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Okay, so playing countdown can be pretty tense.
So let's help the players chill out with a countdown.
Ation round.
John, what would you find most relaxing?
Well, you would have to not be here.
What I don't like is this That's happening now it's sort of premise that it's gonna be a re lax ation round and that something is gonna explode and I'm gonna shit my pants.
It's going to be fully fully relaxing.
There's nothing's gonna go bang or pop.
It's just gonna be relaxing.
Okay, Bring on the countdown.
Masseuse is Theo.
00 wait.
Think this is it like that from game of Thrones?
Just massage head massage a little bit more.
Maybe just head nod my head some crush my head.
Just that.
Just that.
Just that in the congress.
Now what's wrong?
You know?
Oh, like, be in touch.
I will be on the table for this round as well if you want to properly Relax, Joan, pick your letters, please.
So Jones crying, You constant, please.
Ah, a constant place.
A vowel, please.
Hey, wait.
Go back to a head when we go back to head massage for Joe.
There's a little tension in up.
Please, please.
And a vowel.
I Okay, so for the countdown relaxation round, your time starts now.
What you doing, Joe E Think I've got nine, uh, full.
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Joe Wilkinson REALLY HATES Being Massaged?! | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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