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(Destin) So what do you do to hold a bird? (Daughter) Hold on tight and don't be scared.
(Destin) That's right. OK so today on today's deep dive here at Smarter Every Day
we're gonna learn about bird flight. When I went to Peru and shot high speed video,
I learned a whole lot about how wings work. So I got some birds and we're gonna study
via playlist how bird wings work. So I'm gonna put a link in the description
you can click it any time and start this playlist. I'm gonna show you videos from all over YouTube
that explain how bird wings work. OK you ready to let yours go? - Yeah
(Destin) Alright 1..2..3.. go. Very good.
So the cool thing about this playlist is that you can pass it on to friends and they can learn exactly
how these things work. For instance, these feathers interlock in a very specific
way, so when the bird down-strokes, he's capturing
all the air, but on the up-stroke his wings actually unlock.
Also, I'll tell you why this top feather is shorter than the others. It's pretty cool. Are you ready?
Alright, here you go. Hold on tight and don't what?
(Son) Be scared. (Destin) Alright, let him go.
[laughs] (Destin) Go chase him. Let it go fly.
Alright, so today take the deep dive with us.
Click on the link in the top of the video description. Start this playlist. If you're not in a good position
to take the deep dive right now, then just chill out and wait till you get home, wait till there's a better time.
(Son) Getting back in the deep dive. (Destin) Yeah. You're gonna get back in? Go ahead.
You can take the deep dive. So what I have done today is I have brought all kinds of reports along
with me on the boat. And my son here is gonna.. You gonna pull me?
(Son) Yup. (Destin) Yeah you just pull the boat for me OK? You just swim..
that direction. Where do they click? To take the deep dive? (Son) Up there.
(Destin) Up where? (Son) Up up in the sky. (Destin) Where? Point to it.
(Son) [yells] In the SKY I said! (Destin) [laughs] In the sky right here. Right here?
Right here? (Son) No. - Up here
(Destin) OK that's where you click to go start the deep dive.
(Son) Can I get back in? (Destin) Yes you can get back in.
(Son) I'm sinking! (Destin) You can do it! You're doing great.
(Daughter) I'm just sticking my feet in. (Destin) Why don't you hop in too?
(Daughter) That'd be too cold. (Destin) Just everybody just jump in.
(Destin) He's doin good.
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Bird Flight - Deep Dive #2 - Smarter Every Day 61

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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