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the truck is here for Nick.
You know what?
It looks pretty good.
60 10 is actually in really good condition, but it's not anywhere near being finished when projects drag on for over 10 years, sometimes you find at the end when you're almost finished, that it's kind of out of style, so we're gonna help him out with That says the truck has taken so long for Nick to finish up.
The wheels have gone out of style, so we're gonna update those wheels and the steering wheel at a couple of pieces of chrome to it.
It's just time to make it all match and finish it out.
What I'm kind of envisioning is a little sliver of chrome, both front and rear.
This should make it a little bit more unique.
Also, I know a guy that does door handles, so we're gonna go and install a set of classics on here Killer stance, and we're gonna throw down some pro touring wheels.
Kind of give it that classic.
See 10 look without just looking like everybody else's See 10.
Think this truck's been pretty cool?
All right, Nick?
Well, it's been a little while since you've seen your truck here.
It's been a long time getting here.
I want to see the tires in the back and inside the engine compartment.
I want to check that out.
It's been 10 years.
You've been working on this truck on and off trying to get it done.
Be excited to this thing, All right?
Hell, yeah.
That looks bitching.
Yeah, My first thought when I saw the truck was the stance.
I mean, it's perfect.
It's not bad looking, huh?
Doesn't suck.
When that truck first came in, it was already a pretty cool looking truck.
Just needed a couple of touches Once the guys got their hands on it.
Those little touches that we kept adding to it made a huge difference.
Things whole truck just screams, custom seat stance.
The brakes and these wheels just looks so much better than those other bill.
It's the wheels look really good.
I like the way the break the red cow for kind of ties in with the paint, the way the chrome is in there with the bumpers, the chrome on the door handles.
So check out the back of this thing.
I know that you had some concerns because we talked about doing something with the front bumper, But you weren't really sold on doing something with the rear bumper.
You're right.
I was away and nervous.
Look how nice outlooks.
Yes, way stressing over the rear bumper.
New would like the front one, but the way the rear one turned out really good.
So, yeah, I'm pumped on the bumpers and then check out the exhaust tips.
Look how bad ass that looks.
They almost disappeared.
Yeah, fitted right in that pan.
Check out how nice this finishes on the bed.
That's Yeah, that's isn't that cool.
Like a swim board decking.
I got a ski boat, so I kind of know a little bit about it.
I can't.
That might work out it.
It looks great.
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Updating A C10 Truck From '98 to to 2019 | Bitchin' Rides

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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