B1 Intermediate 2 Folder Collection
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three U Guys, guys closed!
What a game like that.
You were right next to him.
Oh, my God.
See, I got a second.
Oh, man, I just dropped out of lamb.
Can you come to my number one right behind me.
Your left once, 67 But I don't see seven.
Shoddy out.
Oh, my God, You're right.
It's like to be left alive.
One personal lab.
Welcome to bloat.
18 killed.
Gay motherfucker!
20 way traveling today.
Oh, my fucking!
What's going on with what the fuck happened?
Don't worry.
I'm coming.
Where is he?
Where is he?
Be here, Packer.
Oh, my God!
Get a fucking kill record game!
Please go.
20 fucking seven solos.
I'm ready.
It's gonna be super fun.
Can we at least get in?
Oh, look at me.
I'm ninja and I'm gonna win this game.
Look at me.
My name's ninja, and I'm gonna win the first game.
I think he's gonna protect against potentially behind him.
He always looking at the ramp underneath and sticking there is find a target and that's Ah, genders.
Is guys beating?
Beating sniper rounds up there goes good shot jump.
I believe we need another quick shot.
Sadly, still.
Very well.
And now he's gotta push the advantage.
He's got later.
Basically one shop, almost anything.
Kill a booth with multiple people wall trying to stay about trying to watch.
There it is, Dr Smith.
Going down.
Pump action.
Shotgun one.
Head shots still has shield.
About 130 left.
Our spam is still pretty important before.
Maybe he pushes for shouting Counsel.
Did you do so too?
Well, they're not that good, So All right, We're good.
Oh, my God.
Can you say, caught with your pants down?
Omar, these guys are cold.
About that more underneath.
Let's go.
That's right.
We left another one under us.
What kills you?
2121 Dale Home.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Montana top.
Yes, They're still bad.
Place came.
I will not get shotgun in the back.
Not today.
Got that.
Jamieson really just sticks with you, dude.
Thank you.
You know, potato, uh, you were supposed to be my girl, you know, May know on my knee you That's what I'd like to see, baby 00 Fred!
Last guy.
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2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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