm pretty sure look at them coming across the river, thinking it's gonna help them.
No, I've got infinite arrows up here, and they're all covered in flames.
Don't even think about coming back up.
The squid's got a little bit of a potion Effect.
How cute.
How many's left about the ravage?
Er, you have to get him out here.
There we go.
I didn't see this one.
There was two ravages.
Don't set these campfires on, please.
This dude needs to die.
You could leave my horse alone, please.
And before I kill this loss, Rada, I want to go and claim all the riches I am.
I gonna be able to do it.
He's gonna be quite aggressive towards me.
Understandably so.
I need to get rid off this.
There we go.
Third totem of and dying.
There's 1/4 1 down here, so get rid of this.
Get out of this!
Let's grab this.
Try and dodge his attack.
There we go.
Spare with me.
buddy, bear with me.
Just chill out.
I'm sure there should be another totem somewhere.
I'm pretty sure while I play cat and mouse with this guy.
This better be the last.
This baby The last wave eight.
You just ain't credit Llama.
He just hits in Credit Lama.
I don't believe it.
No, that does not happen here.
How dare you!
Oh, he's spitting at me.
It wasn't made.
Creditkarma chill, Please chill.
It wasn't me.
All my goodness, We won!
No hero of the village.
You're safe.
I'm so pleased.
Credit line and still just to spit in a social way is doing that body.
You survived.
I'm so pleased We got so many more.
Totem is on dying for this.
We've got 1234567 89 We have 10 in total.
That's so good.
We got some iron, Some more ominous banners.
I don't even know where to put these loads of saddles.
Just chillin.
We've got 19.
Everyone's too.
When you just noticed that literal the emeralds I have That's a bad time.
That's pretty much it.
Okay, Sweet.
Now you should get some pretty nice discounts from everyone, which is great.
Because I'm the hero yet again.
Now, I could actually update you on what happens.
I'm sad that we lost our prisoner, though I feel like we should go and get one, just to prove that it can be done.
I had a shield somewhere as well, so I can repair this one.
Okay, this is on fire is well, so I need to grab a water bucket.
Put that out.
I need another campfire, Toots.
I ruined part of my bridge and it didn't even work.
I'm still angry.
An invisible person.
I wonder how long he will stay mad for why you doing this?
He got shot once.
Already shot my cat as well.
Completely forgot.
Let's try and tame these guys because they're now part of the crew.
Think I need to empty hands?
There we go.
Love may love me.
I know I killed your guy, but I mistook him for a Villager.
I mistook him for an evil one.
There we go.
That's number one Loved me.
Number two love May I didn't mean it.
Accept my apology.
Thank you.
All right.
I got the leads from you guys.
So one of you can go here.
One of you can go here.
I think incredible armour is stuck in a loop.
Skinny, skinny junior.
Well done, guys.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
It wasn't my fault, Okay?
It was completely my fault.
But I'm sorry.
I swear.
Right now that chaos is over.
I can release the hounds.
Where is my soup?
Touch pickaxe.
Here we go.
I protected one of the Golan's, too.
I can't believe one of the Golan's took out an entire wave of them.
That was impressive.
So off camera, I feel like this should be the start of the episode, but was delayed a little bit.
What I wanted to tell you was I found another Villager because remember our protection Villager, unfortunately suffocated in a tragic mine cart incident.
So I need Thio any.
Just find another one.
And I found one.
It was protection three.
There we go.
So now the selection of villages are This is a random 11 way.
He is the protection three.
He's the protection.
Three dude, 10 emeralds on a book for the protection three ladies, Give me You see that You just give me a book as a present for that.
Bring me gifts.
They're actually throwing me gift.
So you guys are the best.
You guys are actually the best.
Thank you for the books.
I'm going to sell them back to you in a second.
But that's like, what?
Hero of the vintage You have sharpness.
We have this guy, which is Panama.
Propose he needs to be changed.
We have mending, which is locked in a CZ well, thorns, which is locked in a cz well and then protections that all of thes should allow us to get the best armor possible.
I need to buy protection three for this.
Combine it and it should allow us to get maximum on our helmet and then two of them more increase our duty slides into protection for.
So I need to save up 30 emeralds.
That should be fine.
I think he's gonna buy one right now.
Let's do it.
Oh, he just threw a potato at me.
You're the best.
Let's go in here and see if they'll give me Why don't you that Let's see if they'll give me more gift shower.
Me enriches my friends.
These guys kind of like me though, because, you know, I shot them in here for all eternity.
Floral gifts at me.
You're gonna give me anything, huh?
I'm out.
My friends.
Okay, Maybe not my friend.
It's OK.
It's fine.
You know, these guys like me, I'm not sure why you have perfectly, beautifully comfortable apartments yet.
None of you like me.
I remember this.
I remember this when you need me next.
Okay, incredible.
Armour is properly stuck.
Is aggressive towards that.
The guy that died on DDE change his ways.
Actually, we need toe unread.
UN protects the eggs.
I think they're safe now.
We need more emeralds, so we need to start farming a little bit more.
Which is why I was creating the big farms in the first place.
I also got sharpness.
I got two protection books already.
How much is this gonna cost me?
I need to make another AM bill.
So I need to do, I think brain protector.
This puts up to Max.
That's the maximum you can get.
There we go.
Max out protection on this.
And now if we go to hear in here, that's gonna cost 10 and puts us up to three, and then with one more book, we have a full set of protection for armour, which is maximum.
It is so good that need for mending on everything which will allow us to heal it for free when we get experience.
And we're looking ready to fight the weather soon.
I think if someone gave you a cookie, I'm gonna enjoy that so much.
I kind of wanted to make the most of these prices, though they're gonna be a lot cheaper than normal.
Give me this.
Give me this.
It's gonna make some money.
Here we go.
The hero off the village has all man 17 paper for one emeralds.
So he even gives me more emeralds as well.
So they give discounts and things you're selling to.
That's amazing.
Oh, are you doing 14?
This is so goods.
Oh, he's almost an expert.
We could get cake suspicious.
You actually wanted to do some things with suspicious Stuart.
Some point man, we just made so much money.
What do we need to buy?
We only needed to buy one more protection book, right?
That's what we needed to do.
And then it's just mending How much is mending?
That's down nine AM Erodes Thes guys are too nice to me.
Oh, I need Thorne's as well on everything.
10 emeralds.
That's such a good deal.
Such a good deal.
I need to get that right now.
I need to release these eggs as well as they can grow these take forever.
Plate ankle cracks on.
Why did that just why did that just smash?
I didn't touch it.
Why did one of them crack looked ankle cracks in them?
I think they're ready to hatch.
Guys, I don't think they're ready to hatch.
I'm watching you eggs, right?
Where you at protection.
There we go.
That's the last protection book that we needs.
This guy's still throwing books of me.
I love you guys.
Even though I'm keeping you in a hole like this, you seriously want to do this, right?
So anyone everyone's in a book can get mending is also gonna grab that as well.
I'm definitely not gonna have enough to apply this to everything, but I can At least I can at least see how much it's gonna cost me.
I can grind up some level.
Is too.
So I might do that as well.
We want to add it to first when you two are protection.
First, let's do this on protection.
19 levels, 17 levels.
Okay, How much for this?
One for protection.
And three.
I don't need to put that on a tool.
Mending mending is nine on these.
Deal is done.
So now we just needs toe.
Add this to protection.
We need 19 levels under that How we're gonna get those.
But now we're protection for protection, for mending and thorns.
We to add thorns to the legs and their perfect with so close to, like, almost perfect armor.
That's crazy.
Okay, let's grab lows of these and start grinding off the levels.
Let me see how much levels again from this.
Okay, that's no bad.
Do you want to 14 levels already?
I need to get to 19 and I'm done here.
The last ones that got away to level 20.
That's a legit way to get a lot of levels.
Obviously, you can't grind off.
Uh, what can't you grind off?
Curse of vanishing and binding.
But that doesn't matter.
Okay, Now I can put was the book.
I was gonna do protection three on my slides.
19 bam!
They used all my levels.
But now everything is protection for This is so good.
That rate is actually a blessing in disguise.
You know why?
Because it makes everything so much cheaper.
I probably saved I've saved tens of emeralds doing this, so I just need to do a little bit more farming.
Which means I need to get my big farm going.
But a lot has happened today already.
How much was mending again?
It's 20 once.
That's nine off.
So any 42 emeralds, two by two, and then we completely on mending as well.
And that means we have unlimited armor.
We never have to make new armor again.
It's gonna be safe.
It's never gonna break.
It's fantastic.
I could even add it to like This stuff is Well, you're still spitting.
What's wrong with you?
Okay, so that was a lot in this episode Already.
We've done a live enchanting without a lot of stuff.
We get a lot of killing a cz.
Well, we got Maur totems, oven dying.
Two more llamas.
Just great news that they glitch Great.
I really want to get my prisoner back, though.
So let's go and do that.
It's gonna take a while because I need to get it all the way from the outpost.
May think the outpost is on the bottom left.
How am I gonna How am I even gonna do that?
Let's take all of this back first.
Could I just get him to follow me the whole way?
Would that work?
I'm gonna see if I can do it.
I'm gonna get another name tag.
I've got one level, which is perfect.
Get prisoner.
But I need to build a little prison first.
I might keep him right next to, ah, Skinny Junior.
The second I feel like I'd be quite quite fitting.
It's gonna be exactly the same as it was before.
Don't mind me skinny.
Just building something.
It's gonna He's gonna be your loyal servant.
Here we go.
That's that.
So he's gonna go in there.
I just need a name tag.
I'm gonna sleep, and then let's see if we can capture this guy again.
The only problem is that I think is gonna be included in every rate.
Not too sure, but I guess we're gonna find out, right?
Let's go.
I'm not gonna take my horse with me because I don't want him to get shot.
Let's go.
Hopefully the images don't get included in future raids, but I guess there's only one way to find out.
Made it.
And there's still someone up there.
I want to make sure that I don't get bad omen again.
So I cannot kill that guy.
Absolutely not.
We're going to get just one to follow me.
Uh, can you follow me?
Come this way.
I've named you already.
You must come this way out and he's gonna hit me over and over again.
I would take my thorns off.
I don't know if this is gonna work.
I'm gonna need to sleep at some point as well.
Come on out.
Let's go.
I would take so many shots to the head.
It's un riel.
Even swims so nice of him.
This one's like a cooler looking one as well.
Come on, then.
Let's go.
Luckily, he's actually got pretty quick feet.
This is great.
Little does he know where he's going to end up?
I can't believe is actually following me like this.
This is so good.
Well, we make going before sundown, though I'm not sure this is gonna be risky.
Even with half my armor on as well.
I'm tanking These hits that watch, I think no damage.
I'm only wearing half my armor.
That's so good.
Okay, well, he's there.
You have to make myself a quick bed and go to sleep.
Look at that pro.
Appreciate your cooperation.
Oh, we just broke my shields.
That had my pattern on it.
That's it.
Me So long to make a swell.
I should have repaired it.
I'm an idiot.
Rumors that was so close, I think.
Over. 00:35:50.000 --> 00:35:51.1
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I Caught a PRISONER in Minecraft Hardcore!

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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