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Hello my friends
Hey it's me Destin, i'm at the ordnance museum, let's go learn something.
I'm just Kidding
This is a Russian tank, a T-34
Hey this is the first tank, or actually the first vehicle to be called tank.
This is the um, the mark-4. The British made this in 1917, this is the female version.
It just had machine guns on the side. The male version had cannons at the side.
Anyway, the reason it was first called a tank is because the British tried to hide the fact from the Germans that they had an armored vehicle.
To go against the trench warfare that was going on world war I
Anyway, they called it a tank to make the Germans think that it was a mobile water tank they were using to supply the troups out front
That why we call armored vehicles tanks today
Or at least some of them
There, now you know.
Guten Tag.
So back before armoured glass existed they did something pretty interesting
To protect against bullets in armoured vehicles
Here you can see on an Italian tank they had a slit
And that's what the driver would look through
On the sides there's little holes for guys to stick their weapon out of
This is a really, really tiny armoured vehicle
I'll go show you that slit on another vehicle over here
Okay this is a german vehicle and you can see it had the same- (slit)
This is early turn of the century stuff
You can see that's where these guys could see, this armoured block was moved
This was 1937, I was wrong not the turn of the century
Pretty awesome
Captured in Korea. My granddaddy helped do this
God bless America
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Think Tank! - Smarter Every Day 11

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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