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  • practice makes perfect.

  • No, I'm saying, though, it's time for the first ever bubble wrap battle jousting scooter Races of paintball In today's battle, we've got five guys fighting for three spots in the finals for a chance to win the ultimate bubble wrap trophy.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, we're on top of bubble wrap now.

  • Then it's time Wait.

  • Title fight Next competition.

  • Scooter Race on bubble ball of our I could throw some major boat.

  • Just adding the finishing touches to Banana Corner.

  • Might have a catastrophe or to happen here.

  • We're ready to wear way.

  • Had a massive weight.

  • Sounds great, man.

  • Welcome to the bubble wrap Paintball Palace.

  • Go ahead, Comet blow calls, panties.

  • But hey, we're the ones who don't have well to the end of the day.

  • Wait, Here's the deal.

  • I got nothing to lose.

  • I'm going full speed.

  • I get it.

  • I get it.

  • What I say.

  • I stuck to my word I committed and I cross.

  • So it's time for the sumo battle to see who brings home the trophy.

  • Get started time.

  • Wrap me up.

  • Spend May first ever sumo smash bash, Bubble wrap champion Last one in the circles, bringing on the trophy.

  • Whoa, it's on my nose.

  • Wait.

  • Presentation, Tyler, I don't you the 2015 bubble Wrap Appreciation Day chip in the factory?

  • I gotta get Thio while What's up, guys?

  • Thanks for watching Special thanks to our friends in bubble wrap for letting us take over the bubble wrap factories.

  • Click here for more bubble wrap.

  • Fun.

  • Also special.

  • Thanks to our friends.

  • It's only through this up with Sony Action Camp right here to see the Sony Action Cam Bonus video.

  • Think like right here to see our last video core?

  • No.

practice makes perfect.

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