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Oh, my God.
We just hit a pocket, Theo.
Spare time.
The whole time we talked about sex, we talked about frozen yogurt we talked about and TV.
We talked about drum.
We talked about our love for each other.
So many secret.
Check it out.
So glad I got sunshine.
Hey, what's up, you guys?
Welcome back to another conspiracy theory video.
Now, today we have a lot of theories and they're kind of all over the place.
Some of them I don't even know where to start on the first theory we're gonna talk about.
It's an update to the story of little looking.
Now, if you've been watching my videos for a while, you'll know that we've been following the mystery of Little Michaela for months.
Let me just give a quick recap Solo Michaela is an instagram girl, has over 200,000 followers.
A lot of people think she's fake, but nobody has confirmed.
Some people think she's a real person who created a fake girl on some people think she was created by a company to become famous on instagram and then eventually start promoting their clothes music.
Some people even think She's a really girl that adds, like digital enhancements to her face.
In an interview with The Independent, they even talk to an expert in computer animation.
And he said this.
I think it's a combination of a three D model and a photograph.
They're taking a photo of an actual person and blending that with, Yeah, experts have even waited on this story.
So over the months, you guys have sent him so many e mails to me, Give me your theories of who this girl really is.
The most popular theory is that little Michaela is actually a girl on Instagram named Darth Vader.
Now Dart has over 100,000 followers, and she's a model, so the chances of her being Michaela are slim.
But if you look at their pictures side by side, it's pretty fucking grace.
See, the similarities are easy.
The eyebrows, hair, skin.
I mean, this one, the makeup is completely the same.
And the lips, I mean, they're almost identical.
Now, another person that people think is actually little Michaela is an instagram or named makayla crews.
Now Michaela has 19,000 followers.
When you look at her pictures, there are tons of similarities.
I mean, just look at this side by side where they're literally wearing the same outfit.
Now Michaela Cruz has made it very clear that she is not low.
She was tagged in this comparison picture where somebody was showing that they think it's the same person.
She saw this tag photo and she even responded in the comments, saying, It's not me.
He even sent me a d.
M where she very simply said, I'm not little makayla angry face emoji that I've never seen so clearly she's out.
Well, then recently, another girl came along that a lot of you guys think it might be.
Her Instagram name is bloated and alone forever.
Sorry, I just never related more to an instagram name.
So when you go through her pictures, you could definitely see a similarity.
The hair, the makeup, the vibe.
So this girl creates content on YouTube.
She seems to be a comedian and an artist.
So maybe this little Makayla thing is a fun side project for her, but I don't think so.
Now let's get to some theories that make a little more sense.
A lot of people think that low Makayla was made using a website called I Am Now.
I am BU is a website where you create a three D avatar of yourself.
You can meet people you can chat with each other, play games and there's over three million users.
When you look at three, the Avatar's definitely look a little bit like so did some board boy or girl created Avatar on that website and then turned her into an instagram.
Er, maybe.
But then that takes away the theory that the expert in computer animation, where he said, it's a real girl with digital enhancements, which, by the way, is it thing that does happen on Somebody sent me this picture of Kendall Jenner, and I don't even just just look, yeah, this definitely looks digitally enhanced.
I mean, just look at the stomach.
It's so smooth and so perfect, but also seems kind of, which is exactly how little McCann's body looks now.
This next theory is crazy, but honestly, excellent sense.
Some people believe Makayla is a real person, and she is a female mask.
Not recently, I did a video where I tried to become a female master myself and I tried on the very realistic female mask.
And I know you're thinking, Shane, that does not look like Well, Michaela at all.
But remember when I was reacting to masking videos?
Just look at this school.
Yeah, that's a mask.
That's not computer animation.
That's a real person.
And he kind of looks like Mikayla.
So maybe she is a real person who got an incredibly realistic mask.
Okay, so those are all the theories as of now, but I have some very exciting news.
I have some updates.
So first little Michaela posted a video on her Instagram story of her in a music studio recording a song.
Yeah, that's the first time we've ever seen her.
Not just in a picture.
And you can see her hand moving.
I mean, yeah, it still looks kind of computer animated, but it was a video of a really hand you just added shipped to it.
Now, here's another video she posted where she was tapping her foot in recording.
So clearly, Michaela is getting closer and closer to telling us who she is.
Also, she's in a recording studio.
So is she going to release a Psalm.
So maybe our theory about her being created by a company to sell music was Well, I finally got in contact.
I said, Hi, Michaela.
I was wondering if you would like to do an interview for my channel.
You can hide your face if you want, or we could just do it over the phone.
I'd love to know more about you, but I understand if you aren't ready to reveal everything you know.
Yeah, I'm so now just wait busy right now trying to make this record.
So let me figure out some time when I s o nervous.
Excited isn't actually gonna happen.
I'm actually gonna meet her or him.
Or robot.
I don't know.
But you better believe that I'm going to document the entire situation.
So let me know down the comments.
Who you think little Makayla is?
Do you think she's really do think she's robot?
Do you think she's created a company or do you think she's speaking of things that might be really might be fake?
Let's talk more about simulation Now.
We've talked about this multiple times the theory that our entire world is a simulation and if it were simulation, then there would be the occasional glitch.
Kind of like when you're playing video games and something.
Well, here are just a couple more videos that I found of things glitch ing, and it's fucking weird.
This one was sent to me by a viewer named Lily.
And it's a video of a bird that's just floating.
Yeah, what, literally what?
Howard's wings now moving.
How was just levitated?
And then I found another video of a very similar situation.
That one's crazy.
Like that one is from far away, the birds in the sky fucking just hovering.
Now that seems like something you would see in.
Okay, so maybe the theory that we're in one too crazy.
I mean, I was watching a rerun of friends the other day and Ross and something fucked.
So I just finished this fascinating book.
By the year 2030 there'll be computers that can carry out the same amount of functions as an actual human brain.
So, theoretically, you could download your thoughts and memories into this computer and live forever as a machine.
Now, the audience in the show laughed, but I'm not fucking laughing.
What he said, makes a lot of sense, and we're getting closer and closer to it.
And he said this would be happening in 2030.
We are not that far.
Okay, so next we're gonna be talking about He's now.
There are tons of theories.
Way talked about the theory that a lad actually takes place in the future in a postapocalyptic society.
We've even talked about the theory that the movie three men and a baby was actually filmed on a haunted set.
And you can see a little dead ghost boy in the background of the movie.
If you don't remember that one, understand?
Show clip again Because it's a fucking creep.
Oh, look at the way he's looking at.
For a moment there, I had her laughing.
I No bucket.
No thanks.
Well, this next one I never heard of before when I read it.
Well, this is the theory that the character of Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies is based on.
So Voldemort is the arch nemesis of Harry.
People don't even mention him by name.
They call him who must not be named or the dark Lord.
He has an obsession.
Blood cured, and he wants to get rid of all the uncles in the Wizard.
Now, even just hearing that you could hear a little tinges.
But when I read you this, you are 100%.
Once upon a time, there was a man named Lord Baltimore.
He had a group of followers named the Death Eaters.
They hated Muggle borns and believed that the top race was the people who had pure wizard.
No one seemed to notice that Baltimore himself had a model father.
They must have been too dazzled by his knows, looseness to notice.
Voldemort rose to power and killed many mocha boards and lots of other people as well.
At the end of the second Wizarding more, Voldemort was killed by yeah, literally the same story, even down to the fact that Hitler had something very recognizable and strange on his face.
So so is this J.
Rowling's inspiration?
Was she trying to tell a story that was bigger than just wizards and magic?
Was she trying to tell a story about an evil dictator that was tryingto wipe out race?
Honestly, it just sounds very right now when you go back and re watch Harry Potter.
It has a whole different.
Okay, so staying in the same movie area, let's talk about movie posters.
So I got an email from of your name Marta, and she showed me this picture that blew my mind.
She was at the store and she saw two DVDs for sale.
Aliens and Lincoln.
Yeah, literally the same cover.
What's like?
That's not even a coincidence.
That's literally the same exact cover for two completely different movies.
Well, then this sent me down a very intense black hole on the Internet, and I found that there's a fucking shit ton of posters that look exactly like other posters.
I'm sure you've all seen the movie poster where it's been somebody's I really close and something kind of creepy inside of it.
Yeah, finish it first, this poster deliverance, then the candy man and then the I literally all the same poster that you have posters like Iron Man, which looked exactly like the poster for Thor.
Yeah, look at them next to each other.
Everything is the same.
The way she's touching his chest with her hand, the way there's people floating behind him, the way the other characters about buying him.
The explosions, the clouds in the sky, Everything about it is literally.
Now let's talk about romantic comedy posters.
Literally, they are all the same.
Here is the ugly truth.
A girl in a guy standing in front of a white wall.
Black and red are the main colors, very similar to the proposed A girl in a guy's in front of away.
Well wearing black, red and blood are the main colors.
Then there's some more weird ones.
Just look at the posters of Brokeback Mountain right next to that.
Yeah, literally the same composition.
So clearly the people advertising Brokeback Mountain were like, Ooh, let's make it feel like a Titanic style love story.
But instead of a boat, it's literally just the shape of his body that they made to look like a boat.
Then, of course, there's the iconic cover.
Lindsay Lohan's standing in front of a pink wall, the girls behind her, the big pink text.
And then here comes Miley Cyrus is so yeah, big pink text standing for a big wall, the other characters in the background.
And this has been going on forever.
I mean, just look at the posters side by side of Harry Potter and Pearson.
Yeah, the same poster.
Beauty and the Beast.
Bridge to Terabithia.
Same poster.
I mean, this is where it gets crazy.
Look at the poster for my movie.
Not cool Next to American Pie.
Yeah, literally the same poster.
So this isn't really a theory.
It's very real.
Movie companies and advertisers know what works, so they try to recreate it over, over, over.
It's a form of subliminal message.
They want us to look up a billboard, see the poster of so undercover and subliminally remember how much we love mean girls.
How great it waas who I want to see some undercover.
I mean, I remember when I was in a meeting with marketing people for not cool, and they were like, What movie does it feel like?
And I was like, I mean, it feels like American pie, like around two teen comedy.
Let's make the poster looks just like Merritt, but and this part's not even subliminal, literally on the poster, it says, from the producer of American Pie, which is true, that is not a lot, but even more so they want you to see American Pie on the poster, see the poster and be like American pie.
And it works as I clicked on some undercover on Netflix talk.
Next time you're driving around, you see a billboard for a movie.
Think about what are the movie it looks now.
This next theory I debated even putting in this video because it is so.
But I feel like I had to because I wanted to shed light on it, and I wanted people to know that it was going.
This is the theory that child predators are watching and creating content on you.
Now I know you're thinking Shane, that's not possible.
Child porn is not allowed on you, and it's not, but there are some really fucked up now.
I got email about this from a viewer named Georgie, and I felt I really don't.
Once again, I'm warning you, this is going to triggering.
This is going to be extremely dark, and this will 100% infuriate you.
All right, so let's start with number one.
If you go to YouTube and you search Web cam kids a bunch of shit pops, Now you're probably thinking, Oh, these were just videos of kids talking to a webcam that's totally innocent when you zoom in.
All of these videos have hundreds of thousands of views, hundreds of thousands and they're literally just videos like this.
A little kid sitting, talking about nothing.
And it has hundreds of thousands of you's.
Probably because when you search Webcam kids its first page.
So who the fuck is searching Web Cam?
I mean, there's a channel called Young Girls one on one.
It has 1.4000 subscribers, and the only video on it is called PS Y Gentlemen, dance cover girl by a young, sexy Russian girl.
And when you watch it, she's clearly underage.
So fucking gross.
And this is the one that really fucked me up.
This is a video of just two girls hanging out being friends very young, and it has 280,000 views and comments like this.
Best legs on YouTube.
More, please.
I really wish they were legal red shorts.
Girl is in no panties, huh?
How is this happening?
How is this?
How is this legal?
I don't know.
Now things where it's going to get even fucking darker, so prepare yourself.
There are channels that have millions of subscribers and millions of views that are run by parents.
Put their kids in these videos, and clearly the videos are made for people who enjoy watching little kids.
I don't even want to show you these videos because there's a fucking disturbing.
But just to give you an example, I'm gonna show you something.
This first thumbnail.
Ah, Mama putting a bunch of shots into her daughter's naked butt naked, her bike naked.
This video has over 800 1000 views.
This next time a girl crying while her mom puts a bunch of shots in her but half a 1,000,000 views.
And then just look at all of these videos on this one channel.
I mean shots in the butt, over and over and over again.
Look at the bottom one.
It's literally about just a naked child.
But so what does this mean?
Here's what I think it means.
I think there's a lot of fucked, fucked up people in the world, and they know that pedophiles are watching the Internet, so they feel like they could make videos that aren't technically porn.
But we'll still please pedophiles.
And they know they'll get views and will make money.
And it's not technically molesting the kids.
So it's not that.
But if you're okay having pedophiles watch your kids.
There's a fucked up shit happening once again.
I'm sorry.
I know this is dark.
I literally was up all night.
When I found out about this, I e mailed you tube.
I tweeted YouTube.
YouTube tweeted me back.
They were free.
They said, thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Please do flag these videos if you consider them inappropriate, and we'll process along.
So I know this is probably weird that I talked about it and you guys were like, Why are you bringing light to this?
But personally, I wanted to bring life to this.
If you don't bring something like this to the light that just stays in the dark on more and more kids, it happens more than you think.
Blake Lively gave a speech recently.
It fucked anything you could think of.
It's out there and it's being traded and is 30 to 50 million files a day being traded.
That we know of.
Yeah, and the worst part.
It's not even just young Children.
It's fucking fresh out of the room, please.
I asked him how young are the young kids he's seeing, and he told me, Infants and I have a six month old baby.
So I said, What does that mean?
You know, like what?
What is it?
And he said, With the umbilical cord still attached, there's Beastie Ality, which is having an animal penetrate child or infant, literally the most disturbing and her breaking thing I've ever heard.
Now she was speaking, representing the child rescue correlation, who I have reached out to to when I found out his videos on you, too.
They're not paying me to give him a shot at, By the way, they're just a nonprofit organization.
That's really incredible.
And their job is to get rid child porn and all of these Children.
So I will put the wing to everything down below, and you can go and please.
If you see a creepy fucking thumbnail like that on you to please you guys go.
Hopefully you enjoy these theories.
I know it got really dark at the end, but that's the thing about theories.
Sometimes I get really dark Sometimes they're not theories at all.
Sometimes it's really and sometimes the world is.
All right, you guys, I'm gonna go get a thumbs up if you like.
Also make sure to subscribe to my channel down below.
The notification belt was making videos every day.
And if you want to see my last conspiracy theory video right, talk about TV shows like 13 reasons Why Friends, I'll put a link to a playlist Description.
Move, You guys, keep your eyes open.
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7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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