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Commander Flanders, you got any good news for us?
Got some good news.
You guys got the green light for three days
on one of our aircraft carriers in the Pacific, USS Nimitz.
I've looked over your list, it's very ambitious,
but we're going to do our best to help
you check those things off.
Should be a good few days
What about maybe me getting in an F-18
and soaring in the skies?
Wow, uh, it could be tough to do on the carrier,
but we'll see what we can do.
All right, Commander Flanders.
We appreciate it.
We'll see you guys in a few weeks.
Welcome to our home for the next three days.
Everybody has a bucket list.
That list of things you've always wanted to do,
whether it's a wild adventure or a breathtaking moment.
We want to take these experiences
and share them with you.
Welcome to Bucket List.
Uh, we're lost.
To put the massive size of this ship into perspective,
the USS Nimitz is over three football fields long,
holds 6,000 people, and houses 60 jets.
So what's the price of this floating city?
$4.5 billion dollars.
This is our master list, everything
we're hoping to pull off while we're on the aircraft carrier.
Time to kick things off out on the flight deck.
So we just got word that we've been greenlighted
to go out onto the flight deck where the planes are
taking off and landing.
We're shooting the planes off the runway ourselves.
Let's go!
Make sure you get that chin strap.
This is literally a dream come true.
The yellow shirts on the deck are the shooters.
They help launch and recover all the aircraft.
Earlier today, we had the chance to be
trained by a Navy Shooter.
He taught us all we needed to know to shoot off a jet.
Thumbs up, and then I'm going to drop,
and whatever you're ready.
Shoot, baby.
I've wanted to do something like this since I
saw the movie "Top Gun."
Each Navy Shooter launches the Jets With his or her own style.
So naturally, we decided to put a little Dude Perfect
flair to it.
I think for me, personally, I'm going here, bow
and arrow, pull back, boom!
We're waiting on the tower to give us the green light.
I am freaking out!
I mean, I got to be honest, the timing of that was flawless.
Unbelievable performance.
Great job, great job.
Thank you!
I can't really hear what you're saying, but I'll take it!
The dab is never dead!
Never dead!
I'm nervous!
Man, that was insane.
All right, here's the deal, guys.
They just cleared the deck, time for a little knockout
on the aircraft carrier.
Let's do this, guys!
Next up, probably my favorite.
Hitting golf balls off the back of an aircraft carrier.
Don't worry folks, we've got biodegradable balls.
These suckers dissolve.
Gar, how you feeling?
Feel good.
Let's bombs away, baby!
Never expected to be playing basketball
in the middle of the ocean.
I'm a little worried about hitting it in the water.
It seems like a tight fairway.
Oh, it is clutch, but it is right of the fairway.
Hey, this is the XO.
That's out of bounds.
You're going to have to hit a provisional.
Out of bounds!
You've got to hit a provisional!
That message was from the XO, the captain
from the top of the tower.
Sir, yes, sir.
Ty, get him!
See you, boys!
It's probably the most fun knockout game I've ever played.
It's pretty awesome.
Great shot.
I've never club twirled on an aircraft carrier before.
That's nice!
Oh, that's fun.
We have one ball remaining each, and it's happy Gilmore time.
Good luck to you, Gar!
What a bomber.
Not bad.
The club is it's scraped.
It's scraped pretty good.
Oh, wow!
You launched that!
We got sparks!
Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially
come up with our call signs.
On the end here, the big guy, we've got lactose.
Over here, we've got sunburn.
Sparks, Clearthroat, and Slantnose.
So, not bad.
Hey, I could use some ice cream.
No more ice cream!
Shut him down.
I haven't got an official no, I'm sitll holding out for hope
to wakeboard behind the ship.
Not happening.
He would die, if it was right there.
We are going down into this tiny little red hole,
where we'll get a chance to serve some sailors.
Good thing I went on keto!
After spending a full day on the deck,
we decided to cool down underneath,
with a Navy tradition.
Ice cream social time.
Pistachio will be the new top flavor,
you just have to sell it.
I have cookies and cream.
This will be the number one.
How can I help you, sir?
M and M's, double scoop of both?
Double scoop of both!
Kind of gotta get in there.
Can I interest you in some pistachio today?
No, gross.
Call this the no look Oreo serve.
How's it going, man?
The official flavor in the US Navy, pistachio!
No, I'm good with this one.
Thank you, though.
Haha, yeah!
I have yet to be turned down.
Feel like we should pick that up.
So we're on a runway where the planes go, and we just
want to make sure that everything is off of it,
so that it doesn't get sucked up into the engine
and bad things happen.
So, Tyler is looking for washers, metal.
Bird poop.
Shrapnel, whatever.
You gotta get that.
Totally honest with you guys, we're not proud of it,
but when I came out the door, I was
holding a little bowl of Cheerios from dinner,
and they were like, oh, you can't bring that out here.
That's the kind of thing we're trying to get rid of.
Got some FOD!
No way!
Mine's bigger.
Guys, wanna find more FOD?
We need the FOD bag.
Oh, she looks amazing!
And warm?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, hot!
Boy, it's a little closer quarters than I imagined!
I think we might have gone one size too small.
I think this might have been the four person.
This stars out here are next level!
To our knowledge, this will be the first time
a fish has been caught off the back of an aircraft carrier.
This could be a monumental day.
And it could also be a fail, we'll have to figure it out.
Eh, we'll see.
I don't know if anybody on earth has ever done seven rods
off the back of a ship.
Haha, yeah!
That's what we're going for.
That's where we wanna be!
With all the lines in the water, at this point
it was just a waiting game.
So we headed up to see what the other guys were up to.
We're up here on the flight deck.
I'm about to fly our own version of a jet.
The ship itself is about $4 billion,
all the planes together onboard, another $4 billion.
The radars up there?
They got to be expensive.
I'd say at least a few more billion.
Everything is in billions here.
Plus if you'd crash, then we'd have
to look for all the FOD on the runway,
so that you don't cause more damage.
Foreign object debris.
So you're saying, millions in damage,
maybe billions, maybe billions.
Definitely billion.
And then 3,000 angry sailors.
Good luck with that!
Have fun.
It's gonna be great.
I'm feeling confident in this suit, let's go.
Here she comes, everybody give her a salute on the way by.
Permission to buzz the tower!
Holy smokes!
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you?
Heads up, guys, coming in hot!
Thought getting permission for this
was going to be the hard part.
Turns out, landing was.
This is insane, I'm a pilot!
Get down!
It's running out of battery.
Get it down!
Pilot Cory is totally fine.
He is safe.
Hey, you just peaked.
Thank you, thank you.
Nice peak.
Very nice peak.
Hey, sorry about scaring you guys back there.
I can't believe we just did that!
You know what I always say, this is my favorite part of the day,
when we're eating.
Lot of hungry folks out here.
We've got a little bit of a burnt patty.
We're going to chum the water, head back down,
do some more fishing after the tailgate.
So this is the burnt burger patty toss.
We've got approval to throw basketballs off
of the top of an aircraft carrier.
Hard to believe, but it's true.
When you get permission, you chunk away.
I've been given the green light to jump
into one of these hush puppies, and take a little fly around.
Gonna be sick!
Maybe don't hang on the nose cone of a jet.
It's pretty durable.
Thank you for your service.
Enjoy that.
This has got to be the best burger restaurant
in the middle of the Pacific.
This is the aircraft carrier shot.
Let's go!
What an honor to be on the USS Nimitz
with these wonderful sailors cheering us on.
What a treat.
Currently in the bridge, this is where they drive the ship.
This is where everything mega important
happens, including checking in on our fishermen.
Got the pros driving the ship right now,
I'm going to see if they're going
to let me take a quick shift.
Guys, I am officially in control of this ship.
It's a terrifying thought.
Man overboard.
Little to the left?
It's not my fault, OK?
What's happening?
You can whip it to the left, and then this is your indicator.
Yeah, you got to whip it to the left.
Dude, you are--
What are you doing?
Just drove an aircraft carrier.
This is by far the biggest, most powerful, most expensive
vehicle I've ever driven.
Well, it's been a fun few days here on the Nimitz.
We are getting ready to leave the ship, which
I don't know if I didn't think about it beforehand or not.
But we do have to get slingshotted off
from the catapult. So that'll be interesting to experience.
It'll be a doozy.
Getting a little nervous about that.
But-- Guys, we got a fish on.
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!
We got a fish!
Go, go go!
Fish on!
We got a fish on!
We got a fish on.
We got a wiggler.
Yeah, we got it!
Land him, land him!
We got the call we had fish on, we rushed down here.
These guys made it happen, they put in the hard work.
Thank you guys, job well done.
It's not how I typically board a plane, but I'm pumped about it!
What's up, guys?
Slantnose and Sunburn, getting ready for departure.
See you back on the mainland.
Hold on, baby!
That was like Mr. Freeze times five.
Let's go fly a jet!
The Blue Angels is the oldest active flight demonstration
in the world, dating back to 1946
to attract new recruits to the United States Navy
by showcasing the talents of some of the finest
pilots on the planet.
Some of these death-defying maneuvers
put these pilots as close to 18 inches apart
at speeds around 400 miles per hour.
So when the Navy asked us to fly, we immediately said yes.
We're going to go over three things.
We're going to go over cockpit familiarization.
What you're going to experience in a jet, positive, negative--
So before we were able to fly with the Blue Angels,
we went through an hour-long informative, but boring,
training session, which we probably should have
taken a little more seriously.
In the case of ejection, he'll let you know.
He's like, hey, we're going to have to eject.
He's probably going to-- he's probably going to--
he's probably going to put it in a different perspective.
We're having issues with aircraft,
we're going to have to eject.
But that will not happen today, I promise.
Cody's getting strapped in, and he's going first.
He won the rock paper scissors battle,
and it is minutes away from go time.
I think he's freaking out a little bit.
He's getting his barf bags lined up.
I predicted two pass-outs and three throw-ups for you.
Dude, I'd pass out on the Texas giant, man.
I'm going to be honest, before we showed up today,
I was glad I wasn't a part of this.
But I really wish I was doing it.
Well, if this isn't on your bucket list, it should be.
Here we go, let's rock and roll, baby.
Oh, that's amazing.
There's no turning back now.
Should be a fun ride, we'll see what happens.
But I'm looking forward to it.
See you guys in the air.
All right, we're going to go taxi away here.
We're moving, we're actually moving, oh my God.
This is insane!
Where are we going?
Oh, he's driving it!
See ya!
Bye, guys!
This will go up there as one of the coolest things
I've ever done.
This is Cody, we're in a Blue Angel,
we're about to take off in an F-18 Hornet, baby.
It's going to be sweet.
All right, you ready to go.
I think so.
All right, you ready to go?
Yes, sir.
All right, we're going to check the engines here.
You will feel the afterburners kick in right there.
And there's 50 knots.
There is 100.
There's 140.
We're flying.
Oh, he's moving.
You ready to go?
He's moving.
Ready, hit it.
Going upside down.
Oh, baby!
And that's how you get to 3,000 feet pretty quickly.
To the left.
Ready, hit it.
There's four.
And here comes six.
I'm going to bring it back around now.
We're going to start stepping it up a little bit.
There's one.
I could do those all day.
And up we go.
So there's our 2 and 1/2 G's.
Again, we're just going to hold that.
If you look to your right, you'll see the smoke trail.
And that's everything you just did.
So you see that straight line and then vertical pull.
I'm now going to show you how quickly our jet can accelerate.
Here comes the afterburners.
There they are, kicking in.
We're already at 400, which is roughly 700 miles an hour.
So that's probably the fastest I've ever gone as a human.
That absolutely is.
There's one.
There's two.
I'm going to pull the jet back to finish the maneuver.
Thank you again, man, for taking us up.
Oh absolutely, my pleasure.
All right, we're going to go to the left.
Ready, hit it.
All right, there's our spike at 6 G's.
Then we're going to back it off here a little bit.
I got one more thing, I usually call it the cherry on top.
You can let me know if you're up for it
based on how your stomach feels.
All right, Tyler, you ready?
Yes sir.
We're going to go to the right.
Hit it.
Keep working for me, we're almost there.
You're clear for a left turn.
Roll it out.
Roll it out.
How you doing?
How'd you do?
Awesome, baby!
Sounds like you did pretty good.
I felt good through that one.
Bringing home party favors.
And welcome back, you're safe on deck.
That was absolutely incredible.
He's alive!
Careful with that bag.
Man, that was so cool.
Oh, you're pretty pale.
Am I?
He's pretty pale.
The last one, it just takes it out of you.
The world is on you.
You're just like, don't go, don't die!
That's what you looked like.
I got sick.
I'm not going to lie to you.
How many times?
You barfed five times?
Yeah, the spins and vertical stuff.
And once he comes back level, I'm like,
I'm still spinning but we're not spinning.
You're nauseous.
It's just pure nausea.
It was insane, though.
On behalf of the team, I want to thank you again
for coming out with us.
Thank you very much.
Appreciate it, man.
I do feel like I earned that.
Blue Angel, bros.
Mav, Goose.
I'm Mav, right?
No, I'm Mav.
I'm the copilot?
You're the tall Goose.
OK, cool.
Comment below.
Let us know what bucket list adventure we should go on next.
Special thanks to the US Navy, the greatest Navy in the world.
You guys are unbelievable.
It's been phenomenal meeting you guys.
From the sea to the air, thank you guys so much.
And I don't know, what do you think next,
like the North Pole?
Yeah, the Arctic that'd be fun, a little ice fishing.
See some penguins, ice fishing, build an igloo.
Where are the other guys?
I don't know.
I think they went inside.
Signing off for now.
Pound it, noggin see ya!
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Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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