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really cold.
Really got.
I left.
I left the frickin window open for, like, a solid two and half hours.
And this entire room is now ice cold.
Spent two beating on a loop on back.
I got my green pump back.
Oh, my God.
Make the gym, Tyler.
Three shots, man.
No shield.
You gotta love.
Honestly, dude, I'm starting to think that, like if you lose too fast the game just like stopped registering what?
You're like it just It just gives you the same chest over and over again.
No, I just looted four chests in a matter of seconds.
And I have no shield.
I didn't give the like, I didn't give the game long enoughto gold.
We're gonna watch it.
Watch this one.
This Give me a minute here.
You didn't give me what from what do it's like by Craig?
We're gonna die.
You have five minutes.
I think I was like, Go do what you want.
I can have all my can of all my damn damn well I'm grieving, dude.
Playing for night.
What am I doing?
Dude, that's one of the best dishes.
They added this game where those big boy ammo crates I can get you from.
I got a big country, you know.
I mean, I played there was a lot of people.
Did they?
Never have.
They never hit the same when I play with you.
Thank you.
Hey, it differently when I play a muffled giggles, I just wanna big, but Oh, well, then hold another one, I guess.
Like what?
I don't know.
Maybe I'm like, Why are you so I have a big Well, excuse me, dude.
My bad.
I didn't know Her Highness.
In my bed.
If you're born in the medieval times you would be the jester did make me, uh That would be exactly exactly exactly what it would be like.
Oh, baby, A little scar action.
Let me grab some more wood, and then I'm gonna upgrade to a All right.
I know I got the flowers or something.
When will you?
Right now.
Okay, But money matter where I assume a holy shit.
My name OK?
Or I get it right this time.
Manimal Rivers.
You come to me.
Talk to me.
You're sucking.
We'll talk you sake.
What you gonna go.
So I got too big.
I also haven't I have another big for you?
Would you like three?
Uh, you're gonna find me like a good teammate, but put your hands right now.
I didn't.
They were sticky but sick.
I do know e.
They are.
They are sick.
This guy gave me $5 said, Go watch my stream and then linked his own stream a little.
Did he know that donation messages don't show up?
So if you just gave me $5 what I haven't had I haven't had donation messages or text to speech like that shit pop up for, like, 23 years that I haven't had any of that shit allowed for a long time.
Just come one of my channel.
Thank you for your $5 cash, bro.
Starbuck, that's my Starbucks in the morning.
I can't listen me, man.
Your mind, bro.
Your mind is so closed.
You didn't give Tic Tac a chance.
You'd listen to watching one time fell in love with the first night.
I don't like talking.
Well, I've never had it.
I don't care what you say.
When I was watching last night I was arriving of Lecter.
Hello, my time.
My for you?
Yeah, that's what I think it is.
All drill's dancing over because you keep watching those.
Dude, I don't even listen.
That's how before you paint.
No, you don't.
That's on the 40 page words, bro.
They're like, Hey, they're like, Hey, we're getting Hey, this is this is exactly everything.
Like they were getting along.
We sure are getting a lot of replays right now on this.
Wanted on this girl dancing over over again because you beat up next week when I see you Sure you're okay?
I'll show you my 40 made It's nothing but people farting, And it's amazing.
I don't get that dancing over and over.
And I get, like, maybe 1 21 every like, 20 minutes.
No, this guy shows.
Got that one.
There are funny, like a thousands of people.
Yeah, on her name is Charlie Call.
You get it?
I'm not gonna let a man like you know, more power to her for getting as many followers response began and getting like, technically, how 10 million likes you.
Just the simplest.
And she's 15 years old where the crop top and it's just like Carly in apparent better, you know, on an interview or something.
I was watching.
Her parents are well aware and okay with what she's doing.
I get for them, but my daughter would never get caught doing that shit.
I don't know.
I'm not gonna pretend like I know.
I know.
I'm choked on the grabbing that bolt chat.
I'm not gonna pretend like I know what her parents were doing or what I mean, you know, I'm assuming everything.
Everyone's all happy, and that's great.
Me, though, waited.
I've been with a young, frickin 15 year old, 10 year old boys just staring up body dancing, like that shit in front of a mirror.
Yeah, just kill him.
He's looking really good.
You should be bad.
No, I never point.
What does he know?
Killed by his own.
I know, right?
Doesn't know.
Why don't you marry Gary V?
I want all of Gary's stuff.
Oh, I saw that one guy, Bob.
You whatever, major.
Oh, my goodness.
The doubles knife out of reverse.
And ninja.
It's incredible.
We'll have to see that.
Okay, You got him I'm having a big trucks here.
I just thought someone someone's on it sums on it.
You two guys around it, I sniped the ninja scared before he could get it.
Oh, I just lost a long battle.
Kind of I 100.
And you're not.
That's not with Matthew on.
What do you What does that come from you?
This man, He's gonna, uh yeah, like his old dogs are just all listen amazing.
I wouldn't say fell off.
I think that he I mean, who knows, man, I think you can take it if you want.
I mean, he found Jesus, like, you know.
Well, I know I'm just talking about his music.
I'm talking about like it's like a career.
Well, his car.
Oh, I feel like he has more victor rear now rather than just so you're saying that when you're defining a spirit, you're not dividing music career, defining everything that he's done like it's easy.
Forget it.
He's using his own it.
I mean, I don't really listen, Old Canyon.
No, I never really listen to his music.
Old tongue like, stronger.
Like I never liked his music.
I never really listened.
A lot of rapper hip hop growing up like during his age.
You're more that, like, you're more that person to like, Like, songs for what they mean.
Do you, like, Like what they like to say And all that Like you, I feel like you're like I can upgrade my shocking, like, 1000 times.
I just can't get a frickin Well, there's this thing in.
No, it's not, is it?
Wait, I just typed in the face is needing a flopper.
It do not let him get revived.
Please drive her there.
Only building out of wood.
Jon Snow.
I respect that.
Stood for it.
Way just got rebooted, bro.
The Vancouver smart.
I killed them both.
Okay, amazing way.
Have Adam building money, Bill.
Nobody Careful.
I blue knocked down again.
18 blue laser No shield.
Want feeding united these guys literally Just popping like a team flaming for everything.
We just ran a train on north gate.
Wow through We just went off.
We just basically fought for, like, the last seven and 1/2 minutes vibe, bro.
Just clipping kids.
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8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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