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  • On a typical day at school,

  • endless hours are spent

  • learning the answers to questions.

  • But right now, we'll do the opposite.

  • We're going to focus on questions where you can't learn the answers,

  • because they're unknown.

  • I used to puzzle about a lot of things as a boy.

  • For example, what would it feel like

  • to be a dog?

  • Do fish feel pain? How about insects?

  • Was the Big Bang just an accident?

  • And is there a God?

  • And if so, how are we so sure that it's a He and not a She?

  • Why do so may innocent people and animals suffer terrible things?

  • Is there really a plan for my life?

  • Is the future yet to be written,

  • or is it already written

  • and we just can't see it? But then, do I have free will?

  • Who am I, anyway? Am I just a biological machine?

  • But then, why am I conscious?

  • What is consciousness? Will robots become conscious one day?

  • I mean, I kind of assumed

  • that some day I would be told the answers to all these questions.

  • I mean, someone must know, right?

  • Huh. Guess what? No one knows.

  • Most of those questions puzzle me more now than ever.

  • But diving into them is exciting

  • because it takes you to the edge of knowledge,

  • and you never know what you'll find there.

  • So, two questions to kick off this series,

  • questions that no one on Earth knows the answer to ...

  • Text: How many universes are there?

  • Why can't we see evidence of alien life?


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【TED-Ed】Questions no one knows the answers to - Chris Anderson

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