B1 Intermediate 15 Folder Collection
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Hello and welcome to The English We Speak
with me, Feifei…
..and me, Neil.
Nice bobble hat, Neil!
But not very practical - wearing a hat
indoors must be quite hot.
It’s the fashion, Feifei. Some of us have
to keep up with the trends.
Right! Maybe that explains the waistcoat you’re
wearing as well – to be fashionable?
Oh you wouldn’t understand, Feifei!
I understand very clearly – you are a sheeple.
What are you bleating on about?
Sheeple – It describes people who just follow
the crowd, without much thought.
Basically, you are easily led – like a sheep! But you’re
not the only one – listen to these examples…
I can’t believe all these sheeple who’ve
paid lots of money for the latest smartphone -
they’ll be half price in a few months’ time!
My brother’s one of those sheeple who
has to follow the latest fashions –
he’s now wearing ripped jeans, but so is
everyone else at his college!
Although nearly everyone in my class has
one of those smartwatches, I’m not going
to be one of those sheeple – I’m going to
stick with the old watch my grandmother
gave me instead!
This is The English We Speak from BBC
Learning English and we’re talking about
the word ‘sheeple’. It’s a mix of the
English words ‘sheep’ and ‘people’. It
describes people, who just like sheep,
follow what other people do or things that
are trending.
So you’re saying I’m trending?
No, I’m saying you are just following the
trend – you can’t think for yourself.
Like a sheep!
I don’t think so – look I’m wearing
sandals and socks. That’s not fashionable
but very comfortable.
Hmmm, that reminds me sheep
as well – stupid!
Charming! I’d watch out, Feifei. I might
be a wolf in sheep’s clothing!
Bye, Neil.
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Sheeple: The English We Speak

15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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