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Good evening.
I'm Poppy.
What did he do?
Just tell me what upsy did pretty pie do to drag me out of my retirement?
I thought I was done.
I thought he just move on playing mind crime.
Unbelievable what he do.
He tried to donate to a charity.
Oh, what?
Oh, that's that's bad.
BBC posted.
Petey Pie cancels 50,000 donation to anti hate group.
I messed up a great title.
BBC Very nice.
Here's what actually happened.
Ah, we're back at it again, aren't we?
I'll explain their full context really quickly for my 100 million reward video.
I wanted to donate to a charity to celebrate hitting 100 million subscribers.
And I thought a charity that is against racism and anti Semitism made sense to sort of put an end to a lot of bad chapters in the past that are way over spoken about.
And it's it's just boring me at this point, but the Internet, it's started freaking out because they were like, Why are you donating to this charity?
This charity's celebrated you losing your precision with Disney.
This charity has also done other things are a kind of questionable and worth criticism, and it's almost like it was taking a way bigger stands than just wanted to stop racism and anti Semitism.
It became way more than that for a lot of people.
And the more I looked into the charity, and I don't want to go in and into the specific of why I don't think the charity as bad as everyone says.
But at the same time, it just didn't make sense for me to donate it to it.
So I said, I'm gonna still donate just to another charity with the same idea and the same intent behind it.
Just another charity if you have a recommendation.
I would love to hear it in the comment, by the way, because I am still donating.
Okay, but of course I mean, I knew it was gonna be taken badly, but the headlines are just amazing.
First, BBC of course, I really like the addition of the quote.
I messed up kind of be like as if I was saying, Oh, I messed up for trying to donate to this anti hate group.
How could I try to stop hate?
Ah, what a mess up.
BBC's seriously and then, Ah, Twitter beautify retracts $50,000 donation to Jewish and the hate group.
How could he?
I'm still gonna donate.
The craziest part about this whole thing hasn't even been addressed yet.
Which was the sweater I wore Fritter lost her mind over the sweater I wore, which was one of those things that at first was kind of funny.
And then is this spiral into something like Okay, this is just messed up like what's actually wrong with people.
So some people took this sweater as a way to for me to symbol lives to Nazis, that I'm a Nazi.
This is how people think.
I'm not even changed like it is not even a strom.
And this is what people think.
That cross people were very sure that that was a Nazi cross and people started attacking me because of it.
Never mind the fact that it's Georgian characters literally right next to it.
Never mind the fact that I wore it many times, report my channel.
And the only time I've seen people comment about it has been Georgian people with excitement.
I don't think about what I wear that much.
I didn't even know about the Iron Cross.
I think I heard something about it, but I don't think about these things.
I don't care about these tiny Nazi references like this is crazy.
Twitter even had to update the whole thing about to clarify that the symbol was actually not an axe across.
What he didn't wear a Nazi outfit, and even then, a lot of people were saying, like the German cross is not necessarily not sitting in general.
But that was not even what it waas the crossing.
Georgia is a very important simple.
It's literally used in their flag, and the brand I was reading, vet moans, is anything but a Nazi brand.
And a lot of people were like Oh, he doesn't care about Georgia Have been like I was spoken about this brand before.
I really like this brand because they do a lot of dumb stuff, like having a sweater that's inside out.
How quirky.
But then also doing serious stuff like the designer is from Georgia.
He did this collection to bring attention to what it was like growing up in Georgia during that war ridden period.
It was funny seeing people retract their initial statement about this as well.
Like all actually, I find out it's a George and Cross and not an actual Nazi cross.
But he's still an idiot for wearing it.
I mean, now we're talking at least like that's a fair argument that I can actually agree with If people think it's irresponsible of me and maybe actually no more sure, like that's criticism I can actually take but to behave thinly.
Just say he did this because he's a Nazi.
It's the dumbest thing ever, and all these people retracting their statement about it.
It's almost the same thing as me retracting my donation because I didn't find out all the information yet.
What crazy?
How people do that.
Except I'm not calling anyone horrible things.
It's ridiculous.
I want to point out.
I think both ends of the extreme are complete lunatics delusional, you know, Nazis that think I'm trying to signal eyes to them by wearing a Georgian sweater.
You're idiots and the opposite of people trying to pinpoint me as a Nazi to make me some sort of villain.
You're idiots, too, and me for wearing something that could be referenced.
Although it was completely not in my mind at all makes me an idiot too.
We're all idiots.
You know, it's the exact same thing that happened a few months ago when the same thing, You know, I was trying to do something nice this time.
I've tried to do it through charity, and then the other time, I tryto give a shout out to a bunch of smaller channels.
I thought that was a good idea.
And then what was it like, 30 channels.
I mean, one of them had, like, this super edgy joke head and into it, like 40 minutes into the video.
And I said, I like this channel because it, I mean the reviews, whatever.
And then headlines Peter Pie gives shot up too hateful and systematic YouTube channel, and the whole crowd just goes, See, I knew it was a Nazi.
This is evidence because people just read the headlines or take it the way they want to.
But you wonder when you understand the full context of what happened.
It's always switched back again to oh, well, he should be more responsible.
That was not your initial argument.
Your initial argument was that I'm a Nazi.
He wore knots across.
He's a Nazi.
Oh, well, he's really responsible.
Oh, you give a shout out to Nightly Channel.
He's a Nazi.
Oh, he didn't.
Oh, well, he should be more responsible.
I don't have a PR team.
And even if I did, I probably get things wrong.
Anyway, I'm always at the end between these people.
Are either the smartest person ever or the dumbest person ever.
I'm a saint around the devil.
I'm neither of these things.
I'm just a normal guy.
That's it.
I don't think about what I wear that much.
Yes, maybe I should.
But I'm in a very unique position.
There's no one ahead of me.
I don't know what I'm too weak.
Help me.
But what I do realize that I'm not apologizing to these lunatics anymore.
Whatever side you're on your I don't like you.
I made edgy jokes like, What is it getting on three years now?
I haven't done it anymore, but I keep getting roped in based on conspiracy level theories and ah yeah, I'm not apologizing for that anymore.
This is so stupid.
Next new, I feel like I need to make an update with the whole pro Jared thing as well.
It happened during my honeymoon, and pro Jared uploaded finally, a responsibility of saying, You've all been lied to for Listen, you don't know the full story.
I covered this my channel, so I feel responsible, too.
Given updated at the very least, pro Jared was first alleged to have cheated on his wife and people started posting client Emojis.
And then he came out that he by two people, that he had solicited nudes to minors.
A lot of these nudes came out as well, and it became a whole thing, you know.
He was ridiculed.
Any lost over 100,000 subscribers.
It was pretty interesting how closely it happened to the whole James Charles things as well.
Now pro Jared.
Address these to claims about soliciting nudes.
The first person had no actual evidence of interacting with pro Jarrett and pro generous Response was basically so all we have to go on is his word.
And in an instance, such as this, where he has no evidence.
My word is Justus, valid as hiss.
And here's the thing with that, I don't remember ever talking to this person.
None of what he claimed.
Sounds familiar to my memory at all.
Okay, you know it's not evidence.
But if the one making the allegations doesn't have anything at all, not even a single bit of comfort a conversation, then yeah, it's not really worth much, either.
And what we had heard in previously from reports was that one of the people making the claims, said Quote, He knew I was 16 now.
Pro Terran had actual evidence showing that that wasn't true, and the very first thing that they spoke about was that he lied about his age, are messages.
You would have seen where Charlie lied, So he did say he was 18.
At least it's a very long video.
You should watch it if you're interested in.
And, uh, you folded this thing And then finally, about the claims about him cheating on his wife.
Here's what he said, and quite frankly, none of that should matter.
Breakups happen.
Sometimes relationships don't work out, and anything to do with that is none of your business.
I agree.
You know when when this video came out, a lot of people were really angry at me.
They're like, you need to update what happened.
I'm like, Wait, What?
I thought I took a pretty neutral stance on the whole thing, so I went back to check what I said.
You know, I covered this on my mean review.
And this is what I said toward mentioning, We haven't fully heard Jarrett side of the story, and a lot of things are bothering me about this whole thing.
There's a lot of puzzle pieces that don't really make sense to me.
I don't think both parties are are completely blameless here.
But that's for a poppy Gloria to decide in her video.
That's probably coming up tomorrow and in Pune use.
This is what I said.
Now Jared confirms what I already had suspicions about, which was that they were in a polar only amorous marriage.
An open marriage are mostly marriage.
I don't know how it works, and she's the one that asked Jared to be in this type of relationship, and she suggests that he should engage without the women, as she has done without their men.
A lot of people aren't accepting this as an apology.
People are saying, Well, you still solicited nudes to underage fence and again we don't know if that's true or not, That's all I'm gonna say.
Okay, you get the point.
There was allegations, but there was yet to be no evidence the Internet lost their mind over this pro Jerry thing.
I mean, I remember even me just saying this.
People got really angry at me like, How dare you defend this horrible person?
He is the worst.
And now that he cleaned up those claims, everyone's like, Oh ho, could you speak again?
It's like, Jesus Christ, dude, the Internet gets so worked up over these things not everyone but most.
I think majority of people don't think for themselves they just go with the popular trend or whatever.
Everyone else is thinking like, Oh, this person is bad and this person is bad All when you do something about this and then Oh, actually, oh, they didn't do anything about it all, okay?
It didn't happen like right after the whole James Charles thing, where everyone was so sure that James Charles was the worst.
And then that whole thing got flip flopped as well.
And it's like and there's been many instances of that that I didn't even even reported us.
Well, it's like all these ideas are like diseases that are just spread, and I don't like it.
And it's part of the reason why I didn't I stopped doing Pew News because I hate playing it into a ll this drama that it doesn't mean anything like there's been so many things happening.
While I haven't been doing Pew News and I can't even recite one of them because it doesn't matter.
Everyone forgets about it A week after, like no one should actually spend their time caring about these things.
It's a waste of time.
I don't want to spend my life caring about these things.
Trust me.
I'm doing you a favor by not doing pew knees.
You don't need to know about these things.
Third hot important.
I don't know if pureness is closed indefinitely.
I am going to return to my retirement, but I'll probably be dragged back the next poopsie that Peter Point makes Chick.
I'm out the merch to support my retirement, and I see you gamers never Poppea Gloria out what you haven't tried to per simulated citizen after 50 million Astros.
I can't do it.
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Why I stopped. ?PEW NEWS ?

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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