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  • But there is a kind of thing.

  • And it's your character in the film, I suppose, where you can't quite believe that Mister Rogers isn't somehow ah, fake or Ah, that it's that it's really, I think.

  • I think my character certainly had, you know, they lived life from not even a cup, half empty, though there was no cup.

  • So he's key is kind of looking for the darkness and everything.

  • And he did in the sense kind of look for for the other side of Mr Rogers on DDE.

  • The irony was, you know, he only he only saw the good side.

  • Yeah, because they found there was no sight to Mister Rogers was the time.

  • Well, he was a cracked vessel, but he would say that I'm just like you.

  • I have failings, and I have worries.

  • But never mind about Maia Graham.

  • I would imagine that having the pressures of the television show like this come on weekends something that could wear you down after a while.

  • Yes.

  • I can only apologize, Mr Roger.

  • Wear always exhausted at the end of some of these seeds because we're we're like, you know, stallions.

  • Action and rolling.

  • We're ready to do it as fast as possible instead.

  • Mari Heller, our boss on this year, the director.

  • She was always saying No, no slower, slow words.

  • That's the opposite of what directors say, Yeah, I'm the all thing, too, is because he made programs for Children.

  • You, you think that somehow is messages going?

  • Very simple, but there's profound.

  • He was like a philosopher.

  • Oh, he was.

  • He was king.

  • There's a there's a number of episodes, ideas like It starts with a goldfish, is dead in the tank, and the entire half hour will leave you in tears by the time he's done.

  • But his desire was to always have people shared their feelings, and he would write songs and he would.

  • He would be sitting there and say, You know, uh, I was really sad for a while, but I found it was good to talk about it because the news will start playing it because it's good to talk.

  • It's good to say the things we feel.

  • It's good to talk now.

  • Every man, every married men should have that in his pocket because when you're having a fight at three in the morning in which most of your vocabulary is Let me get this straight.

  • Oh, I see.

  • I see You could be as angry as you want to with the love of your life.

  • And you could just then end it with Well, you know what?

  • You know what?

  • It's good to talk.

  • Ah, that's a victory.

  • Gets to a point.

  • Gets a point.

  • I've done it several times.

  • Well, then there's like the 4th 5th time.

  • Will you take the inflation?

  • You go?

  • Who sings saying over using you know, four times in a day is over.

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But there is a kind of thing.

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