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Yesterday was our first day back after our holiday break.
And, uh, Andy, I didn't get to ask you yesterday.
Uh, how was your weekend?
Well, it's pretty good.
I I didn't do much.
How was yours?
Mostly hung out at home.
But get this.
I smoked a beef brisket for 12 hours, and I have never done that before.
Oh, bad.
I love brisket.
I knew it.
Good to know that you love brisket, Andy, because I brought in a brisket sandwich today.
Yeah, really?
Looking forward to it.
Put it in the fridge on the second floor.
Guess what.
Now it's gone.
You just said you love brisket.
Maybe you took it.
I did not take it.
I didn't take it, huh?
Well, we'll find out if that's true.
You see, Andy the thief, whoever that may be left behind a small portion of brisket sandwich on the third floor on the way to your office way.
Please stop with this stupid music.
Suspense things.
Yeah, sure.
Billy, No more suspense things.
Yeah, All right.
Okay, So you found a morsel.
A brisket on the third floor.
That doesn't mean anything.
Doesn't mean anything, huh?
Well, you know who may have a new opinion on whether this means anything or not.
That's right, everybody.
FBI forensics technician Sheila Paulson.
Hello, Sheila.
You brought the FBI into this?
Yes, I did.
And because this is important, crime is crime.
Sheila, what do we know?
Well, Conan, that piece of sandwich you gave me earlier did indeed have a DNA sample.
So you're going, You're going to cross reference it with a criminal database as well as everyone who works here.
Is that right?
Yes, sir.
And this state of the art DNA sequencing projector will, in a matter of seconds, give us a full three D rendering of the perpetrator.
Okay, Right here we go.
Ready for this?
Would you like to do the honors?
I would love to press the button and let's see what we're talking about here.
Well, what do you have to say for yourself, Andy?
That's not me.
What about Andy?
It's clearly, you know.
No, it is it.
It's Hank from the control room.
Excuse me.
Are you Hank?
Yes, I'm What's this about?
Hey, take it easy.
It's okay, Hank.
It's handsome.
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There's A Brisket Sandwich Thief At CONAN - CONAN on TBS

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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