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  • There's something called The Five Eyes Alliance which is an intelligence sharing agreement

  • between the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

  • During the second world war, the UK and the US were sharing intelligence about the nazis.

  • They had an agreement called BRUSA, which allowed them to exchange personnel and it

  • gave both countries rules on handling all that classified information.

  • That arrangement was working out so well for them that they carried it on after the war

  • with the originally titled UK-USA agreement.

  • In fact the agreement was working out so well for the intelligence agencies, that it expanded

  • to include three parts of the Queen's commonwealth; Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And there

  • you have it, the Five Eyes Alliance was born.

  • It was supposed to help with the sharing of intelligence on the Soviet Union and China,

  • but it's not always been used for that.

  • The Five Eyes set up a system called ECHELON - it's what's called a signals intelligence

  • sharing system. In a nutshell, ECHELON was a project to share wiretapped phone conversations,

  • satellite information, and eventually fibre optic communications.

  • It's rumoured that the project dates back to 1971, but obviously it's been developing

  • like new technologies do. No one can be 100 percent sure who it targets or how often because

  • it's so highly classified. When politicians started asking about it in 1999 - the UK and

  • the US both denied that is existed and they still do today, even though Australia and

  • New Zealand have admitted it does.

  • It's now thought to be an automated global spying network capable of listening in to

  • every single phone call or reading every email around the world.

  • We've known that this system exists since at least 2000, but there was a BBC documentary

  • by a guy called Duncan Campbell that came out in 1987 and it was brought up then.

  • He had a source inside this site in Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire. His work revealed

  • it to be part of the ECHELON system. The weird spherical structures are known as radomes

  • and that's where the snooping happens. Back then they were capable of making two million

  • intercepts every single hour. They looked out for key words and message patterns trying

  • to uncover terrorist plots or cross-border crimes and any communications flagged would

  • be passed on to intelligence analysts.

  • That base was linked to the the Headquarters of the US National Security Agency, and GCHQ

  • and it wasn't the only base - the Five Eyes Alliance had listening posts all over the

  • world.

  • Even in 1999 when these politicians were asking their questions there were concerns that the

  • power these listening posts gave the intelligence agencies could be quite easily abused, maybe

  • by spying on individuals or giving information to certain companies so that they could have

  • an advantage when bidding for contracts. Even back then there were accusations that the

  • NSA and it's allies were operating a dragnet system and invading the privacy of American

  • citizens.

  • Now that sounds familiar, right? Because of Edward Snowden's whistleblowing we've all

  • become aware of the NSA's PRISM and perhaps to a lesser extent GCHQ's TEMPORA programme.

  • Both of them allowed the agencies to store and analyse vast amounts of data, metadata,

  • emails and so on.

  • The UK's foreign secretary William Hague has refused to comment on whether or not the information

  • collected by those programmes was shared and the same goes for GCHQ. Then a spokeswoman

  • for the NSA said this:

  • "Any allegation that NSA relies on its foreign partners to circumvent U.S. law is absolutely

  • false. NSA does not ask its foreign partners to undertake any intelligence activity that

  • the U.S. government would be legally prohibited from undertaking itself,".

  • But if all of our intelligence agencies are collecting this information anyway, does the

  • NSA really need to ask for it?

  • What the Five Eyes Alliance and echelon shows us is that for a long long time our governments

  • have been able to collect this information and that they have the legal basis to share

  • it.

  • So given that they've extended their dragnet programmes so far and wide without any public

  • knowledge, should we believe them when they say they aren't actually sharing this information?

  • Let us know what you think in a comment below and check out our Edward Snowden playlist,

  • if you need a bit more information on the NSA and PRISM then there's a couple of videos

  • over there that you can click on and they should be in the video description. Please

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There's something called The Five Eyes Alliance which is an intelligence sharing agreement

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