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  • A risotto in 20 minutes?

  • That's all you need.

  • Wow. OK. Let's see you do it.

  • First thing we need to do is to get the rice on.

  • I'm going to use a little bit of onion.

  • I want the white onion because, you know,

  • you don't want to see any colour through this rice.

  • So onion softened with a bit of oil, then the rice.

  • Coat the oil round the rice,

  • then a glug of white wine.

  • So that gets the flavour in there as well.

  • Yeah? That's right. Look at me! Yeah, look at you!

  • Can you help me? I've only got 20 minutes.

  • So as that wine reduces, I start to add some stock to it.

  • It's add, reduce, add, reduce, add, reduce,

  • and the intensity of the flavours

  • just start to grow and grow and grow.

  • I like just a touch of bite and not so creamy.

  • But, Monica, you've got cream on your board.

  • That's not for your risotto, is it?

  • No, no, no, no, no. Sorry. Sorry, Marcus.

  • I'm just using it to cook the frozen peas -

  • which have been thawed out - to make a puree

  • and then folding that through the risotto. Ah.

  • You're not going to make a vibrant green risotto

  • unless you puree those frozen peas.

  • You're just not going to get it.

  • That's a beautiful green.

  • Beautiful, beautiful green.

  • All I've got here is some fresh peas

  • which I'm going to fold through at the end of my risotto as well.

  • It's really important that the chefs,

  • while they're doing the other jobs, that they keep coming back,

  • they stir this and they taste it.

  • And now this is what I want to see.

  • I want to see this risotto change colour. Look at that!

  • Look at that.

  • So just some Parmesan, and I'm doing the Parmesan off the heat.

  • This is just going to melt into it

  • and really bring this risotto together.

  • OK. Now I'm ready to plate.

  • Mm, I love that, love that, love that.

  • I'm just finishing it with some fresh pea shoots.

  • And there we have it - my vibrant green pea risotto.

  • Wonderful.

A risotto in 20 minutes?

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Pea Risotto: Meals in Minutes | Masterchef: The Professionals - BBC

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